I'm not looking for fics like Trust in Your Unfailing Love which were written retrospectively and include S7 canon, rather for ones written during the S6/S7 hellatus which include Cas as God being a major part of the plot. He doesn't have to remain that way, but if he doesn't, I'd rather the transmission from Godstiel to Cas go smoother and take longer than in S7. The first time around I was too busy being annoyed at the writers and the handling of Cas' arc in S6 to read the speculation fic, and searching for it now only seems to result in fics that use too much of S7 canon for my taste. I don't mind if 7x01 is included but I'd rather not get into Leviathans etc... I'd prefer destiel for this prompt, but gen is fine too. Please no death fics unless the story continues in Heaven or something.
29 August 2013 @ 03:22 pm
Hi guys,

Can anyone help me find some fics where Dean meets the Sam who remembers hell from 6x22? Would prefer Gen but will take slash....just really craving some interaction (preferably hugs for the poor guy) between Dean and that part of Sam's psyche.
16 May 2013 @ 05:52 am
I read this fic before and *looks away ashamed* forgot to bookmark it. Oh the horror. So I come to you my fellow rabid fans and ask for your help. Here's what I remember...

It was a Godstiel/Dean fic and Dean was playing the part of distracting God Cas while Sam, Bobby, and Crowley tried to get the purgatory souls out of him. While Cas and Dean were busy I think Cas brought a woman there to be a third for them and he had dean spank her to cleanse her and make her worthy, I think cas beat Dean before their first time to. I think Bobby, Sam, and Crowley needed the blood of a vigin (Which I think Crowley had as one of his deal people) and Sam and Bobby wound up double crossing Crowley and locking Purgatory behind the souls so he couldn't get to them again. The one thing I remember really well was this one scene where Crowley tells Sam and Bobby to keep Cas away from him and when they ask him how their supposed to do that he say's he doesn't care just pimp Dean out to him again or something like that.

I hope someone recognises this from my disjointed memories of it. Thanks in advance.

The Ep tag may be wrong it may have been for the season six finale but I think I picked the right one.
27 March 2013 @ 07:03 am
Hi all

I asked for this soon after 'Meet The New Boss' first came out and got no response, so I'm hoping that it was just too soon. I'd really love to read anything that gives an insight into the reactions of either one or both of the civilian couple who were witness to the Winchesters and Bobby's meeting with Death. I'll take anything, whether it's during the meeting, or a visit to a shrink after, anything!!

Thank you for your help.

P.S. Mods, you don't seem to have a tag for ep: 07x01