Hello fellow travelers! I'm looking for any and all fix it fics for Dark Side of the Moon. I know it just continued the storyline, but I never understood why they didn't know they were being tricked. I mean, one of Dean's memories was of his mom crying over his father, how was THAT a happy memory? So, please, rec away! No dean/castiel please. Gen and wincest are fine.

Thanks in advance!
15 September 2016 @ 02:16 pm
Looking for these kind of fics.

1.) Are there any fics out there where the bad guy or whoever realizes that torturing Dean and his family/friends isn;t the way to get him to do what they want. Instead they realize making sure Dean's family/friends are safe is the way to get to Dean. Basically a villain is smart enough to realize Dean's loyalty is his greatest strength and make Dean loyal to himself, and that torturing won't work. I.E Zachariah tricks Dean into saying yes by lying about the apocalypse promising Sam will be safe and so on. Dean gives himself up to Allistar/Azazel/whoever as long as his dad and sam are safe etc....

2.) Dean sacrifices himself for John/Sam to whoever.

3.) Opposite time. Are there any fics where Dean refuses to deal with Sam/John's bs and just ups and leaves. He doesn't come back and moves on with his life.

4.) Episodes concerning Sam's heaven. EP 5.16 I don't want an amulet fixit fic I want Sam to realize why exactly Dean was so mad because I feel like he didn't get it. I'm an older sibling and I can guarantee you if I found out my younger siblings heaven didn't feature me at all I would be pissed and hurt. So any fics with Sam realizing that and apologizing and NO ZACHARIAH MANIPULATED SAM'S HEAVEN. that;s too much of a cop out and Sam is given enough cop puts in the show.
Just wondering does anyone know a fic where after 5.16 Dean throws the amulet away, Sam picks it up and washes it clearly then swallows it. Dean then noticed that Sam has’t spoken for a few days, until he found that the amulet has cut Sam’s throat and he could never speak ever again.

I really want to know where I could get this fic… seems that it’s been deleted.
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31 January 2016 @ 09:47 pm
Hey everyone! Haven't been around for a long time but recently started watching Spn again! Anyways, I was rewatching Darkside of the Moon and was wondering if there was any fic written based on Dean's mention of Sam running off and him thinking he was dead. Also what happened when John came home to find Sam gone, and hopefully a scene where they find Sam.
16 December 2015 @ 04:59 pm
I am looking for emotionally hurt Dean stories (e.g. codas for 5x16, 9x07) that deal with Dean's disappointment when he learns of Sam's view of their childhood/brotherly relationship - which is quite different from Dean's. Just stories showing how alone Dean has been his whole life and how he just cannot model through anymore.

(please no samulet fix in which Sam's the hurt one! if someone's emotionally hurt it should be Dean)
possible themes:
Dean's nighmare = Sam leaving while Sam being happy to be on his own; Dean "sacrificing" his childhood/life to protect Sam while Sam's only learning to appreciating it recently.
If there's one in which Dean's beating himself up for failing to protect Sam (e.g. 2x22), great!

sad ones very welcome, a bit of a happy ending would be nice though.

gen or wincest - doesn't matter. Thanks so much!! :)
08 December 2015 @ 10:05 pm
Hey, everyone. I'm looking for a specific fic set sometime after 5x19 where Gabriel's shade approaches Dean with a proposition: he wants Dean to take his place as a trickster god.

(More spoilers:)
Read more... )
22 April 2015 @ 12:19 pm

Was wondering if there was any fics that had Dean going after Roy & Walt after they killed him & Sam in Darkside of the Moon?

Or how about any fic where Dean goes gunning for someone because they hurt/killed one of his friends/family, especially Sammy.


I am finding several fanfics these days hope anyone can help me.

1)My friend told me is Sam change the past, but only he remember, Sam and Dean have sex then Dean feel guilty and send Sam to find their Dad, but while working with John, John being crashed and raped Sam, Sam run away hunt alone few years, meanwhile Dean married the girl Cassie, Sam sometime come to visit but stop coming when Cassie pregnant, leave a baby bed for present, but the yellow eye demon get Cassie but the baby is protect by the bed, Sam occurred to save Dean and two brother reunion, Dean finally notice Sam being raped before and he is going to find out the truth.

2)After 516, Dean throw the amulet away, but Sam take it back from rubbish bin and wash it , then he swallow it then two go hunting as usual, several days after Dean notice Sam didn't talk these days, then find out Sam's throat got cut by the amulet and he lose his voice can't talk ever.
The funny thing is the amulet is used to find god, everyone think Sam already said yes to Lucifer, no one trust him, and he can't even talk to them.

3)A bigbang story, Jensen take Jared home whom is homeless, Jared has mental problem and wear a red coat in lady style.

4)RPS, Jensen meet Jared at CW sinner party, I am not quite remember who told Jensen about Jared is a slut and sleep with everybody, I think is Chris? Actually Jared's manager used Jared sleep with the director to trade or pay his debt,and make Jared think that's why he get the role. Then there is rumors about CW will cut SPN, Jared went to the senior office and offer the deal he used to do, at that time he find out his director've been lie and use him, meanwhile Chris said will tell the public about how slut of Jared. Jensen went to Jared's house, Jared ask him to take care his dogs, and his hand has a gun. Jensen finally fall in love with Jared and happy ending.

5)Jensen meet a guy who look exactly like his co star partner Jared, his name is Sean, then they have sex, but the next day the man wake up is Jared and he can't remember anything, it seems Sean is Jared's other personality. It seems a series story.

Does anyone remember?

And there are few stories my friends searching for, but I only know the name some may not even know who write it, I search & google it but most of them are deleted or some of the links is not available and hard to find:

2)4 Stories of author Feather touch, but I'd like to collect the whole stories she write, not only this four stories!
Branded Yours
Forever Bound
Collared Hearts
Children of Men

3)Damaged Verse by cherryscott | PG - NC-17 (Jared/Dean)
Morning in the Evening
Crazy Faith

4)Such A Pretty Boy
Red As Blood

5)de-age sam

I hope someones can help me please!If anybody have a copy about those deleted story please send to my email, thank you very much! sau1412@gmail.com
21 April 2014 @ 07:43 pm
I am new to this fandom and I hope I've not done something wrong.I'm looking for an article. It's has something to do with the amulet. The plot is setted after 516. After dean threw amulet into rubbish can, Sam has picked it up, and washed it clearly, then Sam swallowed it. Afterwards Sam pretended like nothing has ever happened and hunted with dean as usual. Dean found Sam hasn't spoken for a few days,until then he knew that amulet hurt Sam’s throat,and he can't speak ever since.
I do want to read this article, if you have some information, please tell me as soon as possible.
07 December 2013 @ 09:11 pm
1. For the life of me, I can not find this fic. Dean writes Wincest fanfic on livejournal? He is writing his last one though, because it's getting to hard to hide it from Sam. It's for the Big Bang I believe. Sam gets Dean's story, so he spends hours and hours working on art for it. Dean finds out it's Sam because there is a bell on a moose I think? The rest I can remember is that Dean calls Sam's art crap and then Dean makes up with Sam by role-playing one of his stories.

2. Fics based off of 5x16 (Dark Side of the Moon). Wincest, please. I don't really care what happens.
I just watched "Dark Side of the Moon" and now I have a craving for Flagstaff stories.

Are there any stories out there that are set in those two weeks and are written completely (or mostly) from Dean's point of view? Like: he's realizing Sam is gone, he gets more worried by the minute when he can't find Sam and of course what happens when John comes home.

Long stories preferred, but I'll take everything :)

Only gen, please.
24 June 2013 @ 09:14 pm
I just came across this story at an old Dean H/C meme and was wondering if there were any others like it - http://salacious-newt.livejournal.com/6233.html?view=211289

I'm looking for stories where a lot was put on Dean's shoulders as a child and Sam finds out. Maybe Dean was emotionally/physically abused as a child and Sam finds out later. I always thought that comment Dean makes in DSOTM about when John found out Sam ran away was telling and would love a fic that mentions it. Please no sexual abuse. I'm open to those roles being reversed too if need be and it being Sam who went through this and Dean finds out. But anything h/c and schmoopy where they discuss this issue would be amazing. I just love stories where Sam takes care of Dean for once. So if anyone knows of fic that fits such a generalization of Sam being the temporary big bro, I'm more than open to reading it!
07 June 2013 @ 12:10 pm
I looked through the tags but still can't seem to find a fic I read a long time ago where Sam and Dean are having sex and Dean's on top of Sam when Roy and Walt come in. Dean doesn't move from his position and they kill them like that. I think that's all there was to it?
Hi all!

I'm looking for any & all stories where:

1) Dean is around 15-19 years old, making him much bigger and stronger than Sam, who would still be quite small during this time period - before he hit his growth spurt. Basically any fics where Dean is physically an adult and Sam is physically a child (I'm thinking "After School Special" time-frame). I want Sam to look up to & idolize his older brother (but not to the point of extreme weakness), and Dean to be his usual protective, loving, cheeky, larger-than-life self. Hurt/Comfort is a-okay!

2) The age gap between the brothers is larger than in canon. Similar general themes to above.

3) The "Dean interacts with younger Sam in heaven" scene from episode 5x16 (Dark Side Of The Moon) is expanded upon. I absolutely LOVE this scene (the look of absolute adoration on Dean's face... gah!!! It kills me), but it's such a short scene - they barely get to spend any time together! I want to read more, if any such stories exist. :)

Gen fics only please - no slash.
Thanks guys!!!
I have a specific request. I have been reading some 516 Fix-it stories that I found on this forum.
I was wondering If I could get some help on finding some specific ones, since I have not been able to find them here.

1. I am looking for stories that have Sam getting the amulet form the trash and Dean trying his best to apologize to Sam for throwing it out. I wold like to find stories that are <b>Long</b>, stories that have Dean really having to work hard to get Sam to give him the amulet back. It would be great if Sam wears the Amulet before giving it back to Dean.

2. Long stories similar to the above request, but that have Sam not giving the Amulet back to Dean. Maybe Sam keeps the amulet because of the fear that Dean will just throw it away again?

I have not been able to find this type of story on the ones I have already read. The ones I have found here relate to request number 1, but are very short.

I am looking for Gen fics, wincest is ok as well, (but Please only bottom Dean.)

Thank you very much for any help you can provide.

Please forgive me, if I don't correctly tag my request. I have not posted here in a very long time
25 November 2012 @ 01:27 pm
Okay, so this is a bit of a weird request and it's a bit hard to explain but bear with me.

I'm looking for stories where someone gets to see Dean's memories and they understand Dean more because of it. Like in the "Dark side of the moon" episode where Sam saw Dean's memories of his mom and he realized Dean has been cleaning up John's messes since he was a kid.
The person doesn't have to be Sam. It can be Bobby, Cas, Ellen, Jo or anyone else but no OCs please.
I'd prefer long fics but one-shots are welcome too.
Thanks guys!
13 June 2012 @ 02:36 am

(1) I am in the mood for protective!Sam. I've read through the tags and looked through some delicious accounts, but I'm looking for something a little more specific. I'm wondering if there are any stories where Dean is being abused and Sam is the one who confronts his abuser/tries to protect Dean/attempts to remove him from the situation. Whether it is John abusing Dean and Sam standing up to John, or telling someone because Dean won't, or it if is someone else that is hurting Dean. I don't care what kind of abuse either, physical, emotional, or sexual. If it is pre-series, anything goes and I don't care how AU it gets, but if it is during the series, or post-series, I'm looking for stories that are fairly close to canon. Any pairing or none at all is fine with me too.

(2) Along a similar vein, are there are stories where Bobby is protective of Sam and Dean? Maybe he finds out John is abusive and he takes the boys from John? Or anything similar? Anything goes. I'm willing for this one to take pretty much anything that has protective!Bobby pre-series. 

(3) I'm not sure this has ever been done, but in episode 5.16, Dark Side of the Moon, at the end of the episode Dean throws out the necklace Sam got him as a kid. Are there any stories out there where Sam rescues the necklace from the trash? I know it's sort of a turning point for Dean, where he's pretty much lost faith in everything, Sam included, and given up, and I think it would be interesting to sort of see it from Sam's point of view. Also, in that same episode, are there any stories where Sam asks Dean what he meant when he said "and when Dad got home..."?

(4) This is a specific search for a story I read months ago. I think Jensen and Jared were having sex and a shelf fell off the wall or something and hit Jensen in the back of the head. Dazed and startled, he bit Jared's dick and they both had to go to the hospital. I'm not sure if it is the same story, or if I am confusing it with another one, but I remember Jared being tied up and somehow Jensen falls off the bed and dislocates his shoulder, and I think they have to call Misha maybe to look for the key they lost and get Jared out of the cuffs and both of them to the hospital? I'm not sure if they're the same story, or two stories. But if anyone knows what I'm talking about, I appreciate any help.

Sorry for all the tags. :/

02 April 2012 @ 09:08 am
Hi! These are my old requests, but last time my post was too long so it scared away pp who can help. This time, I learned my lesson, I'll post short request.
I'm looking for two things:

1. The first one is drug!fic. Sam is still a teenager and he and Dean are at a party, I'm pretty sure Sam already had feelings for Dean. They are separated and some girl flirts with Sam and gives him a drink. It was obviously spiked because Sam immediately feels euphoric and goes to Dean and wants to touch him. Sam even pats a plant and tells the others how soft the leaves are. Then he hugs Dean (maybe even tries to kiss him) and the girls Dean was talking to giggle and pat Sam's hair and keep saying how cute Sam is. Dean drags Sam away, they eventually end up in a room and some things happen (maybe Dean sucks Sam off?), but Dean feels guilty and feels even guiltier when he finds out that someone slipped something into Sam's drink. I believe the fic had two or more chapters and it gets a bit angsty afterwards but Sam can convince Dean, that he really wants him and not just because of the drugs, something along those lines. 

2. As was hinted in Dark Side of the Moon, John wasn’t a perfect father or husband when Dean was a kid, he even left his family for some time. I wonder if there are any AU fics where John isn’t a hunter but still not a very good husband and father. It can be slash or gen, I'll accept any type you have.

Thanks in advance.
05 January 2012 @ 09:06 pm

mentions episode 7.01 )

2. Any fics (AU or otherwise) where the couple is Cas/Dean but the focus is on the relationship between Cas and Sam, or the POV is of Sam watching the couple. (Basically, how Sam fits into the couple of Cas/Dean.) Just to clarify, I'm not looking for Cas/Dean/Sam, I don't want Sam slashed in. I also don't care if this is a positive or negative relationship between Cas-Sam.

3. I'm hoping for some Anna/angel!anna-centric fic and some Tessa-centric fic. (Not in the same story though if you found that awesome.) Gen preferred but slash (with anyone) is fine. AU, canon-related, whatever. I just want them being awesome.

4. Dean (or heck, Sam or Cas) do go after Walt and Roy for what happened in Dark Side of the Moon.

5. Are there any band/musician AUs, but with the Winchesters NOT RPF/J2? Any slash or gen, AU or they have to for a case or whatever.

Self-recs welcomed and if you just have something close-ish please list. As always thank you!
19 November 2011 @ 09:38 am
Hi everyone!

So I'm looking for some general fic recs and a couple specifics...

1. Any fic that involves the Flagstaff incident (from S5 Dark Side of the Moon). I'd prefer some long fics, as all I have been able to find are one shots, but I'll take anything.

2. Any fics involving the Striga. Preferably what happened after John came back

3. Any fics where John overtly prefers Sam over Dean. Maybe he babies him because of the fire, or blames Dean for something? Sam can be aware of this or not... Any length, no restrictions!


1. I know I read one specific fic where John adopts Dean so he can get money for Sam? He treated Dean pretty bad, and Sam was a brat at the beginning 'cause he though Dean was gunna take his place as Daddy's favourite?

2. Dean got turned to a skinwalker. John had lost him at a young age, and didn't think he was still alive. Bobby saved Dean, and is now like Deans Father. Bobby goes missing and Dean looks for help and John reluctantly takes him with... I remember that they chain Dean in the bathroom to sleep...

27 October 2011 @ 02:02 am
Hey all! Been out of the fandom for a while but getting back into things (God Kripke knows I could never stay away for long!) Anyway, if you beautiful people could help me out with a few searches... ;)

1.  I remember reading a fic (pretty sure it was a case fic) that involved a building that allowed people to relive their memories but in doing so it took them away/ took away years from their life? The person who owned the place may have been getting it all for themselves? I want to say it was Sam, Dean, and someone else (maybe Cas, but I'm not sure) and they had to go through all the rooms, which I believe had numbers that corresponded with the age of the person at the time of the memory.

I remember a specific scene (though this could very well be from another fic entirely) of Dean as a teenager with his hair grown out longish and dancing around to Kiss' "I Wanna Rock And Roll All RIght", possibly carrying Sam on his back.

FOUND! It's Incubus by Crimson1 on ff.net.

2.  The second fic I'm looking for is a retelling of Cas pulling Dean out of hell. It was a really cool take on Cas rebuilding Dean's body from the earth, like he used straw for his hair and seashells for his nails and I think an apple for Dean's brain/heart? If I remember right, they were sitting in a field and Cas was telling Dean the story on how he rebuilt him and it was sort of fluffy. Possibly Destiel, but I'm not sure.

3.  The third was a coda to Dark Side of the Moon, with Dean seeing Sam's best memories and one of them was of Sam and Ruby together. Naturally, Dean freaked out and demanded to know what the hell this was doing in Sam's heaven, but then Sam said, "It's the day you came back from hell." I'm pretty sure it was a short, like under 1000 words, but it made me tear up and I'd love to find it.

4.  The fourth fic was written from Dean's POV and I just remember that Sam was judging Dean for sleeping with Anna, and Dean was mad because he didn't think it was wrong for Anna to forgive him for what he did in hell with her touch. I know that isn't much to go on, but it actually made me like Anna's character  (or at least understand her relationship with Dean) a hell of a lot more and I wanted to rec it to someone.

+1:  And I also have a general request: Are there any wincest fics based on the episode "Swap Meat"? Like Dean acting all seductive towards Gary!Sam and being frustrated when his advances are ignored? Or really just anything about that episode with a wincest twist. Preferably bottom!Dean but judging by my search, I'll go for anything.
25 October 2011 @ 10:43 pm

I'm looking for a story I once read about Sam running away to Flagstaff. He ran away 'cause John mercy killed a baby, that was injured and dying , and the whole family was traumatized.  I think it featured Bobby heavily also and there was a scene  where John threatens to belt whip Sam but doesn't do it. I remember it being really, really sad.

08 September 2011 @ 08:30 pm
I just finished re-watching "Dark Side of the Moon" and am now lusting for some fics that feature Dean as GOD. He could not know it or just be in hiding wanting to live as a human. I would prefer wincest but will take any slash pairing or gen. No Het please! I'm just very interested to explore what authors have done with this concept.
04 July 2011 @ 12:43 am
Hey there guys... again. 

I was rewatching the fifth season recently and I'm just... in NEED of good fics.

requests with a bit of spoiler )

Self-recs are loved <3 Thank you guys!
Hi there! 
I'm looking for a fic I read recently, but have misplaced.  It involved wee!Sam and wee!Dean after their fireworks enjoying moment as shown in Dark Side of the Moon, then proceeding to the Impala to engage in some fireworks of their own *wink wink, nudge nudge*  I believe it was titled Fireworks, and a key attribute was Sam's initial reluctance and Dean's rather insistent persuasion.

Thank you in advance.

FOUND (link in comments)
I've been through all the old DSOTM posts on here, but it seems everyone's looking for amulet fix-its or Sam and Dean tracking down Roy and Walt.  I'm not, however.  I want to know if there any stories that address Ash finding Sam and Dean in heaven the other times, possibly with their varying reactions to finding out they're soulmates?  Surely I'm not the only one who's imagined a sort of "Mystery Spot" version of this, maybe from Ash's POV?

Any POV will do, of course.  Wincest is love but not necessary.
17 April 2011 @ 03:48 am
Hi me again!!

After re-watching Dark Side Of The Moon a couple of day's ago have been looking for story's about when Sam ran away to flagstaff. The thing is I have only been able to find story's from Dean's pov.

So if there are any from Sam's pov that would be great. ^^
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16 March 2011 @ 06:40 pm
Hello, wonderful internat people!
Basically, i've got only one request concerning Dean's amulet
We all know that Dean threw his amulet away in the Dark Side Of The Moon episode and this scene just tore my heart apart and made me wanna cry :C All i'm for is whether there are any fics out there where Sam somehow pulls it out of the trash and saves it with him and later gives it back to Dean?? Any timesline after that particular episode! Could be season 6 so Sam has been carrying the amulet around with him through Hell and back.
Could be gen or wincest - i don't care, as long as there is a hurt/comfort moment and boys reuniting!!
Pretty please??
Thanks in advance :)
05 March 2011 @ 07:36 pm
[001]Thanks to a request that was posted a couple of entries ago or something, I'm looking for stories where Jo is trying to get Dean to get with her, or she's flirting with him like crazy, but it doesn't work out because Dean is with Sam. It can be anything to Dean outright saying no because he's with Sam or something, or Sam getting jealous, or Jo flirting, Dean declining then Jo noticing the relationship. I don't care, as long as it's Wincest.

[001-b] Uhm. Anything like the one above, but Jo decides to get Dean to cheat on Sam with her? It's rare, but surely there's something? I don't want him actually cheating, but maybe him or Sam figure it out or something.

[002]Anything where J2 are on a television show of any kind? I've read a lot of them already, but I'm kind of bored, so....

[003] Stories where Sam/Dean confront one another about the episode Changing Channels, where Dean said it was Sam's fault? Basically anything where Sam confronts Dean, feels like crap, and Dean does anything he can think of to make it better.

[004] Anything where Bobby slaps some sense into Dean about Sam and the amulet and Dean throwing it away, preferably during season six? I can feel that the amulet will be coming up in topic soon and damn, I need it. (Anyone ever notice that all my past posts have something to do with the amulet?)

[005] Sam getting bullied in school and Dean making it better? Maybe because of Sam/Dean relationship or something? This one doesn't have to be wincest, but whatever.

[006] NATURAL DISASTERS! Especially if Sam is separated from Dean, though not especially if he's in Standford, but that's okay too. And then Dean goes to save Sam, even if John doesn't want him too! (And yes, I've read the one where Sam is in an earthquake while at Standford)(Are there any 9/11 fics out there with Sam being in the wreckage?)

[007] Sam trying to deal with Dean's anger after John's death and turning to cutting and Bobby being all, "You idjit, FIX IT!" to Dean. LOL. Anything like that? Doesn't have to be cutting. Could be any kind of harm (and yes, I've read the one where Sam grabs Dean's gun and goes to a hillside to kill himself.)

[008] Anny coda's to 5x16, where Dean see's that Sam's heaven really did include Dean?....and Dean doesn't throw out said amulet?

[009] Sam doesn't go to Standford for some reason (I've read a lot where he's turned into animals, so none of those, and I've read a few about him getting Amnesia and not making it, so none of that either)

[010] John's thoughts about his boys together? Maybe he catches them or something?

Thanks guys,

Jae, formally strawberryoasis, was my old account ;)

Mods, were the tags correct?
07 February 2011 @ 10:35 pm
Hi! Just watched the ep again and wondered if there were fics out there with the following plot: Walt and Roy decided not to shoot Dean but took him with them instead. While in their clutches, Dean tries hard to get away to get to Sam and bring him back from death, or something like that.

Thanks! :)
07 February 2011 @ 07:52 pm
Hi.  I'm looking for a dark side of the moon tag where Dean and Castiel find Walt and Roy and scare the crap out of them.  I think they made them dig their own graves, but left them alive.  And then Lucifer shows up to discuss them killing Sam.  Thanks :-)

so i love dean. and i love dean!angst. and i love emotionallyfragile!dean. as such, here is my list of fics (i bet everything i just said is super obvious in this list):

1) i'm looking for any fic that deals with sam FINDING OUT about what happened to dean when he ran away to flagstaff. so any fics where he finds out that dean was abused or punished or what not. whether he finds out from cas, bobby, or dean himself, i don't mind. i just like guilty!sam and hurt!dean.

2) i'm also looking for any fics that deal with dean either thinking over sam's favorite memories in heaven (which, you know, completely destroyed him) or him confronting sam about it. i'd rather if it NOT end in sam being like "oh but you totes missed out on the great brotherly bonding memory i had before you arrived!" or worse (in my opinion) the cop out method of "but heaven was totes toying with us! those weren't my real memories!" i like sam as a kind of insensitive ass. but yeah. so angst!dean is good. 

3) also any fics that deal with sam realizing how much he's taken dean for granted over the years. 

i'd PREFER if these were gen fics instead of wincest. but if there's an epic story that has some wincest in it, i don't mind. i'm just mainly looking for brotherly-ness, not sex. 

thanks in advance!
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02 January 2011 @ 01:52 am
Hiya guys! I'm looking for quite a few specific stories, thought it is my first time doing this, so... go easy on me, alright? ;)

[1] I'm looking for any amulet-fix-it stories. Preferably one-shots, could be wincest or non, doesn't matter. I'd really like it if Dean was a complete ass to Sam and something happens to him, and then Dean realizes he's been harsh to him and finds the amulet and then things get better. Or maybe Castiel and/or Bobby (preferably Bobby) knock a lot of sense into Dean and make him fix it... if that's the route, please, no Dean/Castiel pairings...

[2] Anything where John has abused or is abusing Sam (nothing sexual, please... I've read enough of those already!) and then Dean finds out and is extremely angry, protective. Once again, I'd like a one-shot but a small storied fiction is fine too. Wincest or non is cool.

[3] I'd like a Jealous Dean or Sam, preferably Seasons 1 and 2, or after 6. They have a relationship, they're happy, but one of them can't help but get jealous, and eventually, they snap. Points go to someone who has it at Sam snapping at someone for flirting with Dean!

Some More )

Basically, for any of these, Wincest is nice, but not necessary.
No Dean/Castiel pairings or Sam/Castiel.
I'm a Sam girl all the way, so please, no Dean angst, unless he's feeling horrible for being horrible.
I'm sure I'll have more ideas, so... xD

Thanks guys for all you do!
01 January 2011 @ 03:57 pm
Hey all, I'm looking for a few requests:

1. A J2 or Wincest fic based on the movie TiMER. I've read [livejournal.com profile] longsufferingly  holiday drabble and now that I'm watching the movie, I'm wondering if there are any longer fics based on it.

2. Any Wincest fics that start pre-series with the boys in a relationship and Sam promising Dean he won't leave, but he does to go to Stanford. Preferably they take place while Sam's at Stanford and I'd prefer if Jess is just a good friend of Sam's (hell, I'd love it if she had her own boyfriend so she's happy too).

3. Any fics with J2 in the NCIS or Criminal Minds world. I've love to see one of the Js as Gibbs' character and the other as DiNozzo's character. And say, one as Morgan and the other as Reid.

4. Really long, really schmoop-y J2/Wincest fics. If the boys are with anyone else in the beginning, it's fine as long as it's not too big of a part of the story.

5. S4 Wincest fics where Dean is even angrier about the whole Ruby thing because he and Sam were together (preferably for years) before he went to hell. Would love a fic where he reveals that Ruby tortured him in hell. Feeling some hating-Ruby here.

6. "Dark Side of the Moon" Wincest fic that maybe shows more of their memories. Speaking of, are there any fics where instead of heaven, they wind up reliving their worst memories and one of Dean's is the night that Sam left them for Stanford?

7. Lisa-bashing fics please. Would prefer Wincest, but will take Gen. 

No BDSM please (unless it's a small part of a longer fic that I can skip); just not in the mood for it now. Please let me know if it's a WIP.
15 November 2010 @ 02:07 pm
I am looking for a specific fic were Sam breaks Deans deal by going kind of nuts and thinking that he is Dean and makes Dean dress up as him.

Also are there any fics out there dealing with My Bloody Valintine and Dark Side of the Moon and Sam and Dean being soulmates?
04 November 2010 @ 11:56 am


I don't know if I was in some dazed or asleep state during season 5 but I guess I misunderstood or didn't realize some things.. Anyway, I am looking for fanfics based on the episode Dark Side Of The Moon where Sam and Dean go to Heaven... and where they meet Ash who explains that ... well, most of you should remember what he explains more vividly than I remembered until I was reminded yesterday. 

If you can't recommend me wincest stories based on or set during the episode, then I can definitely settle just for stories in which the boys are referred to as soulmates, are told they are soulmates, realize they are actually soulmates (and it isn't only a sentiment) and so on.
A couple of small requests... )
Thank you in advance!! :)
29 September 2010 @ 02:39 pm
A few requests....

1. As I was rewatching the series, it made me wonder if, when Dean was way younger, he was bullied very badly that he reacted so fiercely when he heard some kid was being mean to Sam. I'd like fics dealing with the bulling and what Dean did to resolve it or got out of it. I had read a fic where one of the girls that was bulling him had a haunting problem that later on he came back to help her with it. He was made fun of because his clothes were ratty and from Good Will. I didn't particularly like this fic because it felt like it was just skimming on top. But I would like to read other fics along the same lines where maybe Dean left before the bullying stopped but came back and saved their life...

2. An ep in season 4 opens with Dean relaxing by a quiet lake fishing. A) I would love fics that gives the back story to how he got into fishing; how it seems to be a relaxing thing for him. B)If there aren't any, I'll take any fics where someone teaches Dean some other thing like playing an instrument (piano, I've read quite a few of those), singing (I've read one where Dean's music teacher takes an interest in him and he was selected to sing in a band FABULOUS).

3. Kind of a tie in with #2; but I also really want fics that has Dean doing something for himself. I remember reading a fic about how he writes romance novels. But I want fics where Dean has something for himself. There's another fic where it details Dean playing a guitar just for himself then his dad found out and he had to play it to make money(quite sad).

4. Lastly, please rec me any fics that is similar to Dark Side of the Moon in that events that make Sam or John very happy/excited just tears Dean apart inside. Like how Sam's happiest memories are some of Dean's saddest... Yeah I'm a big hurt!dean fan..........

I like to know what I'm getting into so please provide a summary of the fic. Rating and pairing doesn't really matter to me, Gen, slash (bottom!dean only please or no smexing), wincest, anything as long as the fic is complete.
07 August 2010 @ 07:29 pm
Good Evening Everyone !  I hope all of you can help me......I am looking for some stories.  I am specifically looking for mpreg.   I prefer Dean/Jensen pregnant.

Fic # 1:   There is a scene where Dean is pregnant and Sam, Bobby and John go on a hunt and Dean gets taken by some hunters

Fic # 2:   I just finished reading "Runaway" by Calysta.   I am wondering if there any stories along that same line.  I have also read  "Baby Steps" by Juli.   I would love stories where Sam/Dean are away from hunting and enjoying life with their children.

On a side note:  I watched "Dark Side of the Moon" last night and I remember a fic where one of Dean's heaven scenes was Cas and Dean making love for the first time.  Can anyone help me find this story.

Thank you in advance for any and all help.
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07 August 2010 @ 11:59 am

I was looking for anything that has to do with Dark Side of the Moon (5.16)
Spoilers for season 5 behind cut )
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01 August 2010 @ 06:11 am
I am looking for Wincest fics that are about Sam and Dean being/realizing they're soul-mates.

I'm really disappointed at how few I can find, especially considering the scene in Dark Side of the Moon.

The only rule I have is no dub or non-con.
06 July 2010 @ 01:33 am
Hey everyone,

I know there are a lot of episodes that focus on the episode Dark Side of the Moon, but what I'm looking for specifically is any fics where Dean, Castiel...someone(preferably not Sam) gets revenge on the hunters that shot them.I've checked the tag in this community but couldn't really find anything, mostly they just focus on the amulet. Thanks for any help.
28 June 2010 @ 08:44 pm
I'm looking for July 4th/firework Sam, Dean and or Jared, Jensen fics. I'll take either slash or gen, please. Wee ones are also a bonus. :D

Thank you.
02 June 2010 @ 06:41 pm
I was wondering if there where any fics that focuses on what was said between Dean, Roy and Walt in 5x16.
Or any other fics where Dean is famous/known for his hunting skills.
It can be gen, het, crossovers, anything goes.
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01 June 2010 @ 04:53 pm
Looking for a post 5x16 fic. Dean is moping and castiel shows up. He tells Dean that Sam's first memory in heaven was giving him the amulet.
25 May 2010 @ 02:42 pm
Hey, I'm wondering if there's any fic where Ash goes through the afterlife looking for Jo and Ellen after he finds out that they're dead. I haven't seen any, but I've not been watching comms recently.

Self-recs are welcome as well as any other recs. :)