Hi guys, I've been in such a bad mood lately... Hope you can help me out :)
I'm just looking for some stories that feature either (or all of??)
#1 Sam and Dean having to pretend to be boyfriends/husbands for whatever reason. I probably already read some of them but surely not all.

#2 Sam and Dean being mistaken for a couple? I love this trope as much as the pretend couple one. Just Sam and Dean being mistaken for boyfriends, maybe going along with it or put up a fight at first...? Just about anything.

#3 Sam and Dean in couples' therapy (or any therapy, really) as long as there's Wincest as the endgame. It can be something inspired by the episode 5.11 "Sam, Interrupted" or a case fic... I don't really care. I read Couples' Counseling by [livejournal.com profile] lazy_daze a while ago and absolutely loved it. So if you have anything similar to this.

#4 Anything that has at least a bit of a humor and light in it and ends with Wincest? I'm not really a fan of established-relationship but if you think it's good, I'll read it. I don't mind angst but happy ending is a must :)

I'm just looking for any fics, preferably gen, where Sam and Dean party, go out drinking, or just do something fun together. Even if it's just playing together as kids. Would especially love to read about the two drinking together, even if it ends up turning morbid instead of fun (as things pretty much always do with them right?)

01 March 2017 @ 04:14 pm

Looking for an old fic that I think is by kroki refur, that is titled, I think, "Make Do and Mend."  I know there are already several posts for [livejournal.com profile] kroki_refur's fic on this site, and I have scrolled through them, but haven't found this particular title.

Anyway - if it's NOT by this author, the plot is this:  Sam has a book that he loves, that is falling apart, and Dean finds it.  Only to fix it by rewriting the last few missing pages - I think he turns a Jack Keruoac novel into a vampire story, or maybe it's SE Hinton.  Memory fails!  Which is why I need help.

I don't have access to kroki refur's LJ page, nor is this title on her fanfiction.net page, and I just downloaded the zip file someone so graciously linked a while back, and it's not there either.  So I'm out of places to check if this is her story.

Hopefully someone can set me straight!  Thank you!

Edited:  Story found in comments!
1. This is what I remember from the story:
- It is about dean and sam exchanging gifts for each other as pranks throughout december, and each tried to outdo the silliness of the gift (i think they had a rule that the gift must be used/worn immediately after receiving)
- At one point Dean gave Sam a reindeer headband, and Sam gave Dean a sweater with a red plusg reindeer nose on it (which Dean gladly wore since it's really warm)
- Purely Gen, and I it was a humour fic

Maybe I'm imagining this fic (I sure hope not) but I'll be really grateful if anyone could find it for me :)


2. This one is a general search
please rec me a fic from outsider pov which shows how much Sam regard Dean highly and/or choose Dean over anyone (could be from Jess or Amelia pov, I've read some really interesting pov of them) -- Gen only please (preslash or gencest are fine)
AU, crossover, self-rec are all ok
The longer the better :)
06 January 2017 @ 09:10 pm
I'm looking for an oldie but a goodie. Pertinent details:

  • It's a bit metaphysical in tone

  • Also, pretty short--probably under 1500 words

  • The three Winchester guys are the three billy goats Gruff, and there's a troll under the bridge. And a narrator.

  • The narrator's pretty important to the style of the piece: think "Fractured Fairytales" from Rocky & Bullwinkle

  • The narrator translates what each Winchester says? I think?

  • I'm not sure of the order, but Dean comes last and basically explodes the troll with his too-rich self-sacrificial angst

  • As I recall, the whole thing was very, very funny

Ring any bells? Anyone have a bookmark to share?

FOUND: Conversational Winchester for Trolls by [livejournal.com profile] eloise_bright
13 May 2016 @ 10:52 am
Hey Guys
I made a pot last night but it didn't show up or something, I don't know, this is the first time Im doing this so please excuse me if I screw up

Its a request for General Non-AU fics preferably with bottom! Dean and Jensen

1)Wincestiel - Not pointless ones , some with a good storyline a bit longer maybe ?
2)Destiel- Slow Burns- Epic lengths
3)Post Demon! Dean on how he deals with everything he's done.
4)Mark of Cain! Dean and how he's trying to get control
5)Team Free Will and Bobby fighting the good fight - in this scenario I want some fics which are very well written and stick to the characters as much as possible. Dean-Centric ? if possible ?
None of these AUs please. In the SPN set maybe ? Lengthy fics ?
6)Well written humour! focused J2 and Cockles
7)Well Written angst! h/c J2 and Cockles
8)Well Written apocalypse fics
9)I read this fic once called Unexpected Destinies By otp_Destiel, I liked it a lot , so If there are more fics like that ?

all dean-centric

Thats about it. Am i allowed to make so many requests ?

Thanks in Advance guys!
Hey there everyone! :-)

I hope you'll be able to help me out, 'cause I've been going crazy on my own trying to find this.

So, I am looking for a specific fic. Sadly I don't remember the title or the author, only that it was on AO3. Every chapter was one episode of the show. The author or authors were up to season 8 or something, I think? Basically, it was about a character from every episode mistaking Sam and Dean somehow for a couple, although they aren't together. It was awesome reading how every episode could have some Wincest and the boys reaction to it.

So to recap, every chapter was from a different outsider point of view, it wasn't actual slash, but the outsider always thinks the boys are together, there are many chapters (though the single chapters aren't actually every long) and it's still a work in progress.

Rings any bells? I've no idea how I can't seem to find this on my own...
I'd really be grateful for your help! <3

Edit: Found! It's Fumbling in the Dark by leonidaslion and I've simply got very selective memory concerning the summary and the first chapter.
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23 February 2016 @ 08:47 pm
After I read the fic "The Incestuous Courtship of the Antichrist's Bride", I got curious if there are another crack fics about Dean as the consort of the antichrist/the boy king/vessel of Lucifer/whatever Sam? I'm in the need of humor stories about this prompt (because they're unusual as usually fics in this subject always dark or angst or violence and let's not forget about all those rape stuffs). So, please anyone? And bottom!Dean only, please. Thanks in advance!
I'm looking for a J2 fic, the only things I can remember is that it all started as prank: people from set were printing wincest (or J2, I don't remember) fics and then hanging them on the board in one of the trailers, everyday somebody was bringing some new piece, I think Misha played big part in it too. After a while Jensen got angry about I guess. Ring a bell?
31 January 2016 @ 06:59 pm
So I read this fic awhile ago, and I'm pretty sure it was on AO3. In it, Dean kept making his voice deeper and deeper in an attempt to go deeper than Castiel, and he kept telling himself it was for that reason, but he was really in denial about how much Castiel's voice turned him on. It was a very humurous fic and super cute. I've been trying to find it for forever, and I know I didn't give a lot of details, but if anyone recognizes it I'd be super grateful!
29 November 2015 @ 09:14 pm
I remember after the season 9 finale there were lots of funny headcanons about Demon!Dean (like him getting stuck in a devil's trap or Sam spraying him with holy water to make him behave).
Are there any longer fics about Demon!Dean? Preferably light-spirited, but I also wouldn't mind angst. And if they aren't set after season 9, that's fine too.
Gen and Wincest are both great, but no noncon between Dean and Sam please! Also no Destiel.
Thanks a lot!
04 November 2015 @ 10:32 pm
Hi everyone:)

So right now I really need something to make me laugh, so can you please recommend any hillarious stories you know? J2, wincest, destiel, gen, basically anything is ok as long as it´s funny and light-hearted.

Thanks a lot:)
OK guys, so while browsing this excellent community I came across a request for 'dean gets turned into an animal fic' and it reminded me of a J2 story that I'd love to read again.

The basics that I can remember are that Jared is a zookeeper and Jensen is a rare type of ferret that is on lone from another zoo. Somehow Jensen gets injured, his foot/leg I think, and Jared takes him home to recover. Cue Jared waking up at some point to a very human Jensen and J2 fun begins. Jensen may have been cursed and I remember Jared's friends at the zoo lightheartedly ribbing him about a lack of a love life.

Here's hoping someone remembers this one as it was a fun story and I'd love to read it again.

Many thanks

Edit: found, and very quickly by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] saltandburnboys
05 April 2015 @ 12:58 am
1) Sam/Dean and library sex.
    I have a weird thing for j2 or Sam/Dean doin' the dirty in a library. For this one, I especially enjoy sam/dean because I'm sure they spent quite a bit of time stuck researching throughout their lives. ;)

    So anything with Sam/Dean having sex in a library is great. J2 in a similar situation would also be awesome, especially if one of them is "nerdy" or shy.

2) J2 on a farm/ranch setting.

    I've read the Cowboys and Babies verse and loved it.

     A long time ago I read a fic where one of the main characters was sent to live with the other and it was a family-farm/ranch setting dealing with horses. It was one of my first slash fics and was from another fandom. The characters ended up together but with a lot of angst and slow build. There was one point when one of the characters got kicked by a horse and the h/c sort of brought them together... Anything like that would be phenominal. (: <3

3) Fics with J2 or Sam/Dean where one of them is shy and the other isn't.

Self recs are fantastic but if it's a wip, let me know in advance. True heartbreak comes from abandoned great fics. (;

*My favorite fics are usually h/c and I'm really into a/b/o and mpreg, so anything with that would be a bonus.
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23 March 2015 @ 12:28 am
Low down on what I remember.

1. Jensen was an art professor and was slightly assholeish (i.e. knocked over a display and did not care) but he didn't care because Jared thought he was hot.

2. Jared was a mechanic/engineering student and there was sexy times on top of a car that made Jensen slightly jealous.

3. Jared was really craving cheetos for some reason (not mpreg) and there may have been sexy times using the cheeto powder.

4. Bottom!Jared

5. Super cute and funny

Please help me!

I am looking for a specific non-au getting together fic, form which I remember only one scene, I think it is written from Jared's POV and I am pretty sure it is one of the well-known and popular fics, probably one of the longer ones, but I am going crazy looking for it.
Jared is gay, Jensen is also gay or bisexual.They meet on Supernatural and become friends. In the scene I remember Jensen comes to Jared between the scenes and warns him that during interviews he mentions Sandy too much (something like "I have a girfriend, Sandy, she is so sexy...") and says that people will suspect she is Jared's beard. Jared replies that Sandy is not his beard, they are friends, Sandy has a girlfriend and they just help each other. I also distinctly remember that Jared wears pink fluffy slippers (random, I know).
It is not much but I hope someone here can recognise it. As I said above- it is probably very well known but I just cannot find it.

I managed to find it. It's "No codename" by clex_monkie89


I am looking for a short story in which Jared was a famous actor - completely in love with his assistant/butler Jensen. Jensen was slightly older than Jared -he was Jared's brother school friend I think and knew Jared as a child. I remember this funny thing that Jensen had first helped Jared when he was still a young actor and after using too much tanning lotion for some new film he had made his face orange. After that Jensen became his assistant (I think he called himself "butler"). In this fic Jared took Jensen to some cabin for vacation and proposed to him. After some discussion Jensen accepted.

I hope someone recognizes it

Found in comments!
23 February 2015 @ 04:15 pm

I'm looking for a specific J2 verse that I read on AO3 a few months ago. It was mostly not an explicit verse. J2 are friends with benefits but Jared has feelings for Jensen and gets pregnant. They become an exclusive couple and it's mostly schmoopy, sweet, and very funny. I think they named their daughter Isabella and the verse was called "Children of July" or something like that. It had July in the name, at least. Some verse installments I recall: one about naming the baby, one about Jared getting morning sickness, one about what color to paint the baby's room.

I've tried googling it and searching through the mpreg but I can't seem to find it! I'd be forever grateful for any help locating the fic on AO3 or if the author has posted it on any other site.

Thanks! <3
14 February 2015 @ 07:51 pm
Emergency! Does anybody know where I could find a version of 'As Simple As That' by Feagalad? It was posted on FFN a few years ago but was later taken down. I admit I did not notice the lack of it until now, and so I am wondering if anybody saved it? The summary's something along the lines of, 'Is even Heaven shipping us now?'.

14 February 2015 @ 04:32 pm
I read a Destiel fic which is not something I would normally do. I can't remember the title or the author. It was about Castiel telling Dean how many steps they were away from being married. At first Dean didn't realize he was fulfilling the requirements and then began to do so on purpose. It was pretty funny and I'd like to read it again, but I also told my daughter about the story and she would like to read it too. Let me know if it rings a bell.

Found by the wonderful serafina20. The (Mostly Accidental) Courtship of Dean Winchester http://tuesdayfic.dreamwidth.org/4954.html
05 December 2014 @ 12:49 pm
I'm sick home from work today and have a sudden craving for human Sam/Gabriel AU stories ... High school, College, Coffee shop or whatever other scenarios you can think of. I have never read one before (always stuck closer to the SPN universe) so you can rec whatever you want .. I definitely won't know it yet. Destiel as a pairing on the side is totally fine. I would love lighthearted and longer stories with at least 20,000 words but will take and devour anything I'll get.

Thanks so much in advance!
16 November 2014 @ 09:42 pm
I'm doing a rec list for a friend of mine who's new to the wonders of Supernatural fandom. And I remembered this series of oneshots I read awhile ago. Basically, Gabriel came to help the Winchesters avert the apocalypse without Sam having to say yes. They backstabbed Lucifer (literally, I think) and Team Free will went to Chuck to celebrate. I think in part 12 or 13, Gabriel figured out that Chuck was God. And he was bugging Chuck so Chuck teleported him to the Antarctic. It was either gen or Destiel.

Sound familiar? Would love some help.
15 November 2014 @ 01:09 pm
1. I read this just the other day, and I cannot find it! It was a shortish story, and I'm pretty sure it was on livejournal.
Sam and Dean had been fooling around for a while, but have never had anal. Sam was totally fine with this, but Dean kept accusing Sam of wanting to top him. Sam kept trying to reassure Dean that he was okay with how things were, until he realised that this was Dean's backwards way of asking for what he wanted.
Dean insisted that Sam take him out for steak before their first time. FOUND!

2. Rubber Ducky (You're the One) by [livejournal.com profile] impertinence. Sam/Dean, Dean turns into a rubber duck. The author has said that it's going to remain locked on lj, and not going to be available on AO3, but hasn't said anything about sharing stories.
If someone has a copy I would love to grab it! AND FOUND!

Thanks guys, you rock!
09 November 2014 @ 01:43 pm
Hi all,

First, I'm in the mood for Non-Au teacher!Dean (maybe he pretends to be a teacher in a case or something like that). I want the stories to focus on Dean and how smart and kind he is. (I love Dean in Genius by adder574)

Second, I would love to read stories with Dean cooking, like Really cooking. (Maybe something like Good For What Ails You by [livejournal.com profile] tifaching)

Any pairing is fine but bottom!Dean only if there is sex :) Thank you!
05 November 2014 @ 08:23 pm
Hello Everyone,

So I'm a fast reader, and a very picky reader at that so I tend to go through story as fast as it takes someone to breath (clearly an exaggeration), anyhow I really want to read some lengthy and well written Destiel (A short fic for me has around 10K to 15k words). Please warn me if it's a bottom/sub Dean I'm not fond of it but this will not stop me from reading a great story. I don't read gender swaps unless it's temporarily, no prostitute/stripper Dean, and absolutely no pregnant Dean (pregnant Cas fics are very much encouraged).

I don't like to permanently hurt Dean, Sam or Cas so no blind, or deaf fics. Fics where any one of them are mute is surprisingly fine with me. I honestly don't care who Sam ends up with, although I have some favorite (Sabriel, Sam/Ruby Sam/Jess, Sam/Sarah). Two characters I can never get enough of are Gabriel and Lucifer. I love them both, especially when Lucifer is not completely evil. Please tell me if angst because those I read when I'm in a certain mood and I LOVE humor fics, emphasis on the love.

I just notice how demanding I am. Thank you some much for helping me out.

Edited: Self recs are okay and just wanted to say I absolutely love Charlie, so anything that has her in it I'm going to love.
22 October 2014 @ 11:08 pm
Okay, so I read this fic awhile back and I have no clue where I found it.

Basically, Jensen changes schools because his father gets a job in another town. Jensen is very anti-social and doesn't expect to make friends. On his first day, however, he meets Jared - probably the most cheerful and open person on the entire planet. Jared somehow lures Jensen into being friends with him. Jensen finds out that Jared is gay and fiercely fighting for gay rights. Jensen is gay himself, but hasn't come out because his parents are very religious and would disown him, so he's afraid of his own desires. They become friends and soon start dating.

Then Jared plans this parade on Silence Day (a day for the homosexuals who don't dare to speak up about their sexuality because they're too scared) and Jensen ends up participating, even though he didn't plan to. But then the parade runs into the local church group who is apparently doing the anti-parade thing (y'know, signs that say 'Gay love is wrong' etc.). Jensen sees his mother among the church people. What's worse, his mother sees him.

She returns home and tells Jensen's father about this. Jensen is questioned on whether or not he's gay. He doesn't deny it. He's then given five minutes to take his stuff and get out of the house. Mackenzie, his younger sister, gives him her new cell phone number (she purchased a burn phone without their parents' knowledge). Jensen moves in with Jared and Jared's mom. Oh, and Jared's mother is the coolest person on Earth. And Jared has two dogs - Sadie and another one whose name I cannot recall.

And then there is the epilogue in which Jared and Jensen are engaged and they are walking the dogs in the park when they encounter Jensen's mother and Jensen gets some closure.

Sorry for the long summary, but I thought that, heck, I might as well go all out and describe this fic in its entirety.

Help with finding it?
04 October 2014 @ 11:09 am
Okay, so I've read this fic awhile ago, but I completely forgot its title. It had hunter!Cas who was being stalked by two angels – Dean and Sam. And then it turned out that Sam was actually Samuel (aka Lucifer) and Dean turned out to actually be Michael, and everybody was like, "Seriously Cas, you hang out with them all day. How could you have NOT known?" And Cas is like, "Oh it was so obvious! Sam always kept calling Dean 'M–Dean'. I think that Dean wanted to help Sam on his road to redemption but I'm not sure about that part.
02 September 2014 @ 04:59 pm
Hey, y'all! So, I have a pretty vague description of this fic I'm looking for.
You know that song, "Hooked on a Feeling" by Blue Swede? Well, in this fic, Dean annoys Sam by chanting "ooga chaka, Sammy chaka."

Yep, that's it. That's all I've got. I'm pretty sure it's preseries & underage, and I know I loved it to death, but that's all I can remember about it. I know it's a long shot, but I really hope somebody can help me find it!

Found! It's "[Untitlted {13}]" by drvsilla.
I'm looking for a fic I lost when my computer crashed, in which Jared is a barrista or a coffeeshop owner. During the year he is experimenting with new blends and styles of coffee and Jensen is tasting all of them. I remember that Jared refuses to offer pumpkin spice coffee in October because it is so cliche, and Jensen is dissappointed, so Jared finally caves and makes it for Jensen. I also distinctly remember that Jared is asking Jensen: "Are you purring at it?" because Jensen is so happy to get his pumpkin spice latte.
I hope someone can find it. Thanks
Hello All,
I am just looking for some good old big brother Dean taking care of Sam ( Season 1- 8 okay)
with a lot of brotherly fluff, self rec welcome too.
Looking specifically where Dean is basically mother-henning the heck out of Sam and Sam is pouting cause he hates being delegated or reminded of his little brother status.

And there is no way to fight it cause Sam knows better from past experiences when Dean is in Mama Bear mode there no one that can get through and everyone who knows Dean step away and leave him to it. Something akin to "what I say goes Sammy"....
Also is there any of the stories has Sam looking to Bobby or Castiel or Even other characters for help..but they all have the same knee jerk reaction "awww hell no I'm not touching that with a ten foot pole... sorry kid you're on your own" They know better than to cross Dean when it comes to the well care of Sam....

I've been reading a lot of angtsy, tragedy, sad, and dark fic just looking for some sweet, light, fluffy, schoomp, man-hadnling cute fics to cheer me up this weekend/week really in a slump of sadness
04 August 2014 @ 11:37 am
I've just gotten my brother into the show long-distance (he lives in CT and I'm in FL). I don't think he even knows fanfic exists, but he does love the show.

What I'm asking for are stories you absolutely love: either with the brothers' relationship or the hunt, whatever. I would prefer to give him something not really arc-heavy, but something someone who is just watching the first time via re-runs on TNT. That puts him only up to season 6. Honestly, I'm not sure how much of the earlier seasons he managed to watch, I think it may be a little spotty so maybe nothing involving the deal. If you want to rec something like that, mark it and I can save it for later.

Thanks in advance!

I think I covered all the tags.
21 July 2014 @ 11:53 am
So, my inquiry isn't very hard or detailed. Basically, I'm looking for all good Samifer fics or fics where Sam says yes but is stronger than Lucifer and can control him.
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Hi guys!

This is what I remember:

- Jared and Jensen are friends
- they are roommates (though I'm not sure if they're in college or not)
- they are not a couple/don't have a stablished relationship yet
- they are pulling pranks at each other for some reason
- one of them jerks off in the shower
- when the other jared/jensen finds the mess in the shower jared/jensen puts Viagra in the jared/jensen coffee
- jared/jensen spends all day with a boner and makes the other "take care of it"
*dont remember which one of them did what

Pleeeease help me! 
I don't know if there's a name for this... but I'm just looking for fics where J2 meet for the first time by literally bumping into eachother? (especially AU)
It seems like a pretty cliche thing in fics but also sorta cute (x

I'd take any fics where they meet in a cute way actually. If anyone can find anything, thanks in advance!
Was there a Supernatural RPF where Jared is completely oblivious that he has Omega DNA/Trait because he never went into heat at the age they are suppose to. So he thinks as well as his family believes for him to be 100% human (since there has been no"ware" DANA in their family for 4/5 generations?) and Male Omegas are extremely rare, in fact there has not been one in a long time I believe it was more than a century? Female omegas were plenty.

Now he 24 yrs old and finally hired at a prestige law firm (junior executive?) after interning for 1 full year at the firm, but never met all three Owners? (Morgan/Singer/Ackles- name of the law firm) life is pretty awesome for him and he is in love ready to propose to his college sweetheart of 4 years (Sandy?)

Then the shoe drops when he finally meets Jensen (I can't remember if in passing to copier or they are at a board meeting and Jared is presenting) Jared start to feel a bit flush and thinks it's the flu excuses himself leaves for the day to rest because that night is the big night to propose to Sandy I think they are in a classy Restaurant/bar place, he woke only feeling a bit warm but everything else has relax inside of him?? Chad and him are BFF since kindergarten. Chad went with him for support and to hit on girls at the bar, Chad does has "Ware" DNA I think he was a Beta or Alpha too?
And I remember Chris, Steve and Jensen were going there for drinks and catching up on Firm business and Pack territories/borders business- you find out Jensen is High Alpha of a very large pack bordering three states (south west or east?), plus 50% co-owner of the law firm. Jensen Ackles of course is a billionaire (old Money). while Jensen and Company enjoy drinks, Jared has the waiter come over with the valet cupcake with ring on top for Sandy, then Sandy notice a slight sheen of sweat on Jared forehead,leans over to touch and asked him if he is okay simultaneously Chad head snap ups from the present conversation with a girl looks sniff the air and looks back toward Jared huge eyes and turns his head toward Jensen and company subtlety -they are laughing still, he gets up excuse himself from said girl ans walk casually to Jared as he looks back one more time he sees Jensen eyes narrow and sits up and dashes towards Jared interrupting as soon as the cupcake is place down
Does any of this ring a bell to any one?
13 June 2014 @ 04:54 pm
I am call on help after my google-fu has failed me...to be fair I had thought I had bookmarked one of the fics I am looking for, the other had a deleted link. So I am asking all your super people out there for help. I think one of the fics was on fanfiction.net and I have looked all over and found some new favorites but not the one I lost. The other was on LJ and might have been in a challange, not to sure though but it was a WIP when I read it and it's over a year old.

1. Dean and Sam get ?cursed? and are turned into cats. They manage to call Bobby for help and he comes and gets them as they are trapped in the impala. Bobby takes them home and Dean still tries to take care of Sam (licking him clean). Sam gets attacked by a ?dog/coyote? but Dean saves him. They turn back human eventually but I think Dean still had the urge to lick Sam (don't think it was sexual). I could have swarn part of the title had tom cat blues or something like that but I can't find anything by that title. I think this fic was on fanfiction.net.

2. Jensen was a werewolf but the blood line was so weak he couldn't turn he just had extra sharp senses and was affected by silver. Jared was a really old werewolf who had a human form and a wolf form and a third form like the old classic wolfman movie (shape of a man but all furry with paws and tail and snout?). Jensen was a beta or something and could go into heat and doesn't know till it happens. Jensen is almost raped by other werewolves until Jared saves him. Jared will have sex with Jensen to keep his heat under control but won't mate him and Jensen tricks him into mating him. Jensen's mom is crazy and hates werewolves and (she or someone she knows?) calls the cops who enter Jared's house after Jensen right after they finish mating. Jensen has to stay with Jared and he wants to and his mom is sent away and the media finds out? It was a WIP about a year ago and was on LJ.

Any help in finding these would be so awesome and I would be very happy. Thanks for anyone who knows what these are and can tell me.

Also I went overboard on the tags just in case, I think I got them all but if I missed one sorry.
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28 May 2014 @ 09:54 am
I am looking for a fic that was based on the Firefly episode 'Jaynestown'. Sam and Dean arrive in a town to discover they worship Dean because he saved some cheerleaders at a football game. It's very funny and Dean spends most of it trying to hide from the people who love him so much. At one point he has to give a speech.

Thanks :)
There's this oneshot (unless it was part of a series) that I can't find for the life of me. It's short and sweet and it consists entirely of Dean and Cas terrorizing their daughter's teacher (elementary school) during a parent teacher conference, and talking about how great their kid is. It's really fluffy and simple and cute and I need it (and its author) in my life again.
13 May 2014 @ 10:31 pm
Helloo alll xD Ah, well, I'm looking for things like:

1. People close to Dean (like Bobby, Sam, John, Jo, Castiel, ect)  misunderstood that Dean was gay.
2. Like number 1 but they thought that Dean was with Sam.
3. People (strangers or close people or anyone and anything) misunderstood that Sam was Dean's boyfriend and he was abusing Dean. Example: Bruised Egos, Good Advice.
4. Like number 3 but someone else not Sam, bonus point if it's John.
5. People close to Dean kept thinking that he was hurt mentally or physically and did some awkward comfort xD
10 May 2014 @ 05:34 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a Jared/Jensen fic where Jared is a bad boy type and he's constantly getting in trouble, the most recent one was breaking into the school pool, and his dad and stepmom decide that enough is enough and they send Jared to live with his mom for the summer and he meets Jensen. Jensen is older than him and reluctant to enter into a relationship with a spoiled kid like Jared, but the mutual attraction is too much at the end. other details are Jared is really mean to his stepmom and Jensen is his mom's neighbor and helps out around her house. Thank you!!

Edit: billysgirl5 found it, called Tailgates Down in the Parking Lot
Hi guys,
I'm looking for some light crack/humor fics - pure fun, happy endings with absolutely no angst.
Basically stuff that makes you feel good and smile. :)

Pretty much Anything but RPF and Mpreg is a go.
I prefer Gen or Wincest over Destiel, but please not too AU (meaning, no highschool AUs etc. Still brothers, still hunting).

I googled and went through the tags here, but most of the light works I found and haven't read are Destiel. I already covered most of the stuff that interested me on AO3.
I'd love to get some recs!
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18 April 2014 @ 01:39 pm
I haven't really read much J2 over the last couple of years but I have nothing to do over the Easter long weekend and I feel the urge to get back into it.
So I'm looking for AU fics where the boys don't know each other at first, have some sort of cute meeting scenario and then the whole dating/getting to know you fiasco hopefully leading to hot boy sex.
I've read some fics where one works in a cafe the other frequents or bakery or bookshop, or they run at the same park so something along those lines that is just sickeningly sweet and fluffy. Something that could be sold as a romantic comedy with two adorably awkward, dorky boys.
Any of the usual CW cast as sidekicks is a plus.
I feel that I've exhausted the highschool/college fics but if you rec something that fits the promt I won't be devastated.
Thanks heaps and happy Easter! xx
26 March 2014 @ 07:35 pm
Hi, I'm wondering if there are any fanfics out there about the boys, or other superntural characters, watching the show? Or maybe them watching videos from youtube. It has always been a fascination of mine and I absolutely love them, the Harry Potter fandom has the most, by far. So, if anybody knows any stories fitting that description, please recommend them to me, thank you!
25 March 2014 @ 07:48 pm
Life has been pretty stressful lately, and Supernatural has been especially angsty (though I love it, of course), so I was hoping for some good old fashioned humor and fluff fics ... any first time Wincest fic that won't make me cry, and ends happily, basically. I know the boys' always gotta have SOME angst, and that's great with me, I just don't wanna go through a box of kleenex. Any length, any time period (but especially seasons 7-9, because I haven't found all that many first time fics set in those), any rating, as long as it's First Time Wincest that is relatively light hearted. I've read a lot of fics, so more recently written fics would probably be more likely to be new to me, but I haven't bookmarked everything I've read and I love a good reread anyway so go crazy! Thanks!
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All I remember is Sam and Dean having sex in the shower; Sam slips on the spooge and has to go to the ER; there's a brief argument about whose jism it was and who was at fault; Dean is telling the story to an increasingly shocked intern, probably, who says something like, You and your brother were having sex in the shower? And Dean says something like, Well duh, have you seen him?

This is not the shower sex story in Ash's anti-kink verse. I also don't recall if the shower business was the bulk of the story, or just part of it.

You will make me quite happy if you recognize and can identify this. Thanks!
16 February 2014 @ 05:59 pm
I've mainly read Wincest so far and haven't read much gen fic. Anyone have any recommendations for really good gen fic with Sam and Dean as the main characters, preferably multi-chaptered? I'd especially love some stories with humor and I'd rather avoid darkfic at the moment. Thanks!
15 February 2014 @ 01:40 pm
1. I love established relationship fics, specifically fics where Dean and Cas find themselves doing really mundane/normal things. This time around I really want some fics about them fighting, bickering, or annoying each other. It'd be cool to see them in a hunting situation but I also love AUs. It'd be even better if Sam or any of the other side characters are just completely done with their shit. (No Sabriel or Wincest please)

2. I would love a fic about little Dean getting to act like a normal kid or teenager. I would prefer him as a little kid but I'm fine with him being older. I would really like seeing him either getting excited over something like a toy/movie/play date, him getting scared and wanting his daddy, or (most preferred) him throwing a tantrum. I'm also totally cool with deaged!Dean.
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I'm sure I've read somewhere a hilarious story where the boys are doing laundry and they find that there actually is some kind of laundry monster stealing their socks. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Pretty sure it was gen, and rather short.