20 September 2017 @ 03:29 pm
Hello, everybody!! Could you, please, help me find:

1. Car accident fic. In this one, Jared and Jensen are fighting and Jensen leaves. It is storming (I think) and he crashes his car like two minutes after he left. Jared hears the crash, goes out and sees its Jensen and tries to save him. I remember Jared getting injuried because of broken glass on the road.

2. Any Non-AU fics told in Jensen POV foccusing on Jared's depression. Like how does he feels about it and how he wants to help/helps Jared. Bonus points if the fic goes deep and aligns to the descriptions of the past few years Jared gave on his chapter in "Family dont end with blood".

3. Break-up and make-up fics. I am looking for ones in which the guys break up and Jensen does serious groveling to get Jared back.

4. Jared helping Jensen get over a bad break and the two of them getting together later on.

5. Possessive! Jealous! Jensen.

6. Fics in which Jensen wants to get it on with Jared but doesnt because he thinks the sex will be super vanilla due to Jared's puppy!dog personality. Later they get together and Jared does surprise him in the kink department.
18 June 2017 @ 12:15 am
I remember that the Padalecki and Ackles families were very close and would go up to like a lake cabin to vacation together. Jensen is a doctor and Jared is a forest ranger )or something similar). Jensen was in love with Jared when they were younger (and still is) but he received a wedding invitation and though it was for Jared but it was Megan's and he avoided the Jared and the Padalecki's for years until his mom makes him come to the lake cabin one summer.
22 November 2016 @ 06:18 am

Ive been looking all over for this J2 story. If i remember correctly, Jared ended up having to move in with Chad and several other roommates inba very small home. Jared had to sleep on the floor and sometimes the couch. It was a really packed home.Plotwise, i am not certain. I know the main pairing is J2, but Jared does end up getting into a relationship with Jason Momoa and they end up sleeping together. Eventually, J and J get closer and they end up kissing. Jensen finds out that Jared is w Jason and he backs off and they continue being friends. The story was unfinished the last time i read it so i am not aware of the status today. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
08 November 2016 @ 05:20 pm
I´m searching two stories:

1. was an arranged marriage between Jared and Jensen. Jared hated that he had to mary Jensen, he had an affair with JDM. In the end he fell in love with Jensen and they were both pregnant (?).

2. J2 are were wolves and Jared was "promissed" to Jensen at a verry young age. Somehow Jared was considered dead and lived among humans.

Does that ring a bell?

Thank you
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27 October 2016 @ 01:28 pm
I'm looking for a particular fic I read quite a while ago where Jensen is a tattoo artist, and Jared is his favorite canvas. Many details are fuzzy, and I'm sure that I'm conflating some from other stories, but the one I'm looking for features a rather possessive Jensen who doesn't want Jared getting tattooed by anyone else. In one scene, Jared has Chris (I think) tattoo him so that he can surprise Jensen, and Jensen gets jealous at first, but then thinks it's hot. I'm pretty sure they have sex in front of Chris while Chris is tattooing Jared. Like I said, the details are fuzzy but maybe someone recognizes the fic I'm thinking of.

Edit: Found in comments. Thanks!
13 May 2016 @ 11:17 pm
Hi friends!
Can you please rec me Jared/Jensen fics where Jensen is kinda jealous and insecure about Jared's growing friendship/closeness with someone or due to Jared's past relationship? Any story where Jensen is a little insecure ? I am okay with both AU and RPF fics
Most J2 jealousy themed fics focus on jealous Jared and I am dying to read some good jealous Jensen stories.

Please rec me some awesome AU/RPF jealous Jensen works?
(Just no underage or PWP fics please.) Happy Ending is a must:)

Thanx a million
24 December 2015 @ 09:26 pm
Hello. I'm looking for a RPS fic where Jared's dad has been arrested for attacking Genevieve (in this fic, she just works in the same company as him and not involved with Jared). Jared's dad was framed. Jensen can get him released from jail, but the condition is that Jared sleeps with him for six months(?) a year(?). Anyway, Jared is dating Misha and hurts him by breaking up with him so he can fulfill his obligation. Jared hates Jensen for what he's forcing him to do. Jensen is in love with Jared. Happy ending for J2 believe it or not.

Thanks for any help. I hope I got the tags correct.

ETA: After thinking about it, I think it was Alona Tal to got "attacked" and not Gen.
29 November 2015 @ 11:20 am
First time writing here, sorry for any mistakes :$

Am looking for a fic that i just cant find.

It was jared/jensen/?? And somebody else, i keep thinking jeff..

Anyway it was first: jensen and the third person, and then the third person feel in love with jared and and told jensen that jared is going to be their husband.. Jensen felt like the third person didnt love him anymore cus jared got everythi g jensen got promised.

Jensen is btw a famous writer

I remember a scene, it was jensen book sighing and the third person invited jared and jensen was pissed.

Please help me find it. :(
Hi! I'm looking for a fic where J2 are together (possibly married?) and Jared is a famous porn star. Jensen is cool with that ... But he's also jealous. I remember that he was really insecure of Jared's co-stars because of how beautiful they all were. And also that Jensen felt ignored because Jared didn't want sex terribly often anymore at home.

Another thing that seems familiar is that Jared only bottoms at home with Jensen and the whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.

Anyone know what this is?


And while I'm here, does anyone have any other fics featuring misunderstandings between the J's? Especially where one feels insecure or not good enough... Angst and schmoop.
25 September 2015 @ 01:43 pm
I'm really vague on the details here so apologies...Jensen is sent to a ranch for therapy, and Jared owns the ranch. I think Chad and Chris are there and are an on/off couple? Matt later turns up and Jensen get jealous.

I've checked Cowboys/ranchers/counsellors on J2 but had no luck. Any help in finding the story would be greatly appreciated.
06 September 2015 @ 01:44 am
Hello beautiful people, how are you?

I'm looking for this fic I read a long time ago: I can't remember the title just little pieces. It goes like this: (It's non au) Jared and Jensen are in a relationship or they are friends with benefits, Jared admires Jeffrey Dean Morgan a lot, they keep things hushed but Jensen is really in love with Jared and wants more. One day something happens at the  studio (Jared was talking with his mother or something like that) Jensen gets upset because Jeffrey was there and didn't tell him what was happenning so he accuses Jeffrey of sleeping with Jared. Jeffrey gets furious and hits Jensen. Then it's all blurry, I think Jared came out to his parents and they didn't take the news so well. This is all I can remember. If you know the fic I'm looking for please link it to me. Thanks in advance :)  

PD: forgive my grammar mistakes, english is not my first language
05 August 2015 @ 12:50 pm
I need some help! I am looking for any stories where jensen gets extremely jealous of jared's relationship with a male friend. It could be J2 in an established relationship or they just started dating. The ideal would be that jensen is just paranoid/overreacting. But if something does happen with jared and these OMC thats fine as long as j2 are together in the end. Please only bottomjensen and topjared. Self recs are more than welcome,and if this in anyway inspires anyone to write this story that would be awesome.

Now for the jealous jared i have read a couple and loved them all so i need more. So any fics where jared gets jealous about anyone close to jensen, friends/coworkers or exes. J2 in an Established relationship is ideal but not required. maybe jared gets so jealous he goes overboard and blames jensen or even leaves him because of miscommunication, happy endings please! J2 together in the end. Topjared and bottomjensen.Again self recs welcomed.
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I love to watch a movie named "Fear", the one that Reese Witherspoon and Mark Wahlberg acted, most of the time.  Are there Jensen/Jared or Dean/Sam stories in "Fear"?

1.) Wild Horses by homo pink - http://homo-pink.livejournal.com/20860.html#cutid1

29 May 2015 @ 11:47 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a fic where one of the J1 is a pornstar and J2 meets him and then they start having a relationship and J2 starts getting jealous after he for some reason had to go to J1 studio and catches a scene being filmed I think with Chad. Anyways soon enough J1 start bringing his friends/fellow actors home to reherse scenes, basically he starts to blur the personal and work lines. I know that after J1 finds out J2 jeaousy/hurt they talk about it and I know that he decides to retires from the scenes but he becomes a director or producer, one of those.  I really hope that someone remembers reading it.
Looking for three fics

1. Jared is a Model and Jensen is a Mechanic and they fall in love even with jared being basically a 'demanding' princess, I remember how Jared becomes pregnant and has baby with Jensen and once he goes back to modeling jensen becomes Jealous specially he the scene of the photos and the other model.

2. Jesen suffers a serious injury after finding out Jared was cheating on him.I remember he fell from up high while swinging and that in the end after I think a year Jensen and Jared meet again and in the end get back together again with Jared helping and taking care of Jensen with the resultng pain of the injury.

3. Dean is an Omega and the mate of Alpha Sam who is in Collage and together with Jess who is a Beta when Dean stops to try and get Sam to help him search for their Dad I remember that he was begining his heat and in the end even while resisting he ends up in bed with them and pregnant.
14 May 2015 @ 11:57 pm
Hi Friends,
I am posting after quite some time and am soo happy to be back in my favorite com :)

I am craving for some Jared/Jensen stories with jealous possessive boys. I remember reading some in the past...but sadly didn't't save the bookmarks. Any story with really toppy possessive jealous Jensen or Jared is welcome as long as there's no non-con or underage sex.

Long, short, au, rpf, multichapter..everything is okay in my book. Can you please rec me your favorites..oldies as well as recently read ones?

Thanx a million in advance

05 May 2015 @ 12:44 am
I'm looking for this specific J2 story but I can't locate it. Maybe someone can help. This is what I remember about it:

Jensen and Jared are together, but then Jensen thinks Jared betrayed him in some way (I don't remember the circumstances, but I think he thinks Jared cheated on him). He leaves for college, not knowing that Jared is innocent and waiting to be able to meet up with him in college. When Jared follows him to college several years later, Jensen has become an asshole player who only has one night stands. When Jared finds him again, Jensen sleeps with him to get revenge and treats him badly afterwards. He somehow finds out that Jared did not betray him and he feels bad that he treated Jared so badly - especially when he discovers that it was Jared's first time because he had waited for him.

I know it sounds convoluted because I don't remember a lot of details, but hopefully it's enough to jog someone's memory.
30 March 2015 @ 12:14 am
so i saw a post on tumblr today about jareds friendship with stephen amell, so i was wondering if there are any fics where jensen, jared and stephen arent married with kids or anything and jensen gets jealous and depressed because jared is all of a sudden so close to and best friends with stephen and he is so used to being jareds best friend and he is in love with jared and all that jazz. could be that they are just friends and seeing him with stephen makes him sad and makes him feel left out and then eventually they get together or it could be already established j2 with jensen still getting upset about jared being so close to stephen. bottom jensen only please.
11 March 2015 @ 12:06 am
so i saw a post on tumblr today about jareds friendship with stephen amell, so i was wondering if there are any fics where jensen, jared and stephen arent married with kids or anything and jensen gets jealous and depressed because jared is all of a sudden so close to and best friends with stephen and he is so used to being jareds best friend and he is in love with jared and all that jazz. could be that they are just friends and seeing him with stephen makes him sad and makes him feel left out and then eventually they get together or it could be already established j2 with jensen still getting upset about jared being so close to stephen. bottom jensen only please.


I am looking for any good long fics in which both Jared and Jensen are weres (don't really care what kind), and Jared is the omaga or whaterver equivalent in the relationship.

Maybe he has just been turned and doesn't know what's happening to him, maybe he came from a different pack and was mistreated, or captured by humans who experimented on him or anything else that would cause Jensen to be protective of him.

It'd be great if he were to be considered special or a rarity for some reason.

I'll take anything!

Thanks so much for the help :)

26 November 2014 @ 06:17 pm
I want to read all stories about Jensen who is married or dating someone else or not, is having sex with Jared and decide to pursue him aggressively but Jared doesn't want to have a relationship with Jensen and Jensen is not giving up by going after him aggressively.  Jensen can be a stalker.  I read "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea" by saltandbyrne and it made me think of this idea.  Well, does anyone have the stories?
23 September 2014 @ 07:08 am
1. J2 in a hotel. They could be doing whatever (sleeping, cuddling, nsfw stuff, etc.)

2. Any J2 Jealousy fics. Where either boy becomes jealous when the other is with another person (like close with them or the person is very attractive)
14 August 2014 @ 10:05 pm
Hi all,

I'm looking for a specific J2 fic. It's set in high school. I may be mixing up two different stories, but in this one, one of the J's (Jensen, maybe?) is an artist and hoping to get into an art school. He secretly pines for the other J. Second J hooks up with a girl (Sandy, maybe?) at a party, and first J is upset. It ends up being J2.

Thanks in advance!
19 June 2014 @ 10:49 pm
Hi guys! General search here today. I'm wanting to read any long plotty RPF fics. I prefer non-au, J2 (but will read others) and LOVE anything with major angst and past abuse types (abusive ex/family/etc - basically anything that'll make me cry!). I love possessive/protective/jealous-ness in fics as well (goes nicely with the angst!).

My main criteria though is that the fic is well written- so even if it is Au feel free rec away! Any Self recs are always welcome, any kinks - Although not too keen on Mpreg or a/b/o.
Many thanks!
10 June 2014 @ 07:01 pm
1. Fics where Jensen gets jealous/insecure/sad (any of them work) when Jared gets close to another person? Or during a sex scene? Maybe he feels like Jared is replacing him? I would like a happy ending but it's not a necessity.

2. MISHA FICS! Fics where Misha plays a large part in (main character or important side character)! Any fics are welcome EXCEPT Cockles.

Thanks, y'all!
Hello again, finders!

I'm going crazy about a J2 fic. I don't really remember when is set, I'm sure it's after season 3 'cause Misha is in it at some point. It starts with J2 pranking on each other, but their pranks got out of hand and Jared accidentally hurt Jensen, not in a phisical way but he makes Jen truly embarassed in front of the rest of the crew. When Jare realizes it, he tries to apologize over and over, but Jensen just shut him out. In the end, Jared is a little pissed himself, so they kinda avoid each other on set, but Jared notices that Jensen is really quiet and pissy for the rest of the day, and he feels guilty. Jared hopes to kiss and make up at home, but Jensen keeps avoiding him, barely talks to him and sleeps on the couch (I seem to remember that the boys are together). The day after, Jared tries to make it up to Jensen by making an ass out of himself, but Jensen is not impressed and keeps ignoring him. Then Jared asks Misha to pull pranks on him, hoping that it'll be enough for Jensen to forgive him, but it still doesn't work. In a last attemp, Misha pulls a particularly mean prank, and Jared is in pretty much the same situation Jensen was, embarassed in front of the whole cast. So Jensen is angry and yells at Misha, then takes Jared in his trailer, and there Jared explains all of it to Jensen and rambles about how scared he is Jensen is going to leave him for a stupid prank, he's so sorry, he didn't relize how stupid it was and shit like that, and Jensen in the end kiss him and they are good. I think the last scene was Jensen promises to apologize to Misha and both of them agreeing on pulling pranks together on others, instead of on each other.
It's pretty specific, and that's why I'm going crazy! Please, if you reconognize it, or know something quite similar (even not in detail) post the link!

For the general search, I'm searching for long J2 slow burn fics non-AU (so, with them on Supernatural set trough the seasons) from friends to lovers. Also, I'd like to read fics with jealous and insecure!boys (either Jensen or Jared) but I'd prefer without angry sex (I don't mind sex, but not for "staking a claim", please). Deaged!boys is another thing that I've not read much about, so if you have something, feel free to post it here!

I don't mind self-recs, don't be shy! I'd prefer only J2 non-Au fics, but I can live with well written AUs, too. I'll be grateful for every suggestion, thanks in advance!
06 February 2014 @ 05:06 pm
Hallo again :-)
This time around, I'm looking for a J2 fic where Jared and Jensen has been together forever, but Jared is marrid to Gen (wiht a child) and treats Jensen like crap (they don't talk, only argues and fight, and sex is only angry and hurtful).
Jensen lives in a house that the J's has bought together and Jared flys in when ever he want's to - maybe on a island???
At some point Jensen start a relationship wiht a new nabo, and Jared sees red. Gen dosn't know about the J's.
I think Jensen is making a living as a cabinet maker, but i'm not sure. Gen has a dancestudio.
Eventially it's happy ending for the J's, but there is a lot of angst. Jared leave Gen and the child and moves in with Jensen.
Hope you can help me... I have this somewhere on my computer, but I can't find it :(
29 December 2013 @ 02:19 pm
1. Sam and Dean going to prom together? Like, Sam asking Dean to prom when Dean isn't in school. Or Dean going to prom with this little kid no one knows. (Jensen and Jared going to prom is A+ too)

2. Jensen and Jared (or Sam and Dean) getting married (to each other). And their first dance.

3. J2 or Wincest version of Cinderella.

4. Jensen wooing Jared and Jared is obvious. (Or Jared wooing Jensen and Jensen being obvious.) Like, Jensen bringing Jared to dinner and opening the door and everything.

5. Dean (or Sam) wooing Sam. Buying him his favorite food and everything, you know, that kind of thing.

6. Jensen (or Jared) getting jealous when one of them has to kiss or have a sex scene with another actress. Also, Sam or Dean getting jealous of a waiter/waitress.
06 October 2013 @ 01:31 am

I'm looking for a fic I read that was about how Jared left Jensen in the middle of the night, Jared becomes an actor and Jensen tries to comunicate with him but never does and Jared is proposes to Gen even tho he is trying to divorce Jensen. I know that Jared return back home to try to force Jensen to sign the papers.  I remember that Gen follows Jared to his hometown and Jensen's aunt is pissed at them because they decide to celebrate their engagement at their bar. I remember that it all the mess started with the death of their adopted daughter. I know that in the end they get together and remarry and that jared has rules for his acting that he explains towards the ending in an article. Please Help ^w^

29 August 2013 @ 04:02 pm
Hey Y'all!

So I just finished reading Reassurance by slf630 and now I'm finding myself craving similar fics. Therefore here is my request:

I'm looking for bottom!jared j2 fics that have them fighting with Jensen being really hurtful and then trying to make it to Jared by doing something special or apologizing. Jensen could be jealous and unintentially lash out at Jared, something like that. I would really like it to be cute with a happy ending please!

Thanks guys!
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Hey there!

I was just wondering if there are any stories out there about Jensen feeling left out of Jared's life during season 4 when he started dating Genevieve? For example, Jared forgetting he had plans with Jensen, not answering his phone because he's busy or Jared being too distracted by his new relationship to notice that Jensen's sick or hurt.

Doesn't have to end in J2 (but that would be awesome if it did!).

I'd like for Jensen to really be upset about making him wonder what he did wrong etc.,  but not telling Jared that he's upset instead Jared just starts noticing that Jensen's acting weird and confronts him and / or other cast and crew members.

This may be a stretch but I'd love to find one if there is one out there!
22 June 2013 @ 10:45 pm
Hey guys I was wondering if anyone knows of some fic with Jared and Jensen in a relationship and Jared and Chad are best friend but Chad is in love with Jared. Bonus if it has super jealous/possessive Jensen. That really thee only requirements, it can be any length and any rating. 
hey guys,

i am looking for 4 specific stories i came across earlier but forgot to bookmark. would really appreciate the help in locating these

1. jared and jensen. Jared and jensen are part of a band and spend alot of time touring. Jared likes interacting with the fans back stage. Jensen gets jealous one day, when he sees a fan giving jared her number and jared pocketing it and asks jared to throw away the number. But later he finds the number in jared's wallet i think while looking through his stuff, and in a fit of anger breaks up with jared. Jared is hurt and when jensen tries to apologize and get back together after realising his mistake, turns jensen down, saying that no relationship can last if the people involved dont trust each other. i think finally they go to jared's mom's place for dinner while in town and later talk things out and get back together. sorry if this was a sucky summary

2. this is a specific fic with possessed dean, shortly after born under a bad sign. Meg goes on to possess dean after sam and makes dean shoot sam in the gut in the motel room. she then ties up sam and leaves him while she goes bar hopping, promising to bring dean back in time to allow him to apologize and watch sam die. Sam replies to this saying that dean doesnt need to apologize as he is not at fault. Sam then manages to paint a devil's trap with his own blood and trap meg in it, and exorcises her from dean. Dean rushes them to a doctor who is trusted by bobby i think and in the end both boys survive.

3. this sam and dean fic, revolves around that nasty voicemail message from season 4. i think its set in season 6, and involves dean finding out that sam has kept the message all these years and regularly listens to it. he then clarifies the misunderstanding and insists sam delete the message then and there. sorry thats all i remember, i think they were at bobby's but i am not sure.

4. sam and dean season 5. in the first episode, after dean drives off in the impala without sam, Sam doesnt go to the motel but throws away all identities and admits himself into a mental hospital. over the months he starts talking to the pyschiatrist, slowly becoming more and more comfortable. finally the doctor introduces him to dena, saying dean had come by a few weeks ago searching for him and the doctor had to make sure sam trusted him before letting dean meet him. dean insists sam get the clear from the doctor before leaving, as opposed to breaking out of the hospital. When they finally do leave, dean hands over sam's wallet, money clip and other identities to him, that he had thrown away.. indicating to sam that he had followed sam's steps in an attempt to find him.

thanks in advance
Hi guys. Hope you resourceful people will be able to help me find  some wonderful stories that i've read a while ago and haven't been smart enough to bookmark them. J2 recs and spn cinema communities couldn't help me, either.

1. This first one might be a WIP, i don't remember well. I simply remember that at the time i devoured that hookerJensen story and i've been so very disappointed when i saw that it wasn't finished. The only details i remember about it are these: Jared was in college or highschool, was very rich and one random night when he was driving he saw hooker!Jensen on some shady street and became fascinated&obsessed by his beauty. He approached him, made an financial offer Jensen couldn't refuse and they both arrived at Jensen's shack of an apartment and Jared got a BJ. Jared was very attracted by Jensen and the time spent after their encounter couldn't stop thinking about him, and he was in such a state of permanent arousal that couldn't help bringing himself to orgasm, thinking obsessively about Jensen's beauty, his experience and the next time he will see him again. Because of his huge crush, Jared's result in school were suffering, and Jensen didn't believe him when he said he will be back thinking that Jared was just a loaded, shallow kid who will forget all about him. I don't know for sure if this detail is right, but it could be that Jensen had some problems in paying the rent and struggling to go hooking by himself and not become some property to another pimp...Finally, I can't remember if they had penetrative sex, (the description of the attraction, desire and sex was kinda scorching) but i remember Jared making the offer to help Jensen financially while they enjoyed some coffee in one of Jensen favorite coffee shops. This detail might happened before the blowjob or in between their other encounters.

I hope someone can remember this awesome story, or even the author. Despite the fact that it's been a long time since i read it, i couldn't forget it and looked for it everywhere *sigh*

2. The second story i want to find is somewhat a remix/adaptation of the movie Sabrina. I looked even in spn/j2 bigbang for it and nothing. Jared's dad was the driver for the very wealthy Ackles family  and had a huge crush on Jensen's sister who might be Sandy, who was supposed to get married to the son of a very wealthy family to mantain their bussiness affairs or something. Their parents considered Sandy incapable to be running their business so that's why they felt compelled to get her married to that dude. Jared goes to Paris for some photography classes or something like it and he returns from there a totally different person, at least physically. More attractive  and confident and still very in love (or so he thought) with Jensen's sis. He sent letters at home recounting his experiences there and now and then asking about Sandy.  I remember Jensen was kinda of a manwhore, a ruthless bussiness man and might possibly plotted with his own mom in tricking Jared, since apparently Sandy became interested in Jared lately. Jared finally realized what shallow and cold of a person Sandy and begun hanging out with Jensen without realizing Jensen's evil plan. I still remember some hot sex scene between Jared&Jensen at some holiday house where Jensen took him, or at least the amazing attraction between them. In the end Jared found out all about the awful plan and escaped to Paris where Jensen already expected him...Hope someone will remember it. Found in the comments

Thanks so much in advance you guys. Appreciate your input. Please forgive any grammar mistakes since english it's not my native tongue
And mods, i hope i picked the tags correctly. If i didn't, please let me know and i'll modify.
Okay so i am looking for a few fics:

1. Jared and jensen are together, but jensen cheats on jared, leaving jared heartbroken. however he realises his mistake and works at winning jared back. only happy endings please

2. jared and jensen are together. jensen thinks jared is cheating on him and confronts him. Jared is hurt over the allegation and leaves. jensen then goes after jared to win him back after realising his mistake. Only happy endings

3. jared and jensen are together, they have a fight and one of them storms out of the house/room (J1). either J1 comes back later to find J2 weeping and they make up

4. sam/dean fic. Dean says something that hurts sam, but sam doesnt say anything. After words sam gets injured somehow, not necessarily a result of what dean said and dean realises his mistake.

Please keep in mind only happy endings. the length of the fic is unimportant, though preferably i would like smaller fics. Thanks in advance
So this was a fic I read a long time ago, but I'm hoping someone put in their memories or just remembers it. Jared had been married multiple times in the fic and one of the women he was married to was Gen. Jensen is still friends with one of Jared's wives and she tells Jensen that it didn't work out between them because he kept calling out "Gen" during sex so he must still be in love with Genevieve. Jensen is all mopey and jealous about this fact. However, it turns out that Jared was calling out "Jen" not "Gen" and that he was in love with Jensen. If I remember right, Jared & Jensen had a one night stand a few years before this and Jared was in love with Jensen, but thought that Jensen didn't feel the same way about him.

Right any bells for anyone?

If not, I'd happily take any fics where one of the guys calls out the others' name during sex...it's a bit of a kink of mine. lol!

Thanks in advance!

ETA: FOUND in comments.
27 March 2013 @ 08:04 am
I'm looking for a story I read a long time ago. Its and J2!harry potter au.

I can only remember a few parts, Jared is an lycanthrope. One of the girls in the class likes Jared and in an act of jealousy Jensen sends the girl out into the woods so she will see Jared transforming.

I know its not a lot to go on but I'm really hoping someone out there will know.

Also if there are other J2 Harry potter stories out there i would love to read them.

Thanks in advance

Note: i already read
07 March 2013 @ 12:26 am
Hello all!

I've been searching for this particular story for what seems to be a loooooong time. I hope someone out there can help point the way.

Intro to story is that Jensen doesn't cry but on this particular day he does. Apparently the J's are engaged to each other but told the public that Jared was engaged to Gen and that Jensen was engaged to Danneel to misdirect from actual J2 wedding. So both fake couples do fake engagement stuff, like take engagement photo shoots. Except Gen really wants Jared and while Jared is oblivious and slow, Jensen notices. Finally after seeing the fake engagement photo shoot of jared and Gen kissing jensen can't take it anymore and cries, freaking Jared out. Jared apologies but Jensen breaks up with him citing that Jareds fake wedding seems more important than their own real one and that Jensesn would never for being second best.

Sound familiar to anyone? I pray/and hope so!

Thank you in advance!
05 February 2013 @ 07:39 pm
So I've recently read On the Cover of a Magazine and it was really funny! I'm hoping that there are some awesome undercover fics that I haven't read it. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I like wincest, gen is ok, J2 is ok as well. I'm all for protective/jealous Dean/Jensen, funny, smexy, angsty fics. Thanks!
07 January 2013 @ 08:03 pm
Hi friends!!
I 'm looking Jared/Jensen fics of the following categories.I hope you can help me and rec me your favorites:)
1) FAINTING BOYS- Any fic where Jared or Jensen faints or has seizures and the other is super protective.
2)FICS WITH GRUMPY JENSEN IN THE MORNING- Any fic in which there is a super cute grumpy adorable Jensen who hates mornings and an awesome Jared.
3)RUNAWAY BOYS- Any fic in which boys have a fight and one runs away from the other and the other finds him.HAPPY ENDING
4)GENDER SWITCH- Are there any fic in which either of the boys are born as a girl? I'm not looking for PWPs but plotty J2 stories in which either of them are born as a girl.
5)FICS WITH EGO PROBLEMS- Stories in which Jay and Jen are in a relationship and one is jealous of the other because he is more successful, popular etc and starts having ego problems in the relatonship.
6) FICS WHERE ONE FORGIVES THE OTHER- Any fic where one commits a mistake of any kind and the other forgives him?
Thanks a million in advance
04 December 2012 @ 12:24 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a specific J2 AU high school fic and some rec.

1. This J2 high school fic I remember is I think one of fandom classic. It's quite a few years old may be more. Jared is jock, Jensen is a weird artist (I think). They're best friend but Jensen who I think is an open gay has a crush on Jared. But Jared likes Sandy who I believe is a cheerleader. I remember a few scenes especially the one where Jensen was singing in a bar with Chris and Steve and Chris kissed him and Jared saw it and got jealous. Mike and Tom are in this as well and I think at one point they help Jared and Jensen bought beer for Sandy's party.

2. I would like to read fics where Jared unintentionally hurts Jensen emotionally.

3. Anything with jock!Jared/weird,nerd!Jensen. And yes I've read "Your Brains Are No Match For My Tractorbeam". :)

Thanks in advance.
29 October 2012 @ 10:18 pm
I'm looking for a story where Jared and Jen are in a relationship but Jared keeps going to Chad to be treated roughly. Jensen finds out and decided he can do it for Jared better. Give him the domination he needs without beating him and humiliating him. He tells Jared they will do it his way and Jensen will take care of him. He forces him to orgasm a few times before fucking him and then they have a bath together with Jensen taking care of Jared. At the end, Jared thinks that Jensen wants him to leave but Jensen talks him into staying. Sound familiar?
26 October 2012 @ 06:24 pm
Hi All!

This is my last weekend to myself before Trop Storm/Hurr Sandy possibly forces me to start working 7 days a week with extended hours each day and I'm hoping to find a few stories to entertain me.

I haven't been a part of fandom long (actually just discovered fandom and all its wonderful offerings a few months ago although I've been watching the show for years now). Since becoming an active participant in fandom, I've written a little, rec'd to posters here a few times and have read a lot (and I do mean a lot), but this is my first post ever seeking recs for myself.

So, please, can you helpful guys and gals rec me any and all stories with possessive, protective and/or jealous boys? I have no preference on who tops and who bottoms. I love canon as well as au. I adore longer, plotty fics and I have very, very few squicks (so please feel free to let me know about those mpreg, d/s, underage and other stories you'd be cautious of rec'ing to others). I only ask that the story be complete and have a happy ending no matter the amount of angst it takes to get there.

J2 or Wincest only please, however it doesn't bother me if the boys are paired with other people throughout the course of the story so long as they end up with each other in the end.

Okay, this is my last request for a while, I promise. I'm just hoping for some recs and/or rec lists for long, plotty, nc-17 rated, first time J2 fics with slow buildup. Jealousy and possessiveness is always a win. Please no AUs unless they are serial killer AUs or alpha/beta/omega AUs.Oh, and creature AUs as long as the boys are still actors on Supernatural are okay too. 'Cause I usually like reading about how they are in real life. Complete fics only, please, unless of course the WIP is being updated regularly. No fics set after they've finished doing the show either please. Thanks!
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14 August 2012 @ 11:52 am
I'm looking for a specific AU J2 story that I read a while back. In it, Jensen is a veterinarian and Jared is a student. Jared brings in a bunch of stray kittens that he found ( I hope I have that detail right). Jared is living with Sandy across town, but starts bringing his dogs to Jensen's clinic. The J's end up together and there is a sequel/timestamp where they move to CA because Jared gets a job offer. There are a few scenes that I remember:

--Jared sends Jensen a Christmas card with a picture of him, Sandy, and the dogs (of course, Jensen is jealous of Sandy).

--There's a party for Jared's graduation and Jared gets very, very drunk. I think he ends up sleeping it off at Jensen's house and there is an almost kiss (or maybe a kiss)

--When the J's get together, Jared takes Jensen to the lake he used to visit with his family all the time. They also stop at a diner and get Jared's favorite dessert.


FOUND: Keep Coming Around

Please tell me someone remembers this story!
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30 July 2012 @ 03:19 pm
I just read the amazing fic 'Something of Forever"-lunanium
I was wondering if anyone knew of any similar fics where one of J2 is hurt or in a coma and wakes up and the other has "moved on" and is dating someone else.
2.Where they break up and later when they see each other again one is dating someone else buy still loves the other.(maybe one is really jealous)
3.One is with someone else when they meet each other

Any of theses would be great. :)

~Thanks in advance
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02 July 2012 @ 01:14 am
I just read Can't Be Alright by surevesta --> http://surevesta.livejournal.com/171988.html
And I want to read more fics that are similar to that. J2 having to keep their relationship from the public because they're actors and maybe one having enough of hiding but the other still not wanting to come out. Or something involving J1's jealousy towards J2's fake public relationship. I hope I'm making sense.
I prefer happy endings but not necessary and I'm pretty open to a lot. Just no threesomes and no death fic please.

I'm also looking for a specific J2 fic where Jared first starts dating Chris. Jensen has had a crush on him for a while but doesn't tell Jared. It's Jared's first gay relationship and it's slightly dub-con between Chris and Jared. J2 end up together in the end and Jared forgives Chris but Jensen is still weary of him.

FOUND! In comments, thanks anon
21 May 2012 @ 12:50 am

Hi again ya'll! Just so you know, I AM looking around for stuff that fits this request myself, but I have hope that you guys won't mind helping me out a little anyway. What I am looking for is complete, first time J2 fics with hot sex and preferably long. The longer the better, in fact. I don't mind AUs but I'd also like to read stories of them as the actors they are, too. Here are some 'themes' I like to help you figure out what to rec me:

1) Knotting, the whole Alpha\Omega thing, Mpreg
2) Obsession, Possessiveness, Jealousy, and Protectiveness
3) Humor, Hurt\Comfort, Romance, Drama, and Hot Sex
4) Underage Sex but not with more than a seven year age difference between the couple
5) Powers, Magic, Creatures, etc.
6) Knifeplay and Bloodplay
7) Pretend Couple turn into real couple

That kind of stuff. Please help me out and give me some recs, guys! Thanks so much!

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12 May 2012 @ 11:51 pm
I need fics where something happenned between Dean/Jensen and Sam/Jared, where they break up mostly about something Sam/Jared did like cheating, lying, hidding stuff. Dean/Jensen take it very hard and run away from Sam/Jared and made a new life but Sam/Jared wants Dean/Jensen back and had to work very hard to get the trust back. Cookies if Sam/Jared gets either jealous or possesive :)

Others fics that i would love would be fics where Dean/Jensen are promised to someone else in a marriage or alliance or as mate. But Sam/Jared don't see it that way and decide to made him his.

thanks for anyone who can help me :)
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