05 September 2017 @ 06:48 pm
Hi everyone, looking for 2 fics I read a few weeks ago on archive of our own.

The first one, Sam and dean find cas being tortured by some guy. The guy has carved Enochian sigils on cas so his wings manifest physically against his will and can be seen.
Cas keeps freaking out when brothers have to or accidentally touch his wings. He compares his wings being forced to manifest and then touched/seen without his permission was like rape. Sam and dean look after him and Eventually becomes okay with dean touching his wings. May have been gen or Destiel.

The second fic has cas suddenly appearing in the bunker. Sam and dean have to go through cas's important memory to keep him alive. They are able to feel cas emotions and find out how much he cared/admired them for the start.
One example I remember was them realising when cas first met Sam and called him boy with demon blood he actually didn't mean to be offensive he was actually happy to meet Sam and greatly admired him.
03 September 2017 @ 11:34 pm
I folks! I was wondering if there are Sam-centric fanfics dealing with Lucifer in season 11 and 12.

I mean, I think those seasons had a lot of wasted potential and didn't deal well with Sam facing again his torturer. And also how it was so easy to built another vessel for him.

I want fanfics of season11-12 with Sam afraid of Lucifer, dealing with the trauma, maybe Lucifer playing with him, trying to manipulate him of trying to convince to be his vessel. I read a lot like that from season 5 (and I love them), but now I want them from seasons 11-12.

I don't care about pairings (except no Sam/Lucifer, unless it's non-consensual) but I want the characters to be well written and in-character. Bonus for protective!Dean.
I have no idea if I'm making any sense but thank you in advance!!
28 August 2017 @ 09:49 pm
I'm looking for a story where dean has died and is an angel, and sam is slowly dying. I think he has brain injuries but he carries on hunting. Dean takes a vessel and tries to help. Sam takes a hunt where he has to confront a son he didn't know he had with ruby. The son had killed ruby by the time sam gets there and I think the final confrontation is in the kitchen.

Cheers in advance!!! ❤❤❤
15 August 2017 @ 07:30 pm
I am looking for two pretty general searches and one more specific fic.

1. Stories where Sam learns how much Dean has done and hoe much he has underestimated him and tsken him for granted. Fics where Dean has worked to the bone and parented Sam. Maybe went hungry and got sick ignoring his own needs. Hunger, exhaustion, ignoring injuries, etc.

2. Stories where Dean has a child and raises him/her and Sam realizes that Dean is an awesome parent because he already did it once.

3. Specific search - I dont remember much, but Dean had a daughter and was going to sueprise Sam at Stanford, but stopped at a cafe for cookies (I think). Sam was there with his friends and they spent time belittling he guy with the whiny kid.

Thanks! <3
03 August 2017 @ 06:26 pm
Hi all,

I've been a little short on fics lately so I'd love some recs from you lovely finders. I have a few parameters I'd like met, but anything similar should make me pleased as punch. Thank you in advance for any links y'all provide.

Things that are key:
Wincest or pre-slash gen (so it feels pretty gay)
Bottom!Sam only, please!
Not only PWP--some plot required

Things that I'd prefer:
Early seasons (1-3) or Kripke-Gamble era (6&7)
Hurt!Sam, either physically, mentally, or both (I'm a big fan of post Cage!Sam, kidnapped!Sam, depressed/suicidal/self harming!Sam, insecure!Sam)
Case fics are great, or at least something non-AU (so it has to deal with hunting or life on the road or the season plot arc)
Sexual tension is SOOO GOOOOD. I especially love fucked up!Chesters? Like their love isn't all floofy and cheesy? They'd kill for each other in a heartbeat, or they suck at communicating and fuck away their problems lol (it feels realistic to me when they know they share something but can't really touch on it at first, like in West Verse)
At least a hint of dark topics or spooky things
I like when Sam's powerbottomy or a lil slutty

So I know this is a really disjointed list haha but I've definitely read fics that fit the bill! I mentioned West Verse, there's also Play It Again, Sam, and Dictionary for a Dead Language... just to name a few I've read and loved.

Thank you again! Have a lovely week!

02 August 2017 @ 09:46 pm

I'm looking for Sam/Dean stories where the boys are already in an established relationship, and someone (or something) hurts, attacks, wounds, kidnaps, tries to kill or targets Sam somehow, for whatever reason. The angstier the better; protective Dean to the rescue will make my week. I'll take first time wincest stories as well, but I'm really hoping to find stories where the boys are already together when bad things happen to Sam.

My only other requests are no death fics, and no WIPs. Oh, happy endings are a must for this one.

Many many thanks in advance.
29 July 2017 @ 05:02 pm
Hi everyone!
I'm looking for a fic I've read before, and I'm pretty sure it was on here? Maybe.
It's set around the whole leviathan era I believe, in a kind of post apocalyptic setting. The main things/scenes I remember are:
1) I think in the beginning Dean takes Sam to a cabin somewhere (Dean has a broken leg) and Sam is practically comatose. It takes a long time for him to start speaking.
2)Sam has really bad nightmares and the only thing Dean can find to stop them is some sigil he carves into Sam's back with a knife. He does this at least twice throughout the story.
3) At some point they get invited to join this group of survivors/hunters and eventually help train them. They also help plan an attack on the leviathans.
4) Sam mostly uses knives because he feels more in control.
5) Walt and Roy make an appearance.
6) The boys are completely bamf. Most people are terrified of them and think of them as "legendary" and I think for awhile they hide their real names because of it.
7) Towards the end the boys have a fight. They're extremely codependent.

I've been looking for this fix for awhile, so any help finding it is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
14 July 2017 @ 04:58 am
I was hoping you guys would be able to help me find a fic I read a few years ago.

It was an spn/American Idol crossover, set in a world where the supernatural isn't real, and where Sam and Dean both sign up for American Idol. With several other spn chars participating as well.
And it turns out that Dean had to have John institutionalized because he became a threat to Sam.

Anyone know where to find it?
25 June 2017 @ 04:56 pm
Hi guys,

I'm looking for a specific fic that I think I read on AO3.

Sam is kidnapped by a Trickster (I think he was called Jeremy) and when Dean finds him he gets captured too. The trickster wants them to have sex for his amusement, and wants Dean to dominate Sam. I vaguely remember something about him giving them dom/sub handbooks and not allowing Sam to wear any clothes. I also think he may have drugged Sam to make him more cooperative, and whenever Dean doesn't obey he rapes Sam himself. In the end Bobby finds them and rescues them.

Any help would be much appreciated :)
01 June 2017 @ 11:57 pm

I've got a hankering for fics where Dean takes Sammy & they successfuly get away from John. I've read the <a href="http://cazadoretx.livejournal.com/1018.html">Different Roads AU</a>series (Totally awesome), also a couple of others years ago that I can't really remember much of.

Anyone got any god recs along this line?

I've been looking for a story I read awhile back that I can't find anymore. I believe it takes place in Season 4. Sam is having back spasms/cramps from his injury from Jake, but because the brother's relationship is strained, he doesn't want to tell Dean about it. Sam doesn't get out of bed in the morning (because he can't), and at first Dean thinks he's just being lazy. But he eventually starts wondering if something is up, and then figures it out and takes care of Sam.

Anyone know where I can find this fic? Thanks!
Hello! I've recently read Credit in the Straight World, Outside By the Blue, Blue Moon, Brittle, Boy Falling Out of the Sky, The Air Moves In, Invisible Boy series... Basically if you can find it under Sam Winchester/OMC and it's lengthy on AO3, I probably have read it! I'd love more fics though, so I hope you can help!

1. Fics that have Sam exploring his sexuality with a male, with Dean finding out or walking in on it. Bonus for Dean getting super overprotective! Wincest preferred but I'll take gen too. I don't mind what age they are.
2. Hurt! Sam with comfort. Rape, violence, anything.
3. Sam with an eating disorder or self harming Sam.
4. Infantalism as a lifestyle. I'd prefer baby! Sam if that's possible. I've read SailorChibi's works on Ao3 for this too.
5. Protective/Possessive/Jealous! Dean.
6. Dean walking in on Sam getting off.

I'd love everything to end with a happy ending! No death fics, please. I'm looking for Wincest only, no other pairings. I don't mind if it starts out as another pairing as long as it ends in Wincest. I'll take gen too. Thanks so much in advance :D
23 April 2017 @ 10:43 pm
I'm looking for a specific fic where somehow sam has wings and they are really sentive. When Castiel touches them it's almost sexual, I can't remember much but I remembers Sam getting almost lost in his own world when Cas touches his wings and dean saying something along the line of you just felt up my brother in front of me.
Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me
For the J2 au, Jared was kept in some kind of government institution against his will. I don't know if he had ever been outside. Jensen goes to work at the facility (perhaps as an intern?) and JDM might be his supervisor. Jensen bonds with Jared and eventually realizes that it is wrong for Jared to be kept a prisoner. Jensen helps Jared escape (and perhaps tries to get them to Jensen's parents for help). It is not Dream Him Free or To Dream, Perchance to Live. They were teens or early twenties at most in the story.

#1 found by [livejournal.com profile] maryjo24. Predicted by Cha at sinful-desire.org.

The second one I am still looking for is probably wincest, but I am not completely sure of that. The boys are staying at a place by the sea, I believe, for a case. The "monster" turns out to be a human male who disguises himself as a creature and intentionally scares a young girl badly enough that she falls into the sea. Sam dives in to save her and he ends up smashed into some rocks by the waves and damamging (permanently?) an appendage (I think it was his hand/arm). He has to cling to the rocks and be pulled out. The girl is very much a human and believed in the monster, which is why she got scared and ran from it. The person who disguised himself as the monster had no remorse for their predicament. It is not O sea-starved.

Any help would be appreciated.
05 April 2017 @ 09:02 pm
See specific fic request below the cut...


(Mods, can we get a Season 12 tag?)
Hey everyone,

So I'm looking for fics that (preferably) feature non-AU season 10 demon!Dean, but any other variation of demon!Dean would be fine. I'm mainly interested in non-AU fics but if you have some really good AU recommendations that you think would fit my request perfectly other than the non-AU part then please feel free to mention them! The more the merrier :). Length, pairings (wincest, destiel, het, etc) are all fine.

In the story I'd like it if demon!Dean still shows some signs of humanity, protectiveness and/ or love towards Sam and/or Cas. For a clearer idea of what I mean, I recently read the short fic called Smoked Out and really loved it. It's actually what got me interested in the topic to begin with because I've always a sucker for the love-conquers-all cliche. :)

Thanks in advance!!
Im looking for a Pre-Series Wincest story that was deleted from fanfiction.net, called How Do We Deal? by PoeticallyPathetic19.

In it Sam and Dean are in high school two gunmen come into Sam's class that broke out prison. One of them leaves looking for their kid/daughter. The other guy stays in the class and takes Sam and Dean hostage and makes them make-out and do some other stuff (they both secretly like it but are ashamed/guilty). I'm sure Dean was a senior, and he purposely failed so he could stay in school and keep an eye on Sam.

Offical Summary: An incident at school changes everything for the boys. AU. Wincest.

If anbody knows where this story might be posted elsewhere, or has a copy, I would be extremely grateful!  I've been looking for this fic for weeks, and finally found the name/author only to discover it has been deleted.
25 February 2017 @ 10:55 pm
I read a story a long time ago but couldn't find it since. I was hoping someone could help me.
I think it was Sam who was a hooker or stripper or something along them lines. He was forced to have sex with the boss because he liked sam the best. I think he has to wear a dildo cat tail at one point.
I think Dean and John found him and took him away from it all after he was hurt and raped.

Also, if you now anymore sad hooker jared/Sam or abused Jared/Sam fics could you mention them as well please.
Any help would be appreciated!
14 February 2017 @ 05:25 pm
I've been trying to remember the title and author of this one. It would have either been on LiveJournal or Ao3.

It is probably wincest, but I am not completely sure of that. The boys are staying at a place by the sea, I believe, for a case. The "monster" turns out to be a human male who disguises himself as a creature and intentionally scares a young girl badly enough that she falls into the sea. Sam dives in to save her and he ends up smashed into some rocks by the waves and damamging (permanently?) an appendage (I think it was his hand/arm). He has to cling to the rocks and be pulled out.

Any help would be appreciated.
Hey guys,

I looking for two specific fanic:
1: human setting AU, Cas was homeless and travels on bus all the time (for safety??), fell asleep beside Dean and used his shoulder for pillow while he slept (Dean didn't wake him up). Dean invite him to home for a dinner (he lived with Sammy), then asked him to stay for a while. I remember Cas painted out Dean's room with a gigant picture on the wall, but it was half finished. Dean gave him clothes and money and they got together, happy. One day Cas packed and leaved without a word, leaved a letter said he needed to go home to make his family together and make his mistakes right (he was the reason his rich family fell apart and became pretty poor). Dean was a mess, there wasn't any adress or phone number he can contact with Cas, but Cas sent letters for Dean time to time: sent the money he got from Dean and told how much damage he made already right. Dean was a mechanic at Bobby'. Later Cas came back, have money and asked Dean for a date, but Dean slapped the door at his face before throw his old clothes at him, along with all of the letters Dean wrote reply for Cas' letters (but he couldn't sent it bc Cas didn't leave any address). Dean was pretty heartbroken. Later Sam allowed in Cas (while Dean was away) to finish his paint on the wall, but Dean came home early.

2: I think it wasn't au, and somehow Cas got raped. The brothers supported him and it was a damn long recovery, bc he was afraid a bit and jumpy, so his mind was fucked up pretty much. He was fucked up emotionally, and that couldn't be healed fast. Dean know him very much and was really protective. I remember Cas avoid contact, like touch and hugs at all, but later he asked Dean if he would like to hug him, and Dean of course he was happy to Cas started open up for a bit, so he hugged him. And laters Cas started to eat a lot of chocolate but only one kind, that had a name "Kisses", and Dean needed a time to realise Cas eating that sweet because he want kisses, but real kisses, not the chocolate. It was a long fic, but my phone broke down when I read so I lost it.

Hey everyone! I've been looking for this fic for awhile and I only remember a few details. Dean and Cas live in apartments across from each other, and these happen to be right above the shops they own (or maybe just Dean owns one I can't exactly remember). Cas has recently moved to the area. They eventually get together but Cas is keeping a secret about his past and it ends up being revealed when on the national news a story about this religious cult and a standoff with police comes out when they try to raid the compound. Cas is devastated because his mother and younger siblings are actually being held there because his mom was in a relationship with the leader, while Cas ended up being able to escape awhile ago. I think a few people in the compound end up being shot during the standoff. And Cas kinda breaks down because he's scared for his family while Dean takes care of him. I think at one point Cas talks about the abuse he, his siblings and his mother endured there.

Please help!!
Hi! So I was wondering, do you know any SU fic where cas is sexually assaulted or harassed by a human/angel/etc and dean saves him or defends him? Like,the fic doesnt have to resolve around that, just a small event that occurs somewhere in the fic that’s not really important for the plot. If you can help thank you in advance and sorry for the trouble.
04 January 2017 @ 10:45 am
Happy New Year, everyone!

I'm looking for a specific fic I read about Cas' time being controlled. Unfortunately, all I can remember is there's a part where Dean's observing Cas, and notices that his eye looks strange (ie irritated, red, bruised, like something had been inserted into it, etc. I don't remember specifically how it was described).

And in general, I'd dearly love any fics dealing with what Cas endured under Naomi and the "lobotomy," (as seen in flashbacks here). I'd also be very happy reading any fic surrounding the angels who captured him in season 11, the ones who used those creepy head contraptions. Honestly, any fic surrounding these or related subjects would be fantastic. Aftermath is good, too! I'm a sucker for hurt!cas, caring/comforting!Dean and/or Sam, others. Can be gen or slash.

I hope some part of that drivel makes even a bit of sense; I'm afraid I am not very articulate at the moment.

Thank you all so much!
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29 December 2016 @ 08:50 am
Hey guys and gals. Does anyone have a copy of Potter's Clay by reading1066? I went to read it today and find that they journal has been deleted and purged. If anyone could send me a copy to proffesorx@hotmail.com or tell me where to find it, if the author doesn't mind it being shared that is, i would greatly appreciate it!
Hello All,

I really hope someone can help me find a specific fic written in 2012? its called
"Back to Old Remedies"

It looks like it was removed- does anyone have a copy or know the author to request if i could please have a copy?

I'm just looking for some Protective Big Brother Dean fics_ its like no one writes these anymore? Anything were Dean Rescues and takes care of his little brother by comforting him or Dean just being a real cool scary bad ass.

or follows through on some of those threats "touch him and I'll hurt you" rule

OR Dean taking care of a sick little brother, even though little brother is Sasquatch size- and tells Sam "doesn't matter how big or how old he is, he'll always be his baby brother to look after"

thank you guys all so much!

I'm searching for some fic recs that deal with Sam & Dean's Childhood.

  1. Either fics that are set in or partly set in their childhoods. Not HighSchool AU, I mean fics that could be set canon.

  2. Or fics set in canon time, ie from season 1-12, that have Sam and Dean dealing with the scars their childhood left behind. Focussing on Sam recognizing how much Dean was there for him and how much Dean took on the caring / nuturing role eventhough he was just 4 years older.

I know the show touches upon their messed up chilhood and the unhealthy dynamic it created, but they always kinda stay on the surface. Also it is usuall very Sam focussed and how unhappy he was and how much he hated the life and it usually glosses over how much Dean sacrificed to let Sam be a child. When they do go there in the show, Dean usually just shrugs Sam's desire to talk away. So I'm hoping some wonderful fanwriters felt the need to fill in that gap :).

Some Remarks:

  • no wincest

  • Pairing-wise I'm a Dean/Castiel girl, but I also enjoy reading GEN.

  • I usually read Dean or Castiel centric / POV fics, but I'm not anti Sam I enjoy his character. I just think he has a blind spot when it comes to their chilhood and the role Dean had to take on.

  • John as a dad. Not a fan of Evil!John. I think he was a crappy dad, but more in an absent, both physically and emotionally, than I'm purposely hurting you. He was a bad parent, but he wasn't evil incarneted.

Thanks in advance
28 November 2016 @ 11:41 pm
I have looked for well over a month to find these and I could use some assiatance.

I remember Sam and Dean lived jn an apartment and Dean took care of Sam and they no longer hunt. It was a series of fics And In one Sam got sick and was having sensory issues and Dean has all these things to help him like a crash pad in the living room and closet with is full of different sensory items like different textures of things and lights depending on whay is needed at the time for Sam. They were eating breakfast and Sam panics and Dean has to take him to the special closet to calm him. Sam also most of the time sleeps in Deans bed with him and it was not a wincest fic. Just for comfort. It states Dean researced autism to help figure out how to deal with Sam's sensory issues. In a fic in the series it talks about Sam's obsession with blankets because soft things remind him he is not it hell anymore.

Any of this ringing any bells for anyone? It is driving me crazy!

Thank you in advance!

P.S : if anyone else also has any good post hell sam fics where Dean has to help take care of him feel free to drop those in as well.

Hi (:

1. I'm looking for a fic I started reading a couple of days ago on fanfiction.net that i didn't get to finish. I forgot to bookmark it and I don't remember the title but it was about the boys when they were teens and Sam was acting kind of sick/depressed and Dean was really worried about him. Sam broke down one morning and Dean made him stay home from school... The last chapter I read had Dean stopping a robbery at a diner, but not sticking around to talk to the cops because he wanted to get Sam back to the motel. Sorry its not much to go on. Also, I dont know if the fic was finished or not - it might be a WIP. -Found! It's Open Book by pineapplefan

2. Also, with the holidays coming up, I've been trying to find some good Christmas fics. I've already read The Christmas Spirit by Noxbait, but that's a good example of what I'm looking for (the longer the better, and I love hurt/comfort)! I'd love to hear your recommendations! - only gen please!

Thank you!

14 October 2016 @ 12:03 am
Okay, I read this years ago and I tried looking for it and it has never been found, I gave up, and now I'm remembering it again. It's a Sam/Dean fic when they're in their teens, I don't really read them anymore but this is the only story stuck in my brain.
Teen Sam/Dean are on a hunt (pretty sure) and they end up under/in a mountain and become trapped there. Sam and Dean, Dean especially actually, are hurt from the ordeal of falling, crawling through small spaces, and being trapped for so long. I remember their relationship developing as they're trapped and they finally admit their feelings for one another and have to take care of each other. John and a team of people finally find them after a while and they get out and are put in the hospital where they refuse to separate from each other.
I'm quite sure it's multi-chaptered and I'm 95% sure it's on Ff.net. If anyone knows this fic, please please tell me. Because it's actually been driving me crazy for years. Thank you!
13 October 2016 @ 10:43 am
Hello wonderful people. I would like to request your assistance in locating NCIS crossover stories where Team Gibbs meet the Winchester boys when they are kids or teenagers. I'll even take stories in Season 1 of SPN. Would like stories where Gibbs is impressed with the way Dean takes care of Sam but feels bad that he doesn't get taken care of himself. Stories with hurt Dean are a plus.

Ive searched a lot of the stories on this comm but havent found many when the boys were young/little.

Please no WIPs and self recs are always welcomed.

Thank you! :)
I need something along the lines of

1) Sam and Dean are fighting and during a hunt, Dean takes out all of his frustrations out on a creature and Sam or Bobby or whoever are sort of freaked out/surprised

2) Dean is pissed at Cas because they're arguing or because Cas is hurt and he goes nuts in a fight

3) Everyone knows Dean is scarily talented at fighting and killing creatures, but one day he really shows what he's capable of- love stories that include Jim and Bobby and John and Sam and everyone else- Cas too of course.

4) Dean outwits a creature/Demon and everyone just stares at him except maybe Bobby who knew Dean was smart

5) and one of my favorites- John comes back to life and is surprised at how different his children are, but more specifically I want one where Dean is with Sam and Cas and (maybe Kevin...if one even exists like that) and Dean doesn't trust John, or is pissed that John isn't okay with Cas (or Kevin). He's scarily protective and John is super surprised.

Or, you know...anything like those. Thank you!! (gen, slash- either one works)
03 October 2016 @ 11:50 pm
I've been searching for quite a while for all three of these fics.

1. This fic is kind of a redo of the striga episode where in this Sam is pregnant but he doesn't know until the striga attacks him and attacks the baby and he ends up having a miscarriage.FOUND!

2. This fic reminded me of The Crow because Sam and Dean were in a restaurant that ended up getting robbed and they both were both shot and 'killed'. Dean comes back and goes after the people that were involved and tries to find Sam. I remember in this one Sam was shot in the head up against a display case.

3. This story involved Dean and his flashbacks from hell. He creates a rack out of Sam's bed frame and tortures him. Sam is able to escape and stays with Bobby. It's a long time before he feels comfortable being around Dean.

I hope someone can help me find these fics, I've been really wanting to reread them. Thank you!
15 September 2016 @ 06:19 pm
Greetings and salutations! I'm looking for any and all stories about Dean getting re-souled and still with the Mark of Cain and going after Cole for beating up on Sam. There was one story in particular that I cannot remember all the specifics of but in it a fellow hunter was congratulating Dean on letting go of his super protective streak when it came to Sam, that now all the other hunters knew Dean wasn't going to hurt them for hurting Sam. And Dean is like, really? Well, let's fix that shall we. And I think he went after Cole as a result. That's all I can remember. Gen or wincest, but no dean/castiel please. Any help and all stories will be greatly appreciated! Mods, i would have put a Cole tag, but there doesn't appear to be one. Sorry if I missed it.
Okay, so I've been diligently looking for this story for almost a week now and I cannot believe my google-fu and tag browsing has finally failed me! Hopefully the wonderful, helpful folks in this community will be able to save me from pulling my hair out in frustration!

I cannot remember for the life of me if this was wincest or if they're just really, really close gen. Almost positive I read this on LJ somewhere and it's quite a long fic. Very, very high level - Sam is injured in a fall from a building during what should have been a routine hunt with Dean. He falls several stories and fractures his skull when he lands. This results in some permanent damage to his mobility and, I think, his speech. The story is about the progress of his recovery with Dean's support. A couple of specific details that I do remember are a bit spoilery, so...

Dean is cold to Sam for the first year of recovery (in Sam's perspective) and Sam thinks Dean hates him now. We find out that it's because Dean feels horribly guilty about the accident. He let Sam lead in on the hunt because he thought it would be an easy one and he had been afraid that Sam was about to leave him. He wanted Sam to feel like he was taking the lead more often and was a necessary part of the team, so he deliberately hung back and a second monster/baddie of the week took Sam by surprise and knocked him off the building instead.

Does anyone know the fic I'm looking for? It was absolutely awesome and I can't believe I was such an idiot and didn't bookmark it! 
So my friend recently got into the fandom and asked me to share my favorite stories with her . . . except my computer recently crashed and I've lost ALL of my bookmarked stories (wahhh!). I've already googled and re-found my ultimate favorites, but I still wish I had more to share with her.

So I'm asking you to share with me your favorite stories so that I can pass them along. She loves hurt Sam with protective Dean. Gen is ok but wincest is better. No other pairings for the boys please. No short stories or one shots either. The longer/wumpier/angstier the better, really, though happy endings are ideal. =)

She's not completely caught up with the show, so any stories that don't spoil anything after season six would be fantastic (though feel free to share favorites from later seasons as well; she'll just have to wait to read them lol).

AU/cannon/whatever, it's all cool, but she really really loves stories set in high school. Either pre-series or high school AU, whichever. (feel absolutely free to share non high school faves as well, though!)

Thanks bunches!
Hi everyone!

I want to find a specific pre-series story. In this story, Sam is abused (possibly by John) and Dean takes him away. They live together with Bobby, but Sam grows increasingly clingy and possessive of Dean, and Dean feels obligated to make up for Sam.

I remember a section where Sam cuts his hands because he doesn't like that Dean goes out. Dean later relents under Sam's pressure (so that Sam doesn't hurt himself) but later likes it too. It's wincest.

The story is about 10 chapters long and I remember reading it on livejournal. I am sorry it's vague, but it has been a while since I read it. Thank you!

EDIT: Found it. Should have searched harder before asking but yeaaah.

For those who are also interested: Daddy, Please, No by Hunter King


1. I am looking for a story where Dean is beat up by a bunch of guys from his school who are on the football team, he goes to Bobbie's to get help. He's pretty beat up and it turns out that most, if not all of them, were possessed. Bobby comments how it is amazing that he survived. At one point John and Sam arrive , discuss the situation ( it has something to do with Sam's power) they leave Dean alone at Bobby's where I think he gets attacked again. No pairing.

2. A deaged Dean fiction where Dean is 13 -17. Everyone , mostly Sam but Bobby a little too, wants him to stay young but Dean remembered how hard it was to be so pretty at that age. Sam forces him to go to school but he is sexually assaulted by his classmates. Sam has difficulty realizing that Dean is used to being strong and invulnerable . I think the witch that cursed him lives or hangs out on the beach. He eventually finds her.
Found!: The Do-Over

Hey, I'm basically looking for any fic where Sam is taken advantage of by someone outside the family (another hunter, or maybe a teacher) and Dean and/or John find out and are protective/supportive. A few things:

- I'd prefer for the "taking advantage of" to occur preseries, but the fic itself doesn't need to.

- It's totally fine if Sam doesn't realize he was taken advantage of, like if he's 15 and sleeps with someone in their 30s and doesn't know that's wrong. Also totally okay if he's fully aware that something wrong happened but feels like it's his fault.

- Wincest or gen, it doesn't matter to me.

Not sure if there's any fic like this out there at all, but I figured I'd ask just in case.
04 May 2016 @ 05:41 pm
so i lost this fic and it's really bugging me- i'd be super grateful if anyone can help me find it. basically sam was alone in the bunker & tried out some new devils' traps or something and there was one that worked on humans, if i remember rightly. he gets stuck in it & it gradually weakens those trapped in it. cue dean bursting in just in time.
would be really happy to have help <3
I saw this fic not too long ago and forgot to bookmark it.

It's Gen and fairly short - in it, Dean and Sam (with Crowley's help?) both make some sort of soul bond to Castiel to anchor him when they evict Lucifer from his body. When Castiel comes to, he immediately feels the connection and is surprised that the brothers would do such a thing for him.

Please help me find it - I'm obsessing over it lol
28 March 2016 @ 10:00 am
1) literally I'd love to read anything that is set in S8 and is bottom!Sam if there is sex. It feels like I've read all the work with a tag of "season 8" and "bottom Sam" on ao3 but I still want to read more.... So please recommend me some good fics that satisfy these two tags. It can be h/c or angst or whatever. I preferred wincest but I'm also good with gen. Feel free to recommend! ;-P

2)Any fic with protective!Dean and hurt!Sam? I know there are tons of fics out there so you probably could just recommend your favorite ones. Thanks!! again if there is sex I prefer bottom!Sam :-)

3)Fics where Jared at first,for whatever reason, thinks Jensen is not a good guy and is sacred of him, and then it turns out that Jensen is really kind and nice so Jared fall in love with him. For example I've read an a/b/o fic where the Js are forced to mate, omega Jared is afraid of alpha Jensen due to his experiences with cruel, unfriendly alphas before. Later he finds out that Jensen in fact is polite and gentle. bottom!Jared only please

Thanks in advance!!!!
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Someone posted for 'Sam as Boy King w/Dean as Consort' type deal. Several of the recs involved Dark!Sam manipulating and forcing Dean into his role as consort [specific e.g., "Where You Belong (Always by my Side) by majestic_duck].

"Where You Belong" was a great read and in it Sam is manipulative from the get-go and Dean is enveloped by Sam's darkness.

Are there fics where: Sam is Boy King or just plain dark, thinks he's manipulating Dean, thinks he has the upper hand, but it's actually Dean who's got the control?
Like, Sam wants to make Dean his consort but Dean wants to save Sam, so Dean allows Sam to think Sam's tainting Dean/dragging Dean down/making Dean submit, but Dean is actually binding their souls and bringing Sam up with him?
Or, Dean is happy to be corrupted (is already corrupt?) and becomes something much worse/scarier than Sam but Sam doesn't understand that Dean is the more powerful one (who might be goading Sam into darker/scarier things)?

Anything like that?

I'd also prefer bottom!Dean, I feel it adds to the false-perception power dynamic and I just like it.

Several of the tags imply dark or evil Dean, but that's because there aren't tags for good or light Dean. Just mentioning it because I'm more looking for fic in which Dean is bringing Sam into his "light" to bring Sam back type of thing. But demon!Dean who's worse than BoyKing!Sam is all good too.

link to "Where You Belong" should anyone be interested: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3469457
Also kind of along the lines of "Let Your Sins Be Strong" by xzombiexkittenx http://archiveofourown.org/works/392953
I'm requesting this here because apparently google and other other search engines on fanfic sites don't seem to understanf my request for some to be protective OF Gabriel, not protective!Gabriel.

Just, any fics where Sam, Dean or Cas (or all of them, or maybe the other arcangels or someone!) looks out for Gabriel. I would love to see something where they are protective of him from his older brothers, but I'll take what I can get. (there was a cool AU fic where John Winchester was all protective of Gabriel in a scene where his mother was trying to guilt him into something, and making him feel bad, because Gabriel was Castiel's brother and therefore family)

I've already read the awesome one where he's hurt by a Black dog while humanish and all three of them are all caring and adorable towards him.

I have a feeling this sort of thing might come more under Dean/Gabriel... but I'm not very familiar with the pairing. Any pairing bar incest is fine with me. thank you.
29 February 2016 @ 02:09 pm
I could have sworn I had this in my Delicious but I can't seem to find it.

The boys are in a bar in some town where they had gone to school. Dean is recognized by some ex-jocks who are now gone to flab. They ask Dean about Sam, remembering him as he was and how they teased him. Dean gets pissed but keeps his temper. Then Sam joins him and the other guys start back pedaling.
It's been a very long time since I've ead any Destiel. Mostly because the show started to make me feel annoyed with Dean's behaviour, which made me sad, because he used to be my favourite character for the first few seasons. Bbut anyway.

I am now craving some Destiel fanfiction.

What I'd love to see;

1. Human!Castiel living with the boys (either in the bunker or a house)
2. Protective Dean, preferably something where he's protective of Cas because of someone else (ie, Cas being made uncomfortable by something and Dean stepping in, Cas can be human or angel).
3. Cas being adorable (socially awkward, autistic, shy, whatever)
4. Sam matchmaking them together.
5. Insecure Cas (because I like it!)

Thank you and thank you!

PS: Does anyone know of the fic where Gabriel puts Castiel back together after Raphael rips him apart. Then in a later story Raphael tears him apart again and Castiel tries to put himself back together using Gabriel's Grace, but the damamge is too much and Gabriel has to use Sam and Dean's soul to help him patch it up. (he uses Dean soul to patch up deep inside Castiel's grace), it ends with all four of them bonded together.
Hello wonderful people. Hope the new year is treating you well.

I am looking for a specific story. Can't remember if its actually Wincest or not but Dean becomes pregnant but I can't remember if its solely from a spell or if its a spell that worked because of wincest. All I remember is that Dean almost dies during delivery and then later the YED or other demon comes for the baby when it is six months old. I do remember other hunters (the usual, Caleb, Jim, Bobby and Ellen) gather to help the Winchesters protect the baby. During the attack, Dean is pinned to the ceiling and his stomach slashed just like what happened to Mary.

Thank you so much in advance if you can help locate this story. I've really been wanting to re-read it.

(note added) I remembered a little bit more of the story and wanted to add it in case it helps someone remember it. The boys know the demon is coming and Dean makes Sam promise that no matter what happens, he is to protect the baby...not worry about Dean...protect the baby at all costs. Hope this helps. I really, really want to read this story again. Thank you!

FOUND! http://samdean.archive.nu/viewstory.php?sid=347&textsize=0&chapter=1
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25 January 2016 @ 11:40 pm
I read a very good little wee!chester fic a few years back (before 2013 possibly?), I believe it was from fanfic.net but I can't remember the title or author. I only remeber a few details but I hope someone can help me find it, I would love to read it again. It wasn't terribly long and I believe it was complete. It was a short timeline or Dean remembering part of his childhood and everything he did and sacrificed for Sam. There was a part I remember clearly that Dean taught Sam how to shoot with his gun which he learned on and was given to him by John. I think it was kept in an old metal lock box. Dean was proud that Sam was good with it.

I know that it's all very vegue but I hope someone knows this fic and can point it out to me. Thanks so much.