It's been a while, so I'm a little sketchy on the details, but Dean is just a child (5-ish) when he meets Cas - I want to say Cas is his teacher, but maybe not. Dean is drawn to Cas right away and is super possessive, getting all growly when Cas shows interest in anyone else, even though he doesn't understand why yet, Cas knows right away that Dean is his mate, but puts it in his pocket for the moment because Dean is a kid. Mary and John both try to get to know him but John is all twitchy about a grown man perving on his son even though Cas refuses to make a move (no matter how much Dean wants him to as Dean goes through adolescence) until Dean's old enough.

Anybody know what I'm talking about? I'll be your best friend :)
Hello! I've recently read Credit in the Straight World, Outside By the Blue, Blue Moon, Brittle, Boy Falling Out of the Sky, The Air Moves In, Invisible Boy series... Basically if you can find it under Sam Winchester/OMC and it's lengthy on AO3, I probably have read it! I'd love more fics though, so I hope you can help!

1. Fics that have Sam exploring his sexuality with a male, with Dean finding out or walking in on it. Bonus for Dean getting super overprotective! Wincest preferred but I'll take gen too. I don't mind what age they are.
2. Hurt! Sam with comfort. Rape, violence, anything.
3. Sam with an eating disorder or self harming Sam.
4. Infantalism as a lifestyle. I'd prefer baby! Sam if that's possible. I've read SailorChibi's works on Ao3 for this too.
5. Protective/Possessive/Jealous! Dean.
6. Dean walking in on Sam getting off.

I'd love everything to end with a happy ending! No death fics, please. I'm looking for Wincest only, no other pairings. I don't mind if it starts out as another pairing as long as it ends in Wincest. I'll take gen too. Thanks so much in advance :D
03 March 2017 @ 11:53 pm
Hello all!

I read a fic years back and I absolutely loved it but, like a numpty, I then lost it and havent been able to find it since. Im a little hazy on the exact story but I remember it was an AU where the boys weren't related. Dean and Sam had to marry (not entirely sure why) and Dean hated Sam because he thought Sam was only in it for the money - 'cause Dean was loaded - had a mansion and everything. But Sam actually did like Dean at first. After years of being unhappily married, Sam asks Dean for a divorce but Dean refuses. Bobby is furious at Dean over this but Dean suddenly decides he wants to make things work with Sam. Does anyone know this fic? Thanks. =D
I'm searching for destiel werewolf/wereshifter stories, where dean is a werewolf and a leader of a pack and he meets cas his mate, who is a werewolf or a werecat or generally a wereshifter, and they deal with their relationship and the threats that put in danger both the couple and the pack. Bonus poins if there is possesive!dean. I was searching all over the net for some good stories like that but didnt find any. Any suggestions?
25 February 2016 @ 02:34 pm
1. I read this awhile ago but can't remember where.

2. Sam and Dean are super possessive of each other. There the only one for one another. Dean will do anything for Sam.

3. They run away young. I know dean kills and they live in an abandoned building for awhile.

4. I know dean tries to provide for Sam by killing people.

5. I remember Bobby or Crowley I forget. He comes in the building with an offer for them to work for him.

6. They follow him to his base and his assistant (?) thinks Sam is easy prey.

7. Sam turns him into his pet.

8. Sam and dean are trained and become dangerous Assasins/Hitmen.(World Class)

9. Sam makes friends (?) with the bomb specialist.

Pretty much all I remember. Looking for it.
22 January 2016 @ 12:38 am
A while ago i read a fic where Dean was the alpha of a werewolf pack that I know included a lot of characters like Sam and Gabriel and Jo. There was 2 parts on Ao3 but they werent part of a series.
I one part Cas was pregnant and wanted to go out but Dean and the pack kept telling him it wasnt a good idea for a pregnant omega to leave but Cas ends up sneaking out anyway and gets cornered.
The alphas? That corner him recognized Deans scent and get spooked because theyre afraid on him and then Dean comes and rescues Cas but is seriously pissed off and they return home with Dean covered in blood, for which the pack freaks out.
Please someone help! Ive been searching for this fix for months with no luck!
Hello and Happy New Year :) !

I'm looking for recommendations for your favourite non-au Destiel fics and audiofics.

For some reason in the past few days I couldn't stop thinking about how Supernatural is going to end at some point and how sad that is going to be. It has been a part of my life for so long, especially while so much else has changed and in some ways it even had an impact on my life (for example it really helped me with my English). Hope, I'm not sounding too crazy, but if anyone would understand it's probably you ;). Anyways, since I've been feeling a bit down lately I would love to read some really good fan fiction, the kind that is so well written that you can just get lost in it.

Here's a list of some things I'm looking for (but I'm happy with anything :), also other pairings, for example Dean/Crowley):

- Destiel
- long fics with slow-burn romance / UST (I love fics where they for some reason have to be closer to each other, for example sleep in the same bed, and then realise that they have feelings for the other)
- preferably non-au
- Happy Endings (Don't mind angst etc. in the fic, as long as the ending is happy)
- Smut :)
- I would also love to read a fic that is set in season 11
- audiofics
- human Castiel
- One or both are jealous/possessive, possibly before realising why
- something made them do it (sex pollen, fuck-or-die etc.)

Thank you :)
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01 November 2015 @ 10:47 pm
Hi everyone,

I'm looking for completed Sam/Dean or J2 stories where the boys are already in an established relationship, and Sam (or Jared) is hurt, ill, attacked, kidnapped or in danger somehow. Protective Dean (or Jensen) is a must, as are happy endings.

Please? Many many thanks in advance.
06 July 2015 @ 01:20 pm
Hi! I'm looking for 2 specific Omega!Cas-Preg fics (Destiel)

1. Cas is pregnant but afraid of telling his Alpha-mate/pack leader Dean. Cas is bruising easily (which only happens if the Omega is vulnerable to another Alpha and/or pregnant). Beta Sam figures it out bcoz Cas smells like he's in heat. Dean finds them both in the kitchen when Sam is sniffing Cas' neck, thinks they're having an affair, shifts into a wolf and attacks Sam. Cas also shifts into a small black wolf to save Sam and gets hit on the stomach. That's how Dean finds out he's going to be a dad. Happy Ending.

2. Cas is pregnant but doesn't want to tell Dean coz he thinks Dean doesn't want the kid (yes, it's a pattern, I know!). He tells Benny, who accompanies him to the Ob/Gyn. Dean somehow finds out and Cas confesses he's thinking of moving in with Benny until and after kid is born. Later he finds Dean crying bcoz Dean thinks Cas doesn't want him around their baby and Cas confesses that he thought Dean didn't want it. Happy Ending.

Both these were on AO3, tagged under Mpreg and/or Omega Cas, but for the past 3-4 months they seem to have been lost (at least I can't find them). Does anyone know if they've been moved/deleted or I'm looking under the wrong tags.

Please and thanks in advance :)
Hello lovelies!

Thank you so much for the past help! I was wondering if you could help me again, but this time, I'm searching for a possessive and overly protective Demon!Dean. I want him to be crazy about protecting Sam and keeping him to himself. I'd like for it to be wincest, but gen is okay too! The more protective and possessive the better! Thank you so much in advance!
08 May 2015 @ 08:35 am
Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a specific fic that's wincest and teenchesters. Sam had to go to a prep school because of a case and they were staying in the headmasters pool house, I think his name was Gary. Kids at the prep school were using sex magic to get what they want and some things happen and Dean has to end up enrolling in the school and he and Sam end up having to pretend to be boyfriends and both seem really ok with that :) that's as far as I got before I lost it, thank you so much for your help in advance! Oh and Dean had to wear a kilt to school
Hello again!

So I've read a lot of J2 stalking fics, but I was wondering if there were any for wincest? I'm particularly looking for fics where one of the boys kidnaps the object of his fascination, but if that's not available, just regular staking fics are fine.

I'm also looking for fics where one of the boys is darkly possessive over the other. I don't mind if it's gen or wincest, just fics where Sam or Dean have a twisted sense of love for the other and would do anything to 'protect the other' (yes, I've read the suite verse and I've also read unhobittiyhobbit's fics. Anything else besides that?)

Thank you! :)
Hello again my lovelies!

You have all been so helpful to me in the past, so I was hoping you'd be able to help once more! I searched everywhere but couldn't find the fic I am looking for. I believe it was (or had tones of) Sam/Dean (but it had Sam/Jess in there too). Sam ran away from home to go to Stanford after years of living with a possessive and overprotective Dean and John. They literally killed for Sam (even though he was horrified). At one point they find him at Stanford and guilt Sam while attacking Jess much to Sam's dismay. He knows that if he hurts himself, they'll stop because they only care about him, and he uses it to his advantage at one point.

Thank you so much in advance!!
Good Afternoon All,

Once again I hope you all can help me in locating any and all fics with a
Dominant possessive Jensen or Dean in a relationship with Jared or Sam.

Please only Bottom Jared or Sam in the relationship.

Apparently there are not a lot of these I am hoping you all come thru and maybe some newer fics? I think I almost read everything there is.

Thank you and wishing you love, light and luck <3
Hey, all! So I'm looking for two specific fics:

1. Dean Kidnaps Sam from Stanford. It has something to do with Sam's father. Dean eventually grows to like Sam. Sam likes astronomy. Dean's boss tells him to kill Sam, but he refuses. The boss' men show up to finish the job themselves. Sam runs into the woods and gets hypothermia. Maybe Dean gets hurt, but I know he retrieves Sam from the woods. Anyway, this fic (or heck, any fics where Dean/Jensen kidnaps Sam/Jared) would be much appreciated. Resue and Redemption.

2. I'm also looking for a mafia fic where Jensen or Dean (I think it was Dean) was quite a jerk. It's not the wonderful, amazing Red Like Blood in Veins of Blue, but another fic sorta like it. Sam is pregnant and he runs away, but Dean finds him and drags him back into the mafia life. It's a dark, disturbing fic. I've just forgotten the name of it. Dark Love and Love in the Dark.

Thanks, all!
27 January 2015 @ 09:32 am
Hey just saw "emily_ani" request for a certain a/b/o fic about Alpha Jared being turn into an Omega by Alpha Jensen and it was found it was called

"A Soul that's Tasted Death" by kinkyheels in AO3.

This was such a delicious read I was wondering were there any other like this one? Jared/Sam being originally an Alpha and then being turn into an Omega or beta? It could be by Jensen/Dean or higher elders or anything else.

Just as long its Jared/Sam being turned.

Hi All,
This story was request last year and it was found, unfortunately, I forgot to save it. I can't remember the title or author. I just remember a certain scene playing out so I hope it is enough information. Here goes:

I can't remember if Sam is suffering from Stockholm symdrome or is just really mentally unstable ( gone crazy) because of Dean.

I can't remember if Dean was a Ware or Serial Killer? I do remember he was wanted by the FBI and he was #1 most wanted in the nation. He was dangerously really good at killing and evading the authorities.

I do remember that the Feds either arrived at where they knew Dean was staying at but the found Sam there instead (I don't remember if he was bound or lock in the basement?). Well they took him in to the closest precinct to question him/interrogate him? I remember that Sam was either really terrified and wanted to get back or he was totally crazy and ranting? I do remember him looking at the Fed/Cop and saying " The wolf is coming, you should't have taken his cub?" I do remember all hell brakes lose in the Precinct after Sam said that or maybe a bit later?

Does this ring a bell to any one? Would really love to read again.
Thank you Guys for all your help.
26 December 2014 @ 08:28 pm
Hello! Merry Christmas everyone!

Today I'm looking for something which is asked a lot but I've never actually seen a proper response for. I'm looking for Wincest or Destiel fics where one of the boys is really possessive over their partner. And I don't mean the regular kind of possessiveness, I meant really possessive. You know the whole 'Grrr, he's mine and mine alone, you touch him and your dead!'

I have of course read all of Leonadislion's works (because who hasn't?), and Fleshflutter's. Is there anything else besides that though? Particularly Destiel because I haven't read much of that.
Hi All,
once again looking for certain fics with kind of the same theme. I am looking for any DARK DEAN stories where Dean's usual "take care of Sam/Protect Sam" mind-set is way over the top or over done. Like even though Sam's a teen or adult he never lets him out of his sight and does not allow him to do anything for himself, it a twisted psychological trick to keep Sam 100% co-dependent on him and unsure of himself or insecure, basically keeps him as a child mindset on purpose. So he can rely on Dean and only Dean.

John could be in it or Dean could have murder John to keep Sam to himself.

Best example is by writer "T.V program rule" Title: "Escape Rewritten" in FanFiction "" (I don't know how to make the link work form here)

So if any ya'll know of any Dark Dean fic (Seriously not enough out there)where he does not want to hurt Sammy , just be 100% possessive/obsessive of all his thoughts, actions and feelings-

Sammy could be fighting it at first but always caves in, in the end, because he still has that soul mate bond with his brother "Needing Dean" "Can't live without him" feelings.

So if you have any favorite Dark Dean with this similar theme please rec to me? PRETTY PLEASE, coming up on a long holiday weekend and would love to read something at home
OH yeah it could be GEN or WINCEST
Sorry guys, I know I'm being really demanding, but I saw this old request which wasn't succesful and I was wondering if anyone has any fics like this since recently (and besides, the last request was  for my friend!)

It's basically what the title says. Are there any fics where one character smothers the other with love, in an effort to make him happy? Maybe piling him with presents and showering affection on him, treating him like he's something precious..basically suffocating him with love. Any stories where that character is darkly possessive over the other? (not a must though)
Really though I don't care about the premises and the how's and the why's, so long as it's within these lines. It can be as dark or as light as you want.

Please help me anyone?
26 November 2014 @ 04:46 am
Hello again loves,

I was wondering if any of you happened to know of any possessive Demon!Dean fics? It can include MoC Dean as well! I prefer wincest (or even Jensen/Jared if Jensen is possessive and seemingly strong) and I would love to see Demon!Dean being possessive over Sam, constantly keeping an eye on him or going nuts when someone takes or hurts him.

Bonus to anyone who can find a fic where Sam gives in to the new Demon!Dean and Dean is willing to take down hunters or even John. BAMF!Dean is a huge plus!!

Thank you all so much in advance! Happy Holidays! (:
20 November 2014 @ 12:04 pm
Hi all,
Hope you can help me find Top Dean and Top Jensen
if you can rec me any and all Dominant,Possessive, fierce, strong, jealous Dean and Jensen.
These are really hard to find?

Also are there any where Dean dominates in the bedroom with soulless Sam? Soulless Sam can be his arrogant asshole self while they hunt but when they get back to the motel. Dean remind him who's in charge? Maybe some forced BDSM on soulless Sam. He hates it, but does as he's told by Dean because he learned the hard way, what would happen if he doesn't listen. But he does enjoy the reward that Dean gives him for being good.Mind blowing sex.

So yeah any help with these searches will be greatly appreciated!
Mods: I'm not sure how to tag this. I included everything which I thought was needed, but feel free to add or remove anything! (I'm not sure if I should have included the possessive!boys tags)

Lets try this again

I've been a supernatural and a wincest fan for years, and I've read pretty much every fic out there. But what I love the most when it comes to wincest fics is the focus on the boys relationship as opposed to the sex. Fics, that deal with the unconditional love between the boys and the fact that they would do ANYTHING for each other. Fics that make you want to cry because you can feel the love pouring off the pages.
That's what I'm looking for today. I would like if you could rec me any fics (wincest fics, NOT gen), that deal with the complexities of the boys relationship, and the fact that they would do anything for each other. Fics that show how far the brothers would go to protect or save the other. Fics that are achingly sad and sweet at the same time (but that's not a must). Basically, any fic that has the brothers so wrapped up in each other that they can't see a future for themselves without the other.

Alternatively, I'll accept dark fics in that category too (because I know it can easily slip into that category with what I'm asking for. Creepy, mine, mine, MINE, you mess with him and you're dead fics?).
(However I AM looking for more normal fics... (that's not to say to lay off the dark!fics, just that it's not my first preference)) anyone?
Hey everyone!

So I have two searches today

1) I've started reading Destiel recently and I was reading this fic: Angels of a feather and this fill on the Spn kink meme and I was wondering if there were any similar fics to that. Fics where Dean manifests wings and ends up displaying in submissive ways to Cas who's a dominant angel, showing his interest as a mate who tries to fight it at first, but ends up claiming him anyway. Or even the other way around, with Dean showing dominant displays and Cas being a submissive angel.
Basically, I just really want to read any stories with a growly, possessive Cas (or Dean) who sees the other as HIS and gets all jealous and possessive any time someone looks their mates way and so sets out to claim them (wing!kink, grace!sex, angelic bonding?) so everyone will know who they belong too ^^

2) I was also wondering if you guys could rec me your favourite priest!recs please. I don't mean stories where the boys just dress up as priests and they end up getting down and dirty ;). I meant fics where both the boys, or one of them, are ACTUALLY priests, and the other sets out to woo them or seduce them away from the church.
Fics I've already read: Waterstains by Leonidaslion, A Thing for Collars by Phantisma, Have you seen him whom him who my soul loves (J2) by [ profile] veronamay, Forgive me Father by [ profile] kiraynn. I have also checked out all the recs at J2 recs.


Thanks guys! :)
21 July 2014 @ 11:28 am
The first fic I'm looking for is a Wincest fic. I think it's a comment fic. John found out that Sam is going to Stanford and decides that Sam needs to be brought under control, his control, under his collar. Sam is rather disturbed by this, and Dean is all "Hell no, Sam is mine!" and tells John he knew about Sam leaving and that Sam had Dean's permission to go since Dean was going with him.

The second one was a J2 fic, this one was a longer fic, but my memories are vaguer. They're in some sort of containment center, though Jared's section includes an area outdoors. Jensen ends up in Jared's area because some of the other inmates dumped him there, I think. I know that Jared is feral and someone, the government maybe, is using him as an assassin. Jared latches onto Jensen and everyone is surprised that Jared doesn't kill him. I *think* they have sex, but I'm not sure. Jensen ends up becoming a stabilizing influence on Jared, I think through a mental bond? And then they both end up escaping. That's not quite the end but I don't remember what happens after that. Also, I have read Feral by riyku and while it is a bit similar it is not the fic I'm looking for.
-FOUND! Link is in the comments.

Do either of these fics sound familiar?
Hello there!!!

Looking for two specific fic's.

The 1st one (from what I remember) Dean is turned into a Vampire and he hunts down Sam (who ran away the night he found out Dean turned.) and kill's people that look like Sam. Two scene's that stick to mind.

* Dean Kills Bobby right in-front of Sam by shooting him in the head and he then phones Sam right after.
* Dean finally get's Sam and turns him too near the end of the fic.

The demon Dean story was John had left Sam with Father Jim (I think that's his name) to hide Sam from Dean and Sam became like a priest in training or something.

* Sam finds Jim dead, killed by Dean who want's his bother back.
* Demon Dean imply s he killed John.

* ALSO any other story's like this Dean is evil but still loves/wants Sammy by his side would be awesome.
20 May 2014 @ 01:08 am
So from what I remember Dean was a single Alpha living in a big home, he doesn't socialize much, if at all, and from some reason he goes looking to buy a beta or omega [I don't remember which] for a pet, as is common in this 'verse. Anyway he goes to a dealer, picks out Sam, the dealer is reluctant to sell [Sam comes from a renowned breeder but he got reached the age where the breeders get rid of them because they're 'too old' and he doesn't think he'd be a good fit or something along those lines] but Dean makes him. Dean has a butler or something similar who warns him that he's treating Sam too roughly, that Sam was breed mainly to be beautiful, and to be showed off and cannot handle being treated like a sex slave. Dean collars Sam, has a shed out back where he send him when he messes up and such. Also, I think in the beginning Sam has trouble talking, either because he can't or because he has been trained not to. I also think Sam walks on all fours, because of his pet nature, and Dean I think makes Sam get his junk pierced. *fic found*
Well, yeah, it's me again with hurt!dean :)) And this time I'm looking for things like:

1. Sam and/or John use Dean as bait. Bonus point if it's because of Dean's appearance. Dean might get hurt or not.
2. Dean dating both Sam and John. Not threesome because Dean hid it from them.
3. Sam learns about John/Dean. I have already read Surrogate verse.
4. Dean stands up against John for Sam. This can lead to John abuse Dean or not. But please no hurt!sam and abused!sam of any kind.
5. Sam realizes how self-sacrifice Dean is. Bonus point if Sam found out Dean had been sacrificing for him when he was a kid (like giving food - examples, taking punishment - example ect) and feel guilty.
6. teen!chester with annoying, selfish Sam and hurt!dean, bonus point if no one cares.

Thank you :x Gen, Wincest and Daddycest are accepted.
Please no abused!sam of any kind.
I'm looking for a fic that went AU during the pilot if I remember correctly. During the first season at least.
The demon comes for them in a motel (with ugly flowers on the wallpaper that are creeping them out, which is an odd detail to remember...). Sam bonds himself to Dean with a ritual that just comes to him out of the blue. It makes him Dean's, means he has to obey his orders. He tries to hide that from Dean for a while, who is not thrilled when he finds out. The bond can somehow differentiate between suggestions and real orders, and also means the demon can't have him, because he already belongs to Dean.
02 March 2014 @ 02:29 pm
So I was reading "To Make His Children Happy" by Hellesofbelles but I could not figure out how to read the second part. Has it been deleted or linked incorrectly? I'd love to read the rest of the story if anyone could help me.

I've also been on an Alpha/Beta/Omega kick lately so I'd love some Wincest/J2 recs with botttom!Sam/Jared only and maybe some possessive Dean/Jensen (mpreg/underage doesn't matter).

15 January 2014 @ 01:06 am
Hiya everyone! I'm looking for a fic I read a looonnng time ago when I first discovered Supernatural and fanfiction, I can't find it ANYWHERE! Anyway Sam and Dean were mutants and they went to Xavier's school and it had wincest in it. I'm pretty sure Sam was telekinetic and or telepathic and Dean was some kind of feral/animal mutant. Thats basically all I can remember for now, they might have been evil or dark, I'm not sure, it could have been either that or they were protecting each other, I think they were possessive of each other also. Leave a comment if you need any more details, I may remember more later. PLZ AND THX!
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Hi friends!!
Can you please rec me some awesome Destiel  fics which have jealous/possessive Castiel or jealous/ possessive Dean in them? I don't mind if they are top Dean or top Cas. I have read a few but definitely want to read more. Any fics are welcome as long as they have a happy ending.

No underage or non-consensual fics please.

Thanx a million in advance
01 December 2013 @ 09:48 pm
Hi Storyfinders,

A few years ago I read a story about Sam somehow getting turned into a girl by a curse. More details (possibly story spoilers) under the cut. I could be wrong on a few things but I'm sure you guys and gals will find it anyway! =)

Read more... )

27 October 2013 @ 01:56 pm
I'm looking for any fics similar to the concept introduced in the Season Eight episode "Trial and Error." I want to see a fic with Dean as a witch and Castiel as his familiar. Anything Destiel is good, don't really have a preference for the tone. I do like fics where there is a good bit of angst before the happy ever after ending. I like longer fics, but any length fic is good for this story. I love jealousy/possessive Dean and Dean as top, though I'm good with switch top as well.
13 October 2013 @ 03:27 pm
Hi guys! I'm looking for a few types of fics:

1. Fics about Sam and Dean having some sort of empathic or telepathic connection.

2. Fics where Dean is very possessive/overprotective of Sam and it scares Sam.

3. Fics where the boys are one soul in two bodies/soulmates.

4. Fics where Dean abuses Sam mentally, emotionally, or physically. Whether he realizes what he's doing is awful and stops or not doesn't matter.

I've read a lot of fanfiction in my day (*waves cane*), so I'm hoping to find something I haven't already read.

Gen only for all of these, please. Thanks!
25 July 2013 @ 10:17 pm
So, every time I read the Wolfpack series by [ profile] tabaqui, I ALWAYS want fics like that. Fics where the Winchesters(the entire family) is a bit more dark, a bit more wild, a bit more feral and scary. I LOVE those. It also makes me want fics where John actively encourages Wincest(or, at the very least doesn't discourage it), which I imagine mostly would only show up in the fics that are a bit more dark/wild. So, rec me those fics. Rec me fics where John encourages Wincest(though he doesn't force the boys to do anything. and warning please if the Wincest isn't just between the boys), this is what I mainly wanted when I started writing this(but I love my dark boys, so love those fics as well). Rec me fics where all 3 Winchesters are a bit(or a lot. I'm totally fine if they're a lot) more dark/wild/feral/scary. I imagine, with the way I want the family to be, Sam wouldn't want to leave to go to Stanford. The boys would be possessive over each other, but still extremely charasmatic(especially if they have no problem killing humans, or like killing humans). Pre-series being shown is prefered, but any season is fine. If you've read the Wolfpack series(which, if you haven't I totally suggest you do) really, just fics like that would be AWESOME. Please though, give me warnings on stuff.

Also, totally fine on AU stuff where they're not hunters, though, I don't see John as encouraging Wincest if they grew up normal....
28 June 2013 @ 11:44 am
its a pretty lengthy fic where Dean and Sam is a d/s relationship but Dean goes overboard with Sam. Like Sam did not want Bobby to know about this type of their relationship. If i remember correctly, Dean broke that trust and somehow Bobby found out about it. Dean was also progressively getting more violent. I think the readers found out that there was something that caused Dean to go this far. Thanks for your time~

Found!- Fic under comments Author:flutternutter
05 June 2013 @ 03:20 pm
01. Any fics where Sam comes out as gay/bisexual to his brother and father? Any reaction is fine, and I'm all for wincest or Sam/omc etc.

02. Alpha/beta/omega fics with Sam or Jared as an omega - I'm always on the look out for these! Knotting and mpreg are a bonus!

03. Any fics where Jared/Jensen/Sam/Dean are bikers? There's not enough on these, and since I'm working on a biker!verse of my own I thought I'd see what you guys can turn up! Bottom!sam/jared only please.

04. Any slutty!Sam fics? Can be girl!sam, but I'd love to see a version of him where he loves getting fucked. Would be awesome if Dean found out about it and there was eventual wincest, but I'd take anything where bottom!sam is a little bit of a slut. Underage is fine. Bonus for him getting off on rough sex and being manhandled. Dubcon elements are fine. Will also be happy to receive slutty!Jared recs :)

05. Possessive Dean/Jensen. I seriously can't get enough of these, so please rec your favourites!

06. Hurt/sick Sam or Jared. Would particularly love something where Sam/Jared finds out that they have a serious illness and tries to hide it from Dean/Jensen. I think I've read most of these, but I'm desperate to turn up some new ones!

07. Sam with a medical assistance dog of some kind? Would also love ones where Jared has a dog for this reason, but Sam ones are hard to find and I'd really appreciate people tossing a few my way. Doesn't matter if it's for an emotional/psychological reason (such as ptsd) or physical.

08. Fics where Jared/Jensen or Sam/Dean meet in college?

09. Fics where Sam/Jared thinks he's worthless, or has low self esteem? Or has an eating disorder?

I think that's all for now, but I'll likely be back with a few more requests soon enough! Thanks in advance to anyone who helps!
Hi Friends!
I need your help again and I hope you can help me.

1) SPECIFIC ALPHA DEAN FIC- I read a specific alpha Dean story long ago. It was awesome but I have lost it.

Here's what I remember about the story.

(i) Sam discovers that he is not an alpha like his father and brother and leaves under the mistaken assumption that they are disappointed with him.

(ii) He also loves Dean but is too scared to tell him.

(iii) Sam arrives at Stanford and lives with his good friend Jess who is a beta and extremely protective of Sam.

(iv) Sam was sexually harassed by alphas in the campus during his heat.

(v) Dean arrives at Stanford, drives off the alphas and claims Sam as his mate.

(vi) John learns about them and is supportive.

(vii) The fic has mpreg Sam.

(Viii) The story is part of a verse.

Can you please help me locate it?

FOUND - SAFE AND SOUND by [ profile] hellesofbelles THANK YOU [ profile] vinylreckoning!!

2) ALPHA DEAN/BETA OR OMEGA SAM RECS - Can you rec me your favorite alpha Dean and beta/omega Sam fics? Any story is welcome as long as it has possessive alpha Dean claiming or wanting Beta/Omega Sam as his mate. Fics where Sam discovers himself as an omega or beta and falls for his alpha brother is welcome too.No non-con or extreme underage fics please.

Thanks you so much:))
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19 May 2013 @ 12:07 pm
Read more... Some inappropriate details )
I remember reading a long wincest fic, it was in season 5, and ruby was still alive. Dean and Sam were at odds. Sam found a D/s store and bought a beginners bag. He gave it to Dean and told Dean to think about it. Dean called Sam on the phone and told him to lie on the bed with the lights off. Sam did. and Dean put the collar on Sam, and said it starts when Dean says, and ends when Dean says. Dean tied Sam up and "whipped" him and Sam got hard. and after a little while they had really hot, rough sex. Then Dean felt really guilty and took the collar off Sam. Sam was sad, Dean said they needed some time apart, but Sam didn't leave the town. Dean and Sam were crying a lot. After a couple days or so they got back together and had more sex. ;) around there they captured, tortured and killed Ruby. There is a scene in a diner, Sam isn't aloud to talk, and Dean feeds him. Sam is tied up. then they stopped the apocalypse, and Dean and Sam were going to ask to marry each other or something... I think thats all the details i can remember. it was on lj and it was bottom!Sam thanks!
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14 May 2013 @ 03:32 am

I am in the mood to read some good cliche fic - please rec me some, I'd really, really appreciate it. I'm feelin' kinda desperate (it's pathetic how my entire life revolves around fan fiction, but oh well). Anyway, I'd like complete fics or wips that are updated regularly. I'd prefer an NC-17 rating, but R is okay and if the fic is REALLY good I don't care what the rating is. I'd like long stories, but short are cool too - just please nothing with less than 2,000 words. Now for the cliches I'm askin' for (oh - first time Dean/Sam with happy endings only please):

Cut for a few spoilers for seasons 7 and 8 ... )

Okay, I got carried away and not all of my requests are cliches, but lately whenever I post here I hardly get any replies so I thought if I asked for a variety of stuff I'd get more recs (crosses fingers). Please keep in mind that not every little detail I put in this request has to be followed - I'm kind of OCD about details and can't help it - I just wanted to give ya'll a good idea of the stuff I like to read. Well, PLEASE give me recs! Thanks, ya'll! *HUGS* (prays for recs)

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07 April 2013 @ 07:53 pm
I saw a really interesting picture on tumblr, which I can't find. But its basically a story of Mafiaboss Dean owning the city and I guess fell for a HookerSam. Sam still goes out and does his job to earn his money but Dean's all jealous/possessive and stated since he owns the city, he owns Sam too. So i was wondering if there are any fics that fits the genre.

1.Mafiaboss Dean/Jensen-jealous/possessive
2. Hooker Sam/Dean

J2 and wincest is great. No destiel please. I did read a fic called Blood Brothers where MafiaDean was hunting Sam down for running away to Stanford and away from the "family business".Police agents was trying to get Sam to betray that family. Just to let you know that I read that fic already.
Blood brothers:
21 March 2013 @ 11:16 pm
Hi I'm looking for some fics where
1. Dean intentionally being mean to Sam or hurt him (emotionally/physically ect)but didn't realize or expect it to do that much damage (maybe Sam already feels the cracks and pressure/guilt, and what Dean said literally broke him)

2. Similar to number one request but more of a sexual nature. Read more )

Wincest or J2 with Sam/Jared as bottom or really good Genfic(for number 1)
14 March 2013 @ 09:49 pm
I've noticed there are a lot of fics dealing with Sam hooking up with men or even working as a hooker and Dean getting possessive/jealous/protective and while I don't have anything against this type of story I'm looking for an unusual spin on it: Anything where Sam sleeps with a woman and Dean reacts in any way unnormal - i.e not slapping Sam on the back and a "You sly dog, Sammy."

Be it Sam sleeping with women (a lot), Sam being abused by a woman (interesting topic), Sam working as a hooker for women or Sam getting a girlfriend and Dean worrying about his little brother, anything goes. (Maybe even Sam in a D/s relationship with a woman - don't think I've ever read something like this...) For this kinda story I'd prefer bottom!Sam but anything else is fine too. Wincest or Gen, just rec anything that comes to mind.

Thanks a lot!
28 February 2013 @ 07:54 pm
Hiya guys, so I'm looking for stories where Dean is evil (or a demon) and wants to control and own Sam and keep him safe even if Sam doesn't want him to. Preferably wincest but gen is great too. (Only Bottom Sam in wincest please) Bonus if Sam ends up completely dependant on Dean; really eager to please, ultra obedient etc. No Dark!Sam though please unless he's been mentally deaged/damaged by it all or something like that and doesn't realise it's wrong.
Thanks in advance!!
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22 February 2013 @ 10:45 pm
There was a story i read months ago. It had dark, demonic, possessive, top dean. Who tortured sam into needing/agreeing with him. Sam became childlike in his attitude, did not care that dean killed and tortured people, and he drew pictures in the blood. Had control over his powers, (a man who walked into the bar dean was having his fun in, was let go cause sam called him an innocent). Possible wincest, and i believe this was a series of oneshots, or just a chapter fic (about 4 parts maybe more added). Does anyone remember/know this story.