Hi, everyone!
I'm looking for any fic with Sam become the Boy King or getting possessed by Lucifer, and make Dean his consort. One plus, if Dean's unwilling but he couldn't say "no" to Sam. Double plus, if Sam's so possessive on Dean. Triple plus, for BAMF!Dean (like maybe the demons afraid of Dean because he was the most favorite pupil of Alastair, or maybe Dean's adored by the demons because he's the only one who doesn't afraid to reprimand the BoyKing!Sam/Lucifer!Sam if he's gone too far). I accept any genre, but I only want bottom!Dean if the fic's an explicit one.
Thanks in advance~!!

I'm looking for a few different genres today. Primarily, I am looking for long fics, at least 20k or higher. The more words the better and finished too, please.

Now, I feel like I have exhausted AO3 and ff.net if they have been summarized accurately. So if you have any recs from lj, self-rec or otherwise, or stories with vague summaries that don't normally attract attention, that would be fantastic. Also:

--Fics that deal with Sam's visions/demon powers
--s5 angst where Dean realizes he's been hurting Sam (or any other season, I love hurt!Sam and guilty!Dean)
--Any Sam/Cas or Sam/Gabe, but only bottom!Sam
--Fics that deal with Sam being possessed by demon or angel and the after-angst that it causes
--Any well-written heavily AU fics where Sam and Dean are still in character, but the world is changed (I'm thinking like Faceless, which is one of my all time fave fanfics)

I am cool with gen, Wincest, slash, whatever. Just no Destiel, unless it is in the background and only het if it isn't the main relationship.

Thanks everybody!
11 March 2015 @ 07:29 pm

There were three fics that I read at various points in time and despite combing through my bookmarks, I can't seem to find them (probably because I have too many bookmarks...).

Anyway, the first was a Destiel fic alternate season 4/5 sorta deal. At some point, it's revealed that Dean is God or something of the sort and he has to seal the gates of heaven to stop the Apocalypse. There's a scene in the end where he's about to sacrifice himself and he's telling Cas to let all the angels know that he's closing the gates for good and whoever wants out of Heaven needs to go now. Cas figures out that he plans on dying to finish his mission and begs him to "let it go" (but i don't remember what 'it' was in this fic).

The second story is also Destiel, I think. Dean and Sam were hunting something in the beginning of the story and Dean's supposed to be protecting Grace (or something - I'm fuzzy on the details) and ends up swallowing it, thus gaining all sorts of powers and whatnot? That's all I really remember for that one.

The final one is Wincest non-con. Apparently the author wasn't a big Wincest fan but was tasked with writing a Wincest fic anyway and wrote one where Sam was possessed and rapes Dean. The story opens, I believe, with Sam handcuffed to the bed by Dean but he doesn't remember why or what happened. Dean's skittish and uncomfortable around Sam (as one would imagine) but still hunts with him. I think Sam figures out what he's done once he sees bruises on some part of Dean's body. I believe there also may have been a sequel? Pretty sure I read this one on ff.net. (And it's not the story where Sam and John were possessed and raped Dean as Hands and Fist under Dick Roman's control.)

12 October 2014 @ 05:20 pm
This is a request posted by vain_chan in 2011 and since the story hasn't been found yet, I'm reposting it:

I've been hunting for this fic for a few weeks and I cannot it anywhere. It's driving me insane, so I'm hoping to harness the comm's collective awesomeness to locate it.

The fic is several years old and it's an AU of season 2's 'Born Under a Bad Sign.' In the story, after Meg/Sam knocks Dean unconscious, he assaults Dean. Afterwards, possessed!Sam keeps Dean under control by threatening to hurt Sam's body (biting off his tongue, stabbing him, etc.), beating Dean, and tying him up. This goes on for several weeks while possessed!Sam kills hunters listed in John's journal. Eventually possessed!Sam takes a pretty broken Dean to Bobby's, trying to force Dean to kill Bobby. Bobby knows what's up, though, and he traps and exorcises the demon. I can recall specific scenes in detail: one in which possessed!Sam returns from a kill injured and Dean begs to stitch Sam's body up, and a separate non-con scene where possessed!Sam is in the bathtub, washing off blood from a kill and forcibly holding Dean's head on him under water, while thinking to Sam something along the lines of, "This is how the world is going to end: willingly drowned in blood."

This is a well-written, long-ish fic, and I think there we a sequel dealing with the fallout of Sam and Dean's recovery; it may have even been part of a series. As you can probably see, it's very dark and deals with some pretty rough subject matter including physical and psychological torture, non-con, and some pretty graphic violence. There's massive amounts of Dean abuse and no small amount of damage to Sam since it continues into the recovery phase. It was one of the first fics I read in this fandom before I got a delicious account, so I don't have it book marked. I also could not find it under the tags on this comm. Please, please help me find it. You'll be my favorite person forever. Thanks.
22 July 2014 @ 02:02 pm
I have looked, but so far I have come up empty on this.  I am looking for any fic that involves Ruby possessing Sam.  I am particularly hoping to find something that involves Ruby possessing Sam for non-evil reason, like one of them thought it would be fun/kinky, or she does it save Sam or Dean or something otherwise altruistic.  But I would be very happy if I could find anything involving her possessing Sam for any reason.

I know its probably a long shot, but I am really hoping there is something out there like this.
21 July 2014 @ 11:53 am
So, my inquiry isn't very hard or detailed. Basically, I'm looking for all good Samifer fics or fics where Sam says yes but is stronger than Lucifer and can control him.
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Hey all!

I have been searching for this fic for weeks, and will therefore be terribly embarrassed (and awestruck) if someone finds this in seconds with superior Googling powers. I'm pretty sure this fic was written before AO3, which means I probably found it on an author's site or on lj somewhere.

This fic is an old one - written well before Castiel and the onset of angels and demons and whathaveyou. It starts off as an eerie case-fic where Sam and Dean are investigating something (I've long forgotten what) in a Massachusetts coastal town. I can't remember if it was Innsmouth or not, but the story definitely was an homage to the Old Ones. The story itself was incredibly creepy, and culminates with Sam and Dean realizing they are in over their heads and have been lured by the townspeople into becoming some sort of offering to the evil old being that lives in the sea.

Somehow, Sam and Dean end up being separated near the end, and Sam sees the thing in the sea and is possessed or controlled by the Old One (though note that I'm unsure if the author ever refers to it as such or as Cthulhu) while Dean is with the townspeople. Sam/creature returns to town to find that Dean has been prepared for him as an offering (read: drugged to the gills). Sam has sex with Dean, and I think that they both pass out after, and wake up normal and get the hell out of dodge. As they leave, both choosing not to talk about what happened, they stop at a gas station and as Sam watches Dean, he thinks he sees something move in his stomach. There may have been references to the Old One making a child with his offering but I can't remember.

The story may not have been Sam/Dean except for Sam's possession per se, though there might have been Sam feelings during his POV.

I know this sounds cracktastic as all get out, but it was actually supremely scary and well written, and I'd really love to read it again!

So, anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?
05 December 2013 @ 12:01 am
I'm looking and failing to find the story where Sam dies and his body is being possessed by some kind of unspecified... thing that killed him and recently ate a succubus. He legitimately dies and Dean is left with Sam-shaped shell that uses him for energy. Very sweet, romantic and also very good story that I can't remember title, author or location of.
Also any and all possessed-and/or-gone/death-but-stil-somewhat-Sam stories that can be found. This is very... specific craving that I have troubles putting in searchable terms.
08 July 2013 @ 07:26 pm
I'm looking for a noncon fic where Meg possesses Sam, acts all sluttish and does all kind of sexual stuff like having sex with a group of men/gangbang (one of which i think was a hunter) I remember that one of the men decided to not go with it because he saw the helplessness in Sam's eyes.
18 April 2013 @ 07:38 am
Hey guys, could you rec me some well-written multi-chapter fics?


  1. Anything with lots and lots of angst! Crying Winchesters are my favorite :)

  2. AU's of any kind

  3. Dark!fics - but with good endings

  4. Anything where Dean (or Sam) get possessed, do something horrible, and then must deal with the fallout after being exorcised.

  5. Dean, Stanford era

  6. Something where Dean or Sam are physically altered in some way

Please no:

  • death fics

  • slash

29 September 2012 @ 04:27 pm
I recently went to reread "The Truth Hurts" by AmiNoo on fanfiction. I seem to recall the story being many chapters long and it may have even been a WIP at the time. The story I found was only one chapter long. Did the author post it somewhere else or am I totally confusing it with another story? What I remember is Dean being tortured brutally by a demon possessed Sam. I remember a scene where Dean is being placed in an ambulance and I believe evilSam is watching. I'd love to reread this and any other tortured Dean fics, although, it's one of my favorite subjects so I feel like I've read most of them. Fingers crossed I find something new.

I'm also looking for any fic where Dean needs to be given blood because of an injury or otherwise, but it has to done outside a hospital setting. Perhaps Bobby or Sam in a motel room or at Bobby's house. And... would like it to be done slowly...maybe Sam as the donor?

Thanks for your help.
22 September 2012 @ 07:48 pm
I went to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan's movie The Possession today, and found myself wanting to write fic where the Winchesters are in the same situation. Has anyone already done so? I'd love to read them.
07 August 2012 @ 08:32 pm
Hey everyone. I'm looking for any possession fics that occur pre-show. In particular I'm looking for any possession fics where John's heavily involved. I'm fine with any of the three of them (Sam, Dean, or John) being the one who's possessed. I'd prefer gen only if possible.
20 May 2012 @ 03:59 pm
Are there any fics set in seasons six or seven that deal with the fact that Meg possessed Sam back in season two? I imagine it could make working with her really awkward for him. Could be gen or Sam/Meg, crack, darkfic or a character study, I don't really care - it's just one of these thoughts that won't leave me alone.
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30 March 2012 @ 10:42 pm

1. Any fics where Azazel possess one of the Winchesters and attacks the other(s). Torture, non-con, pretty much anything would be great! I've already read bright lights of disturbia. (Which is amazing)

2. Any fics where one brother stalks the other  or even one of the J's stalking the other  and ends in a 'If I can't have you no one will" situation.  So, yes, I'm asking for a death fic.

The only thing I ask is:
no crossovers
no mpreg

26 March 2012 @ 10:18 am
First time posting after lurking for months.

I'm never looking for specific fics because I make pdfs of everything I come across that I want to save for later. But I would absolutely love suggestions for similar stories.

I love reading stories were Dean is at Sam's mercy. Either because Sam is possessed or its Robo!Sam or he's just royally pissed off and Dean sort of suffers because of it. Some similar stories I've read  are Desperation Takes Hold by[livejournal.com profile] someblazingstar

and Confusion (i forgot the author or whether it was on ff.net or here) where Sam was possesed by a ghost but Dean didn't know and Sam was beating the shit out of him until Bobby came to the rescue. (I love it when Bobby comes to the rescue.)

Anything were Dean is reluctant to fight back because its Sam or even better if he truly can't because Sam is bigger and reasonably stronger because of his size.

Kudos if Sam is remorseful afterwards and/or Dean has a lingering fear or uncertainty that he tries to cover up.

Its preferably if its not slash and no RPF. If It is slash, nothing explicit. As far as "Desperation Takes Hold" goes is fine.

I'll be indebted if you could fine one where Dean ends up getting concussed. There should be a concussion tag here like at hoodie time.
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12 February 2012 @ 06:58 pm
Looking for any kind of fics where the two mains are in an established relationship and then are put in the fuck or die situation. I'll take any pairings/kinks/whatever, but I'm looking for the effects(or lack thereof) that the trope has on the existing relationship.

Not sure how common this particular subset of the trope is, but if there are any where the baddies specifically force the two characters to have sex while the bad guys watch or something, I'll offer up many cookies and virtual thank yous. Or, alternately, possession!fic, where one of the participants is possessed at some point after the start of the relationship, and sex ensues. Don't care if the other partner ever finds out, but I'd love to read something in that vein.

I tagged the boys(Dean, Sam, and Cas), but I'll take pretty much any het or slash pairing.

its me again. Looking for general stories, where:

Dean or Sam is a Demon/possessed or has powers. He is in love with the other brother (hidden feelings, is afraid of talking about his feelings or what the other could think of him). Demo n/Possessed version blabs it out or acting weird (talk strange, act strange and maybe accomplished non-con (but in the end it isnt non-con!!). The other brother is also in love so it leads to Wincest in the end.

All stories with Sam/Dean or Jared/Jensen is writing about his feelings (hidden feelings) about the other and try to hide, but the other find out. While the other maybe flirting with others and so the in-love-part is really jealous (maybe thoughts of suicide because of unanswered feelings) Happy-Endings are welcome but Non-Happy-Endings wouldnt matter. But I prefer Happy Endings!!!

Both stories: no crossovers, no etablished relationships, no character-deaths no non-cons
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Does anyone know any fics where Sam is tortured by Dean or visa versa due to one of them being possessed or a shapeshifter ect? I will happily take anything I can get, the darker the better so bring on the non con, the violence,the wincest and the angst!

Thanks guys!
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Ok, I'm looking for a specific spn story that was on fanfictionnet, I think?
I can't remember much about it, but there was possessed!Sam who somehow assaulted Dean. Dean was then scared of Sam, I think he didn't wanted to sleep in the same room as Sam, Sam was feeling guilty and there was nice,caring John too.(no idea if it was gen or slash)  And maybe I'm totally confusing stories but maybe there was something about ghosts in it too?
I know it's really not much what I remember, but I'm very happy for any hints to that story!!!

And I'm also looking for any recs that have nice and caring John in it!!
(I prefer gen, but wincest recs are also welcome)
Thank you so much!

FOUND! (Link in comments)
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04 December 2011 @ 09:22 am
Hi there! I've recently read a Wincest fic called "Me and the Devil Blues" by britomart_is, where Dean is a demon who possesses Sam, and I was wondering if you could rec me any other stories that deal with the boys somehow sharing the same body.

The fics can be about Dean as a demon possessing Sam, or the other way around, they can be ghost!fics, curse fics or even fics in which the body inhabited is not one of theirs. Or any other scenario. The only thing that counts is that they have to be Wincest fics and some kind of body sharing has to happen.

The main pairing should be Sam/Dean or Dean/Sam. No Dean/Castiel please. All kinks are welcome, and all genres. Self recs are welcome too.

Thanks in advance, I really appreciate any help you can give me! :)
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19 November 2011 @ 02:41 pm
Hey guys, I don't have a whole lot of time and I'm sorry, but I was thinking about a fic I read a couple months ago. I looked around where I thought it might be but I really can't find it and I can't rest until I can read it again lol.

It's about Jared being possessed but not like the cannon, like the Exorcist kind of possessed. Jensen was a priest, I think, or something affiliated with the church, and found Jared locked in a basement being completely abused because he was possessed. Jensen tried to get him out but he was still possessed. I can't remember how it end but I'm dying to read it again. Anyone know what story I'm thinking of? If you don't know this specific one but know of any others like this, could you let me know?

I love the idea of Sam/Jared being possessed like The Exorcist.

Please and Thanks guys, you never let me down.

P.S. I tried to tag this as best as I could, Let me know if there is a problem?
I feel pretty lame about making another request so soon, but a lot of fics have been going missing with the delicious shift and I figure you guys tend to be awesome with that kind of thing. :)

1.  I read a fic a white back where Dean was a skinwalker. It was pretty much an AU of the pilot, only Dean was in his animal form when he came to Stanford. He was a big black wolf/dog and Jess let him in because she thought he was a stray. Dean was checking Jess out (looking up her skirt when she walked up the stairs at one point, I think) and Sam was annoyed. He called Dean out on it once she was gone. I don't know if it was ever finished, but any help in locating it would be awesome.

Edit: Pretty sure it was from Sam's POV. There was a part where he was wondering what was wrong with Jess because Dean was clearly a wolf, not a dog that was safe to take in. Also, Dean abused his puppy eyes and Jess thought he was adorable. Sam was not amused.

2.  I may have imagined this, but I remember a fic where one of the boys was possessed and wincest ensued. The possessed one tried to rape the other, but the other actually had feelings for them and went with it without even realizing that they were possessed. I remember that the possessed one was freaking out (possibly disgusted) and the demon was taunting them, while the other brother was really into it. I really want to say that it was set during BUABS, but again, I may have just made this up... >.>

FOUND! Link in comments :)

Anything similar with unrequited wincest coming to light or first time when one of the boys is not in their right mind would be appreciated, especially if it's bottom!Dean and the other is unaware anything is wrong.

3.  Are there any fics based on Dream a Little Dream of Me where Sam finds out that Dean has the hots for him? Or really, anything where Sam is able to read Dean's mind/see into his subconscious and discovers how Dean really feels about him? The reverse would be fine too, but I'm really looking for bottom!Dean here. Everything I've found so far has been bottom!Sam. Bonus points for kink.
07 November 2011 @ 07:17 pm
I've been hunting for this fic for a few weeks and I cannot it anywhere. It's driving me insane, so I'm hoping to harness the comm's collective awesomeness to locate it.

The fic is several years old and it's an AU of season 2's 'Born Under a Bad Sign.' In the story, after Meg/Sam knocks Dean unconscious, he assaults Dean. Afterwards, possessed!Sam keeps Dean under control by threatening to hurt Sam's body (biting off his tongue, stabbing him, etc.), beating Dean, and tying him up. This goes on for several weeks while possessed!Sam kills hunters listed in John's journal. Eventually possessed!Sam takes a pretty broken Dean to Bobby's, trying to force Dean to kill Bobby. Bobby knows what's up, though, and he traps and exorcises the demon. I can recall specific scenes in detail: one in which possessed!Sam returns from a kill injured and Dean begs to stitch Sam's body up, and a separate non-con scene where possessed!Sam is in the bathtub, washing off blood from a kill and forcibly holding Dean's head on him under water, while thinking to Sam something along the lines of, "This is how the world is going to end: willingly drowned in blood."

This is a well-written, long-ish fic, and I think there we a sequel dealing with the fallout of Sam and Dean's recovery; it may have even been part of a series. As you can probably see, it's very dark and deals with some pretty rough subject matter including physical and psychological torture, non-con, and some pretty graphic violence. There's massive amounts of Dean abuse and no small amount of damage to Sam since it continues into the recovery phase. It was one of the first fics I read in this fandom before I got a delicious account, so I don't have it book marked. I also could not find it under the tags on this comm. Please, please help me find it. You'll be my favorite person forever. Thanks.
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18 October 2011 @ 03:35 am
 Okay, I don't remember a lot, but here's what I got.

 Dean and Sam end up staying with a couple somewhere or another that are actually possessed by their past lives due to a magical amulet. I think they were soulmates too. Dean and Sam are supposed to receive the amulet next (which they end up doing) and they live together for their specified amount of time as their past lives. I remember that the previous couple that were possessed didn't stay together after their possession ended because the woman was a lesbian. I think I remember Dean freaking out after they are de-possessed and he takes off for a while. Eventually they are able to track down the witch that was giving the amulet to people and letting their past lives take over their bodies.

That's about all I remember, but I really loved this story and want to reread it, but I cannot find it anywhere. TIA!

The story is A Place to Rest My Spirit by Miss 'Drea and the link is located here. Thank you Katsheswims!
05 October 2011 @ 10:45 pm
Hey guys, I've got a few requests today.

The first two are specific stories that I can't find. I'm 99% sure I read both of them on FanFiction.net but I've searched all over for them and cannot find them.

1.The first one is titled Obsession and it's about Sam getting kidnapped by a clown with OCD and tied up in a tent at the circus. It's one of my favorites and I wish I had saved it.

2.The next one is about Sam being taken in by the Benders after they kill his family, I think. They rape him and used him as a sex slave and one day they kidnap Dean. Sam has something wrong with his leg, I think, and Dean witnesses that they abuse him and they plan to escape together. At one point something happens and Dean loses the trust he has for Sam.

3.My next request is for anything in which Jared/Sam is possessed. I mean like The Exorcist kind of possessed. There is a story I read by Cha I think like this, I'm not sure where to find it now but I like the concept of him being hurt and weak because something is inside of him taking it's toll and hurting him.

4. Anything like Last House on the Left where Sam/Jared is raped and beaten and his family goes after who did it? Doesn't necessarily have to be based off the movie, can just be anything along those lines.

5. Anything where teen!Jared/Sam is bullied and gets hurt really bad. Or anything where he is homeless and gets really hurt?

6.Okay, my last requst is for any stories where Sam/Jared is a creature (i.e. werewolf, shapeshifter, vampire, maybe he has wings) and he is captured or hunted because of it. I'd like if he's not a bad guy and people don't understand or care but think he's evil anyway.
07 August 2011 @ 11:33 pm
this is driving me crazy cause i can't remember the title and where exactly i've read it.

i'm 99% sure it's a Sam/Dean fic, i think it was a fill from a meme but i can't seem to find it anymore. the filled includes enema, buttplug and crossdresing.

it is about Sam giving Dean an enema which makes Dean look pregnant and forced him to wear a sundress so they will look like a couple. Sam brought Dean out for breakfast to show off his pregnant belly, i remember Sam ordering Dean a glass of orange juice and the waitress thinks Dean was acting weird/sick.

hope this is enough to go by...i really want to find this fic/filled because it's driving me up the wall not knowing the name and where i've read it.

Thanks a million in advance for finding this for me.

the fic is called 'In the Family Way'
01 July 2011 @ 12:12 am
Is there any fic that aknowledge the fact that SAm always seems to get possessed in the early ep and always takes it on Dean? Is there a fic where someone finally defends Dean and confront Sam and tells him that there is something wrong with him ; that's he weak for always getting possessed and that Sam obviously has a problem with Dean. And that person gets mad because Dean always did everything for Sam and Sam only takes his borther for granted. 
I'm looking for stories where Sam and Dean are either in an established relationship with one another or starting to be in one and they are having sex on a regular basis only Dean or Sam does something to piss the other one off and there's no more sex until it's resolved which results in driving one or the both of them nuts and doing crazy/stupid things as a result to get the stalemate broken. 
Hi All,

A couple of very different requests, which I've hopefully done the correct tags for:

1) Are there any stories where Sam is a powerful psychic, but he's very reclusive and Dean is his protector/lover/intermediary? If you want Sam's help, you have to go through Dean to get to him - and that's not easy.

2) Any stories where Dean's a demon, preferably a "good" one, and he possess Sam? Whether temporarily or for the long haul is ok.

3) Can anyone suggest any fic request communities that is good about filling said requests? If there aren't any stories along the lines of my first request, I'd like to try to get someone to write it :-D

Thank you all in advance for your help!
09 March 2011 @ 01:42 am
I need help finding a specific older Spn fic. It was wincest of a sort, but also a death-fic.

What I remember: Sam dies during a hunt, and a spirit, ? , who didn't kill him but was watching takes over his body. He (Not-Sam) and Dean begin a relationship together and become immortal through bouts of month long sex..?

Any one remember what this story is and where to find it?

06 March 2011 @ 10:35 pm
ok....so I want any fics where sammy hurt dean....by being possest and he tortures dean...really bad with alot of blood and pain and crying dean...( in a very manly way :) ) ...and I want some protictive Bobby and very sorry sam....I want it to be Gen...thank you.
 Hey, there! I have a general request for recs that you guys may have.  What I'm looking for seems to be kind of hard to find, but here goes.

 This could get long )If the story does contain sex, then I'd prefer for it to be non-explicit. Or at least not particularly graphic. I'm having trouble finding stories like these, so I would be really grateful if you guys could point me in the right direction. 

10 February 2011 @ 01:44 pm
Hi guys!
I am looking for a specific future/baby!fic series in which Meg(?) impregnated a girl while possessing Sam, and the girl became pregnant. Long story short, Dean and Sam take in the little girl and name her Faith(?). (I remember that they gave each other the silent treatment over the name "Mary.")
It also involves a cradle made from a beer keg, a mobile made from candy wrappers, and (eventually), a life lived settled down. Really beautiful, sweet fics - I'd love to read them again!
Thank you in advance!

Found! See comments.
14 January 2011 @ 08:00 pm
 Hello I was wondering If anyone Knew of any Stories Where A Wee Sam/Teenage Sam gets possessed. With freaked out protective Dean Trying to save his brother. Gen or Wincest is  fine but No Non con stories please.
Happy bonus if the story also has John in it 
13 January 2011 @ 11:39 pm
This is pretty vague, and by vague I mean vaaaaague. Anyway! I was sitting in my bed thinking about Sam and Dean, and of course what is in store for them when they come back on the 28th. But then it got me on another thought, I haven't read a Sam/Dean story in a very long time! 

So! I would like some recommended favorites of the wincest kind, but before that here there are SOME guidelines.

If it is a Big Bang, I have probably read it.
If it is by [livejournal.com profile] leonidaslion I have probably read it.
Only Wincest
No non-con (between the boys)
Can be AU
Wee!chesters are welcome
Side characters (Castiel, Bobby, John, Jo, Andy) are love.
New stories or Old are great.
WIP are okay only as long is it is pretty much a sure thing that it'll be finished.
Prefer boys as well boys

Anything else, and I mean anything else I say go for it! 
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07 January 2011 @ 12:26 am
Happy New Year Everyone!!

I have a few stories that I thought I bookmarked but apparently I didn't:

1. This might have been in spnkinkmeme but I can't find it so I'm not positive. Jensen was at home waiting for Jared (or Misha but pretty sure it's JP) so he called to see where he was. Jared was at some store and the boys joked/role-played that Jared was Jensen's illicit lover who was coming to continue their torrid love affair while Jensen's boyfriend was out of town. The cashier was scandalized and Jared made a comment that that was probably the most exciting thing to happen at the store all week.

2. Jensen, Tom, Mike, Danneel, Jeff, and Steve were a part of a undercover group that was trying to break up a sex trafficking ring, and Jared, Chad, and Chris were celebrity friends. Somehow, jared kept kidnapping or putting Jensen in compromising positions, but all the poor guy wanted was a date.

3. Sam found Dean's black book of conquests, including girls, guys, and Jess (before she and Sam hooked up)

4. I can't remember any specific details of the fic, but the basic premise was that Sam has a crush on Dean and acts on it, but Dean always says no and Sam respects that. Then when
Sam gets possessed in BUaBS, Meg ignores Dean’s no and that’s how he knows Sam isn’t himself.

Thanks so much :)!!
28 November 2010 @ 11:27 pm
Hey there, 

        Because of the reture of the Supernatural, now I am really craved for Sammy--centric-fic (Yeah, I am definetly a sam-girl...)

        1) Is there any Sam being lured to the dark side? Like from being good and then is forced/lured/druged by demon/devil to the dark side? Really like to see demons and the devil want Sam so bad that they try to make Sammy theirs...*blush* and of course at the end of the day, Dean go and save Sam.

        2) Is there any fic that Dean went to the dark side (I don't care if he tured to vamps/werewolf or demon) instead of Sam, and the dark/demon Dean want his Sammy back and be with him (force/torture/turn Sam) I have already read the "stranger verse", it's really nice and long and most importantly it's a bottom Sammy one. 

        3) Is there any fic that Cass has a thing to Sam and is protective to Sam and also wants Sam?  Also, bottom Sammy please...
        And last request, I would really love to read long story, so I'd prefer epic story or story which has 5000 words above, but, anyway, I'm pretty much will accept anything that fits those three requirements as long as it's a bottom Sammy.

11 October 2010 @ 10:29 pm
 I read a fic not too long ago where Sam gets possessed and Dean didn't know. Once they were back in the motel room, the demon rapes Dean and plans to kill him, but he is able to exorcise it before that happens. Once Sam is back to normal, he's horrified at what happened and they both try to figure out how to deal with it. Not a wincest story. I believe Missouri is in it, John as well. For some reason I didn't bookmark it, but I really want to read it again! If anyone knows where I can find it I'd really appreciate it!!
22 September 2010 @ 11:47 pm
I've recently read a few of those very dark fics, where both Sam and Dean are quite...dark.  Murderers, general wrongdoers in all ways with a horribly addictive Natural Born Killers kind of feel to them.  I read one amaznig story (that I'm sure started it all off) where they purposely got sent to prison, just to break out and destroy as much as they could along the way. 

Anyone know where I can find things like this?  Only it's kind of a kink now and I'm uh...withdrawing.  Must be wincest, the darker the better and if possible, no main character death, but anything else goes. 

Thanks! x x

P.S - Feel free to edit if I didn't tag correctly. 

x x x
22 September 2010 @ 11:42 pm
I think my subject summarizes enough! But still: I'm searching for fics where Sam is BAMF hunter or is emotionless and cold in general. It can be because he is all hopped up on demon blood, because of Wincest, because Dean's dead, because he was dead, or that he is wrong, bad, evil, possessed etc. Post-Mystery Spot and S4 fics are okay too. I prefer Wincest or Gen, please ;) Possible S6!Sam fics are love.

01 September 2010 @ 12:00 am
Hello there, 

     I remember that there were lots of YED fic back in a long time ago...but somehow they are gone forever....so now I am looking for any fic that involved YED and Sam (like Sam was kidnapped/ taken away from John, and is raised by demon, and then John and Dean come after Sam in order to save him from demons...) I heard there were lots of them, but honestly, I couldn't find any....so please give my the URL  if you know any fic that fits the description....I wellcome slash/gen and wicest (bonus for bottom sammy~)

BTW, I have read Rei_c's Bloodlines and Under the Bridge~
24 May 2010 @ 04:58 am
What I am looking for is Master!/Top!/Dom!Sam. Mean Master or harsh top or self pleasing dom sam is the best. I don't really care what else is in the Fic, I have no real problems. I have looked and looked on here and other comm but all I can find in Sub!Sam.

Dub-con, Non-con are fine, PWP is ok.

If the Sub!/Bottom!/Slave! could be Castiel, the more the awesome! but really just looking for Master!/Top!/Dom!Sam.

Thank you.
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10 January 2010 @ 03:03 pm

Hey everyone, so this time I'm looking for a possessed story that I could have sworn I bookmarked, but apparently not.
In it Sam is whammied in a hunt and gets possessed by a canine spirit I think and starts wanting Dean. Bobby chains him up in the basement so that he can't get to Dean. Sam starts to be able to scent Dean, I think Dean might be giving off pharamones or something.
Read more... )

Help please?

EDIT: Found thank you [livejournal.com profile] ebcdic  for the information and [livejournal.com profile] onelittlesleep  for the updated info.
26 September 2009 @ 12:35 am
This wonderful Community has found all my previous requests - AWESOME + THANK YOU!!

The story I'm looking for, as my subject line states, has Dean and Sammy's a demon. My description will be pathetically vague - but I do remember that the brothers still have the Impala. They hear of a town that has a fire that won't burn out. As they head into the center of town, Sam creates a bubble of protection around Dean so he won't be destroyed by the fire. Once there, Sam puts Dean in a church for protection then leaves to fight other demons. Dean is lured out of the church by demon Andy.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? It was quite a dark fic but amazing. It's been driving me crazy trying to find it..

I believe it's an apocafic but I'm not absolutely certain. I checked ALL the apocafic tagged entries and never found this particular story, so maybe it wasn't.

Not sure how to tag this request, so I'm tagging the heck out of it. Eternal gratitude to who(m)ever finds this. xoxoxo

FOUND:  To the End  sometimesophie.livejournal.com/39086.html  

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Anonymous  -  whoever you are !!!!
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22 August 2009 @ 02:51 pm
1) Any stories where Sam gets hit on by guys and it either freaks Dean or makes him jealous? Extra perk if Sam pretends to enjoy it to mess with Dean. Will take gen or wincest.

2) Sam getting possessed, but not by something evil. Maybe a ghost who accidently takes control etc. Just something using his body as a vessel, but without intent to kill or something. Will take gen or wincest.

3) LOST FIC - I remember reading this fic where Sam has been taken by something. He's locked in the sewers and water is slowly rising. At one point a dog shows up and Sam talks to it (I think he tries telling it to fetch Dean like Lassie ^^"). Of course Dean shows up on time to save him!
10 July 2009 @ 06:21 pm
I'm looking for a story i had when my computer crashed and now i cant find it.

It was after Sam was possessed and he kept seeing blood on his hands and he kept scrubbing them till they would bleed and when he would see his reflection his eyes would be red(i think)He cuts himself to see if there is sulfer in his blood.

Does anyone remember this story.

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09 July 2009 @ 12:15 am
1) Anyone know of any fics out there that have Lucifer trying to possess/control Sam. Sam fights him, but the end leaves Sam...let's say, less than stable.

2) Also, any stories about Sam's connection to the Morning Star?

Protective Dean is always a plus^_^
05 July 2009 @ 07:42 pm
The funny thing is that I'm pretty sure the title of this story is "The Passenger". Try typing that into a Google search box and see how far you get.

So Sam is possessed and fucks Dean. Dean's actually really happy about it, having been in love with Sam for a long time. I think that the demon leaves Sam while Dean is singing in the shower. What really sticks with me is at the very end, when Dean comes out of the shower and Sam realizes just how much it will devastate Dean to know that everything Sam did was under a demon's influence . . . so when Dean leans down for a good-morning kiss, Sam goes along with it.

There may have been a sequel, but I'm not sure.

I could be wrong about the title, though I'm fairly positive.

Sigh. Someone's going to get this in about thirty seconds, I bet!

ETA: FOUND! Link in comments!