07 August 2017 @ 05:48 pm
Hi I'm looking for a specific werewolf Alpha!Jared/Omega!Jensen story which was a WIP and I'm pretty sure I originally read it on AO3. The details I can remember include...

- Jensen was Jared's younger adopted brother, (he had been found as a pup by Jared's pack) and the boys had recently mated at the opening of the story.

- Jensen was a smaller white furred wolf in a mainly black furred pack and was teased and bullied when he was younger because of this and called "Snow"- I remember he was pushed in the mud as a young wolf.

- Jared was very protective and after an altercation where an alpha who had previously hurt Jensen touched him Jared reopened his mating bite mark on Jensen's neck during sex

- I think the title was something along the lines of 'the Black Ridge Pack' and another omega had recently been killed and there was trouble in the pack with the return of a banished wolf whom I think had hurt Jensen in the past but now he had a pup so was let back in. Jensen's job was to look after the kids in the pack including his attackers son.

I honesty thought I had this bookmarked but can't find any trace of it so I'm wondering if anyone knows where to find it or if it has been deleted might have a copy of the chapters posted? Many thanks in advance :)

FOUND in comments- many thanks :)
16 July 2017 @ 12:56 pm

Im looking for a specifc J2 fic where theyre in college together and in a relationship. Jensen wants to come out but Jared is afraid to. They havr a fight about it in a bar where Jared storms off. Some guys overhear the argument and attack Jensen. He ends up being very hurt and Jared hears about the attack on the news.

Jensen eventually recovers but now he is afraid to be public with their relationship when Jared has a change of heart.

Cant remember how it ends but if you know it, please tell me! I can't find it in my tags.
Hi friends!
I have two requests and really hope that you can help me.

1) I read an J2 Alpha/Beta/Omega fic long ago and even bookmarked it. But sadly it's lost. Here's what I remember about it.

(a)Jensen is an alpha. He saves Jared (who was just a puppy) when he was being harassed and dragged by some rowdy boys mainly because Jared was (probably?) an orphan. Jensen becomes Jared's protector from very young age.

(b)Jensen was very protective of Jared and probably interfered when Jared started dating or something.

(c)Jared on the other hand started dating mainly because he wanted to show Jensen (his mate) that he was experienced and old enough for him.

(d)Jensen had quite a reputation as a ladies man and Jared was convinced that Jensen would break up with him after they hooked up. But he wanted Jensen in spite of that. Jensen on the other hand was waiting for Jared (his mate)to grow up and convinced him that they are gonna be together forever.

(2) What are your favorite AGE DIFFERENCE fics? I mean to say stories where one of the boys is much older than the other and the story spans across years, and one is really protective of the other? I've read stories of FATEBEGINS, ALYCAT, ALIENAT & SAUCYMINX. Any story other than written by anyone else is welcome. No non-con or extreme underage please.

Help me please?
Thanx a million in advance
30 May 2017 @ 01:24 pm
Hi guys,

I just saw the clip from the con where Jared revealed the spoiler.

I don't want to he more specific!

I've been feeling sorry for him, because this could get him in trouble.

Since we know that he suffers from depression, and we know that Jensen loves and supports him, I started wondering.

Are there fics yet about this event?

If not...maybe this will inspire someone to write one!

If there are no fics like this, I'd love recs for similar stories where one if the guys messes up at work, and the other helps or comforts

Gen or slash is fine.


27 January 2017 @ 05:55 am

So in this fic Jared and Jensen break up (i cant remember the reason) and Jared has a hard time coping. His friends take him on vacation and he runs into Jensen and the guy they assume Jense left him for. Turns out, jensen was being blackmailed and was forced to break up with Jared. They find out ans rescue Jensen at the end.
30 December 2016 @ 10:37 pm

Are there any stories outthere where Jensen is in a abusive relationship with another OMC? He hides his injuries from Jared but it ends with a happy ending and J2?

27 November 2016 @ 02:43 pm

I am looking for J2 recs that are decently long and romantic or fluffy with possessive/protective Jared. I would prefer au's and completed or regularly updated. If you want a perfect example I would say Fucking Kodiak, Alaska by Xenodike (http://archiveofourown.org/works/7076524?view_full_work=true).

Thank you
11 October 2016 @ 09:40 pm
Hi there,

I'm looking for a story I've read  a few years ago. Unfortunatly I don't remember much from it except that I liked it very much and I want to read it again.

I think it was a one part story (maybe two part) with J2 working in a team together.
I think Jared was the newbie and Jensen was some kind of psychic? On a very high level? His powers prevent him from living a "real" life and in the team he needs someone to anchor him? Or something like that? I'm not sure with everything but I know that nobody expected Jared to care for Jensen.

Does something of this familiar?

Thanks in advance!
14 August 2016 @ 10:48 pm
Hello, everybody!

I read a cheater!Dean fic recently, and it gave me something of a taste, so I was hoping you kind people had some recs. I'd prefer non-AU if possible, and a happy reconciliation by the end because I'm soppy like that.

But I also would love to ready any fluffy Sastiel or Mishalecki fics you had to recommend. Especially if Sam and Jared are all protective of their respective angels. Not adverse to some light hurt/comfort. Also perfectly okay with gen instead of slash.

Thanks in advance.
24 July 2016 @ 04:34 pm
Hey guys I have two specific fics that I'll like to read again after a looong time. I don't remember the names or the subject, but I do remember one scene from each fic.

1) Jensen was abused by his uncle when he was a kid. Jared blurts it out in rage in Jensen's family gathering. Jared was the only one Jensen has ever trusted with this. He felt betrayed that Jared would do this. I think it was a longish fic and very emotional.

2)Jensen was tutoring Jared in high school. I don't remember if Jared was a jock or not but, in one scene I remember Jensen's father coming home during a tutoring session and Jensen getting scared (he might have gotten scared when he hears footsteps on the stairs). I am sorry I don't remember if his father actually hits Jensen in front of Jared or not. But I believe Jared learns about the abuse then.

I know I didn't give much, but I trust you guys' talent :) thank you in advance.

Hey I was wondering if you guys can tell me the name of this fic. All i remember about it was the Dean was being abused by his dad and he meets Sam at school and they become a couple and Sam finds Dean beat up in his house and gets him to the hospital. If you guys can me find this fic or others like it that would be great thank you. I remembered that Dean was a football player and Sam went to Notre Dam after Graduating.(Edited)

Hi all!

Hope y'all can help me with this. I read this fic not too long ago, but forgot to bookmark it and now can't find it to save my life. It has Jared as a workaholic lawyer trying to make partner and Jensen as the happy homemaker. Jared asked for a trial separation so that Jensen can find something he can be happy with. Jared doesn't realize that Jensen is happy with what he is doing.

All of Jared's co-workers are demanding that Jared fix things with Jensen because Jensen always makes goodies for the co-workers (I love that part) and wants the goodies to keep coming. Jared tries to fix things, but Jensen is trying to get Jared to understand that his ambitions aren't the same as Jared's. The only other thing I can remember is that there is an intern that Jensen takes under his wing and changes how she dresses and get her hooked on Martha Stewart as well.

I know this fic was put online recently, but I can't remember a single word in the title or the author.

Thanks in advance!

Thanks for the quick reply!!!

Found in comments!
05 June 2016 @ 12:26 am
Hello SPN friends! I was hoping you wonderful folks could recommend some stories where Jensen has scars and is self conscious of them. Perhaps he got them because of child abuse, or was in the military and captured and tortured, or they could be surgery scars or due to an accident. They can be anywhere on his body. Would love if the stories were also J2 and Jared tells Jensen he's still beautiful or that he's even more beautiful because of the strength he has for having gone through whatever caused the scars. Can be gen or J2. Please no WIPs.

Thank you in advance.
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The first fic I'm looking for features Jensen as a human pony - not as part of kinky pony play, but more of a 24/7 signed contract or lifestyle thing in a world where human ponies are a pretty normal thing. It might have also been court ordered as punishment, I'm fuzzy on the details here.

Either way, he gets rescued from his abusive owner (a woman, IIRC) and brought to a farm where Jared works. The farm owner is named Eric but the author's notes stated it wasn't supposed to be Eric Kripke.

Jensen is hurt and distrustful but Jared manages to win him over in time.

The other fic I'm looking for is a dragon AU with both Jared and Jensen as dragons. Jensen is a noble, highly respected dragon while Jared is a clumsy dragon (who once burned his own wings or tail accidentally) and is basically the laughing stock because his greatest treasure is his My Little Ponies collection.

It was a really sweet love story in which Jensen wooed Jared and they get together in the end.

I'm pretty sure both fics were posted on AO3. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks. :)

ETA: both fics found! Pony!Jensen & dragon!Js
Hi guys!

Okay, so it's 2:30am, and I'm driving myself INSANE because I can't remember the name of, or find a story!

This is what I remember about it; it was ABO, with Alpha Jared. The Padalecki and Ackles packs weren't really peaceful, and I think Jared wanted to attack the Ackles pack to gain control, but instead, they come up with a compromise; Jared takes Jensen to live with him, and in exchange, the Ackles pack is left alone. There's a lot of protective Ackles family, especially from Josh, since Jensen is an omega, and I think that's part of the reason he agreed to go with Jared. Anyway, Jared starts off mean, and there's a scene when he's drunk and Genevieve hits Jensen and he does nothing to stop it...Sandy is his awesome "housekeeper" of sorts, and she has a soft spot for Jensen. One night Jensen gets sick, and Jared bonds with him...it reads almost like a Beauty and the Beast based fic. There's a cute Christmas scene and Jensen learns that the Padaleckis aren't as bad as he was raised to believe, and there's Jensen being an awesome cook...just before everything can be perfect, he gets kidnapped by some wolves that Jared banished, I think? But eventually, he ends up with Jared after Jared saves him from a cave or something...

Wow, that was long winded! I remember all that, just not the title! Hope its ringing some bells...I don't think I'll sleep until I find it, lol!

Other than that, any top Jared or top Sam with bottom Dean or bottom Jensen, please!! Preferably ones with possessive, jealous Jared/Sam!

Thank y'all!

EDIT: FOUND in comments by the awesome, fantastic moonlight_grrl!! *Happy dance*
..Enter Jensen who just got out of jail & is helped by Danneel to get a job with her at Jared's cafe as a baker. During Jensen'sjensen's employment there both Danneel & Jared worry and watch over Jensen. Jared's family are jerks and his mother sets Jared up with Tahmoh Penikett who nearly rapes him.

Does this sound familiar to anyone out there?

Thank you!
06 February 2016 @ 04:49 pm
Hi! I'm looking for a story a read a long time ago. The details I remenber are that they didn't get along in the begining, Jensen had been married (I think to Joanna), there had been talk about his being gay on the tabloids and there was a scene where Jared meets Jensens parents and Alan was drunk and told Jensen he was a dissapointment. Also when Jared and Jensen meet, Jensen doesn't really like Jared.

Hope someone can help me find this, i've benn looking for it for several weeks now and cannot find it.
27 January 2016 @ 07:15 pm
Hello! If you know some hurt!Jensen fics. I would love to read them,  low-self-esteem, self-harming, bullying, cheting, drug-addict etc.
And bonus if Jared saves the day or is very protective.

Thank you!
10 December 2015 @ 12:34 am
I'm looking for any protective!Dean fics where he is protective OVER Sam. Or Sam over Dean if you have them.

If not... Any Protective!J2? 🙏🏼

I saw this gifset and suddenly need to read any fics like this! :) http://twoidgits-oneassbutt.tumblr.com/post/134906036850/winterchesters-protectivedean-in-11x09
07 December 2015 @ 09:06 am
Hi. I was wondering if there are any stories out there where Sam or Jared is a superhero, and Dean or Jensen is a cop/firefighter/doctor/soldier or some kind of hero in his own right, and the two of them have the same kind of guardian angel relationship that you usually see between Superman and Lois Lane.

I really like Sam/Dean, but there are some great RP and gen stories out there, too, so I'll take whatever you've got.

13 August 2015 @ 07:44 pm

I'm looking for this J2 Fic, but since I'm a little hazy with the details, here's what I think happened in the fic:

Jensen is the son of someone influential (perhaps a politician?)
Jared was someone Jensen met before the incident on the plane, I think he was the pilot for Jensen's plane.
Jensen was with his family in the plane when one of the engines blew, because a group of people were out to get them, probably for some cause of theirs. Jensen's family was held hostage.
Jared and Jensen decided to work together to bring down the bad guys when they found the dead bodies of those who worked on the plane (e.g. the chef and co-pilot)

I'm sorry for the messy details, and thanks in advance!

Also, if anyone has any recommendations for survival!J2 Fics (only with bottom!Jensen please), that'll be great :)

30 April 2015 @ 11:27 am
Hey guys!

I'm seriously addicted to J2 at the moment, and hoping you guys can point me in the direction of some awesome fics. Please, let them all be bottom!Jensen and preferably no hurt!Jared. Ideally, I'd love:

1) Any hurt!Jensen and protective!Jared fics. Jared can be a good or a bad guy, as long as he doesn't hurt Jensen himself.

2) Any fics where Jensen gets hurt protecting Jared, and Jared gets all mother-hen and protective over Jensen.

3) ANY possessive!Jared and jealous!Jared stories are beyond epic.

4) Any abused!Jensen fics where Jared tries to help him heal and is very protective of him. Bonus if there's a confrontation with Jensen's abuser.

5) Any fics where Jared tries to woo Jensen, who believes he isn't worth it.

6) Any kidnapped!Jensen fics where Jared's racing against the clock to get to him and Jensen is hurt during the interim.

A lot to ask, I know, but I'd love to see what fics I might have missed!

Thank you!!! ;-)
26 April 2015 @ 11:34 pm
I'm looking for a specific series I read just a little bit ago, but can't find. I believe it was called something like the "Summer Days" verse. The first fic was about Jared staying in a hotel. He goes out to the motel pool and Jensen is there too. Jensen can't swim, so Jared teaches him. They like each other, and eventually make out. Jensen confides that he does porn with older men, and has been doing it since he was about twelve. He has some missing teeth and pockmarks all up his arm from heroin.

All of the next installments are of many years later. Jared has been looking for Jensen for a long time, and became a lawyer or something to help people like Jensen. His PIs have finally found Jensen, who is working as a prostitute in a terrible area and is known as "White Boy" because he never takes off the white velvet jacket that Jared gave him when they first met. Jensen is really bad off, but Jared takes him away to the hospital, then back home to live with him. Jensen is very sick and has AIDS, and the doctors only give him six months to live. Jensen spends the rest of it with Jared. It's a sad ending.

Please help!

EDIT: FOUND http://redrum669.livejournal.com/17029.html
Hi, I'm looking for a fic I found a little bit ago. It's a non-AU RPF, in which Jensen's uncle or cousin dies and he gets really off his game... Jared can tell that something's wrong, and later he finds out that both Jensen and his cousin were sexually abused by Jensen's uncle as children. I can't remember if it was the uncle dying naturally, or if the cousin committed suicide, but I know it was one of them. Specifically, I think I remember the uncle victim-blaming Jensen by telling him he was asking for it since he was modeling. Please help me find it!

On that same subject, I'm also looking for any non-AU RPF in which Jared finds out that Jensen has been sexually abused, either as a child or as an adult. I'd love painful discovery and hurt/comfort. J2 is not necessary, but not unwelcome. I would especially love any fics in which Jensen has been abused by his manager or casting agents, anything like Mismanaged (http://mis-managed.livejournal.com/3755.html), but with Jensen being the victim. I'm alright with Jared having a negative reaction to discovery in the beginning, as long as he later comes to his senses and there is plenty of guilt and comfort!
27 February 2015 @ 10:30 pm
Hi all!!
I'm really in the mood for some fics were Jared/Sam suddenly starts to think that Jensen/Dean is fragile.
Maybe Jensen/Dean gets hurt, faints, lost some weight or are just simply exhausted and Jared/Sam takes care of him.

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25 February 2015 @ 10:56 pm
Hi, I'm looking for a fic where I think Jensen is kidnapped and hold up in a place with scientist studying him and since he is a beta or omega they strap him to a f***ing machine and Jared finds him and rescues him but he is so in need of an orgasm but in pain that Jared sweetly and softly helps his aching mate
21 February 2015 @ 12:38 am
I read this story a while back in I can't remember how the whole thing goes in beginning. So I will just list what I can that happen around middle to end of the story.

!)Jensen had some type of profession not sure again what it was, but Jared was trying to protect his money finances. Someone was trying to hack into the business.

2) Jensen did think Jared had something to do with it in he took it out on him in a very brutal way in later threw him out on the lawn.

3) Jared had a friend that took care of him in took him to hospital where he can heal.

4) Jensen later found out the truth in tried to make things right. In I think someone was after Jensen. Because that guy came to the hospital to shot him but Jared took the bullet for him.

So yeah that's all I got.

Story Found - http://archiveofourown.org/works/1067040/chapters/2140368
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23 December 2014 @ 02:17 am
Hi all!

I'm looking for a specific Fic whereby Jensen have birth to a girl but due to family objections, he ran away from his family and Tom Welling who was his child's other father (and also a bastard in this Fic).

Jensen has yet to finish college(?) and rented an apartment that Jared's grandmother owns. Jared is a cop and his family is really influential and owns majority of some sort of good.

J2 started off with Jared helping Jensen out with his kid and also the purchase of groceries and ends with J2 getting together and Jensen having Jared's twins.

Rings a bell? Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas! :)
16 December 2014 @ 12:35 am
Hey guys! I was wondering if you had any good recs for a kid!fic with Jensen and Jared. I'd absolutely love one where they are in Kindergarten or preschool together and both have childish crushes on one another! I really need some fluff in my life right now.

Big bonus if the fic has one being protective of the other in it! I'd love if one of the J's didn't want other kids playing with them.

Thank you so much in advance!
27 November 2014 @ 05:31 pm

I'm in the mood for possessiveJared/Sam!

Like Sam/Jared realising how good-looking Dean/Jensen is, he gets jealous and possessive and protective as he notice other people looking at Dean/Jensen.

Please help!!

Hope I got the tags correct!
We all know Dean is a badass when it comes to those he cares about. I would like to read stories here Sam or Jared is the one who goes BAMF when it's necessary. Gen or slash doesn't matter, nor does length. Crossovers are fine, I just want them to get their 'Don't mess with me or mine' on. Thanks so much everyone
02 November 2014 @ 09:58 pm
1. Hey, looking for a story i read years ago on fanfiction. I think it was called second chance and it was an AU after season 3. Instead of Dean dying, he was severly wounded and badly scarred and i think he lost an arm too. I remember Sam eventually gets Dean a prosthesis and he uses it to slap a waitress who was previously rude to him when they went to a diner earlier in the story.
Not much but hope its enough for someone to recognise it.

2. Looking for other stories where Dean or jensen has to deal with some sort of facial scarring or the loss of a limb or something along those lines. And Sam, Bobby, Jared or Misha has to help him deal with it.
Can be any pairing- Gen, Dean/Sam, J2, Jensen/Misha. As long as Jensen or Dean is the one with scarring and injury.

3. Any stories where either Dean & Sam, or Jensen & Jared start with a prank war, but a prank goes wrong and either Dean or Jensen ends up injured and Sam or Jared ends up feeling guilty about it.

4. Any stories where Dean & Sam end up running into some of Sam's friends from college and treat Dean as if he's an idiot, either because he dropped out of school or because hes 'pretty', which in their eyes means stupid.
12 September 2014 @ 09:45 pm
I've just recently read 'Underneath it all' by [livejournal.com profile] ashtraythief and I'm craving more fics with Mobster!Jared. I'll take anything!

I've already exhausted the list on J2 recs, as well as the previous Mafia! request here: http://spnstoryfinders.livejournal.com/9430993.html#comments

07 September 2014 @ 08:01 pm
Hi all!!
Please rec me some mob/maffia fics!!

A big bonus if Jensen is hurt and Jared gets all protective! ;)

Found super fast!!!


I've been racking my brains to try and find this fic again but no joy - so hoping you wonderful people can help!

its an RPS, with Jensen having to deal with (I think) someone from the studio stalking him, and Michael is a good guy in this fic and comes in to help (the issue Jensen had was also on Dark Angel). I think it was jared/jensen but can't be too sure.

sorry, I know it's not a lot to go on but it was such a fantastic fic, and I know there aren't that many fics out there that have a Michael as a good guy that the short summary might jog your memory.

virtual cookies for anyone who can help x

thanks :)

Mods: I've tagged it as a search for a crossover as they're's a small part of the fic that is in the genre, but there isn't a tag for Michael? 
28 August 2014 @ 06:27 pm
Hi everyone!
I have a challenge for u all!
Can u help me find stories where Jensen is an important person but he doesn't see it himself and people around him feel protective of him?
And he gets hurt and don't really understand why people are upset.
I know it's a very strange request but I hope there are stories out there.
17 August 2014 @ 09:18 am
Hi like an idiot I forgot to save a story I read (most likely on LiveJournal) and now it has come back to haunt me. Anyways it started by Jensen getting thrown into a wall on set. Jared had the day off or something so he was at home. Misha, Cliff, and someone else have to deliver Jensen (who is drugged up to his eyeballs on pain meds) home. They are terrified to face the wrath of protective Jared and Misha also tells Jensen that Jared will give him a sponge bath later. Anyways Jensen distracts Jared as he turns out to only be pretending to be drugged for this purpose, so Misha and someone can make their escape.
Also wouldn't be apposed to any recs like this with drugged/sleepy boys or them pretending to be. Thanks in advance!
I’m pretty sure that these are elements of two *different* fics - but I could be mixing up which one is which. One with Jensen getting abused by a lover, one with Jared getting screwed over by an ex. But in both (I think) Jensen has a substance abuse problem. Each is set early in the show – season two or three maybe.

The First Fic: Jensen has a live-in boyfriend – who takes off with most of Jensen’s belongings.
The Second Fic: Jared was married (to Sandy?) who cleaned out their house and his bank account.

Jensen was planning on staying in a condo paid for by the studio, but something happened and at the last minute, he didn’t have a place to stay. Jared offered to share his place.

Home in Texas for hiatus, Jensen has a fight w/family and/or Jared’s ex calls and blasts Jensen, who leaves in car drunk and has a single-car accident.

Family member/friend calls in a favor – Jensen’s given a choice – jail or rehab. He chooses rehab.

Jared consults with family member who’s a lawyer – arranges for legal protection of Jensen’s assets – freezes his bank account, puts his belongings in storage, files for divorce, etc. Something like this happens in both fics.

Jared’s mom figures out that Jared’s been in love with Jensen for some time. She’s okay with it – Jared’s older brother? Not so much. He’s afraid his little bro will get hurt.

Family isn’t allowed to visit Jensen in rehab – the only visitor allowed is Jared. Wife/boyfriend tries to get in to see Jensen and Jared gets into his/her face and tells them off.

There’s a series of long-distance calls between the Js – they talk about why Jensen’s been going off the rails and making bad choices in relationships. Slowly, Jensen realizes that Jared is doing all the things a partner *should* do and wonders if they have a shot at a relationship.

There’s a call to Eric Kripke about the possibility that Jensen won’t be out of rehab by the time shooting for next season starts. They make arrangements.

I *think* they end up together – agreeing to take things slowly and one day at a time.

I hope this made sense. Does any of this ring any bells? If so, thanks. Dead harddrive means I can’t search my own collection for fic I know I had.

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09 July 2014 @ 11:37 pm
Hi guys,
I was wondering if there are any stories about Jared saving Jensen. It can be AU but doesn't have to. I just want some stories that have hero Jared who saves Jensen (take a bullet for him, etc.). It can be gen or J2, I just want stories with amazing Jared and lots of angst. Thank you.
26 June 2014 @ 06:55 pm
Hello, in the Vancon 2013 Misha Collins answer a question about scars, in this link if someone wants to watch It https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VFm_UNojFpA.

He mentions an accidental one on his finger, but what really got me was how he told that when he was 13 he decided to carve the word "why" on his calf, and a peace symbol. He looks accepting if a little awkward to me, kind of nervously laughing.

He was alone on the scene when he told the story, and I wonder of there is some fic out there that deals with how the rest of the actors reacted to this. ¿Did Jared and Jensen knew already, or It was new to them?

Some comfort fic following the Vancon would be awesome, but if no one knows about It maybe remit me to some hurt/comfort misha fics?
Thank you you all!
20 June 2014 @ 09:31 am
Hello everyone.  This is a general request after having done some Googling and searching on this site.  I am interested in finding some stories where Jensen is trapped whether in a car accident, an earthquake, fire, building collapse due to a bomb, cave-in or whatever makes him get trapped and Jared either has to find him, dig him out or keep him talking (and breathing) until help arrives.  I found a couple of stories during a google search but they all had broken links.  Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can offer.
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19 June 2014 @ 10:49 pm
Hi guys! General search here today. I'm wanting to read any long plotty RPF fics. I prefer non-au, J2 (but will read others) and LOVE anything with major angst and past abuse types (abusive ex/family/etc - basically anything that'll make me cry!). I love possessive/protective/jealous-ness in fics as well (goes nicely with the angst!).

My main criteria though is that the fic is well written- so even if it is Au feel free rec away! Any Self recs are always welcome, any kinks - Although not too keen on Mpreg or a/b/o.
Many thanks!
hi guys,

I am looking for a fic I read long back and cant find it anymore. Jensen and Jared are on set when someone from Jensen's past acting career or Jared's friend comes and spreads rumours about Jensen being involved with everyone in his career before....I remember mention of smallville and also he tries to capture and kill Jensen in the end....i dunno I could be mixing two fics but please ...... help!!!!
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10 April 2014 @ 06:24 pm
Hi everyone!!

First I'm looking for a story I read some time ago, in it Jensen is younger than Jared, Jensens mother works as a cop and Jared is her new partner and after some time Jensen and Jared falls in love.
Really want to read that one again!!

Secondly and an general search: stories that have abusedJensen and him trying to hide it from Jared and his friends, and of course Jared and Jensen ends up togheter! :)

Please Help!!!
Thanks in advance!!
07 March 2014 @ 08:32 pm
Like the header says. I'm looking for one general fic type/theme; I've been looking for something with a certain feel and having no luck. Is there anything where Jensen is gay and Jared is straight and Jared defends/protects Jensen (even only verbally), when he comes out or just for being gay in general. Gen or slash, I would just like to read a story/scene based on that. Please, no a/o, slavery, bdsm, and no WIPs, though if the author posts regularly and the story is close to being finished, I'll thank you and give it a try. Thank you all :-) (I have no clue how to tag this)
02 March 2014 @ 11:39 pm

I really have a craving for fics which feature Sam jumping in front of Dean and taking some sort of hit for him, whether that be in the form of a bullet or a spell or whatever else one can think of. Extra cookies if Dean was doubting Sam's strength/commitment/love before, but after witnessing Sam's protective actions he realizes just how wrong he was.

Jared doing the same for Jensen would be lovely too, although my craving can only be fully satisfied with Sam and Dean. Gen, wincest or J2 are all a-ok with me. Please warn me if it's a death!fic, and self-recs are love!! :)

23 February 2014 @ 01:14 am

So, I read this fic a little while ago where Jared and Jensen were friends from college but went their separate ways for a bit. Then, Jensen contacts Jared and asks to stay with him and his dad (who was JDM) for a while. Turns out, Jensen was on the run from an abusive ex (Tom?) but he and JDM fall in love with one another.

Jared sees them kissing in the kitchen and freaks. Jensen runs away and into Abusive Ex and there's a fight involving him, Jensen, and JDM where Jensen is ultimately stabbed.

In the end, Jared makes peace with their relationship and Jensen/JDM live happily ever after (or so I recall).

Any help would be appreciated. It's driving me crazy not to be able to find this.
31 January 2014 @ 08:00 pm
I think the story is called "Starting Over" Jared is in a custody battle for his son, who was abused by his ex's boyfriend, which left Jared's son mute. He meets Jensen and has an instant attraction to the other man. Jensen has reservations about pursuing a relationship. Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty are a couple in the story. Jensen has a twin brother named Dean who is in a relationship with Misha in the story as well.
06 January 2014 @ 11:39 am
I'm looking for a fic that had been on Blindfold_SPN but of course when I get a hankering to read it again I find out that the entire community has been deleted. In the fic Jensen, Jared, Steve, and Christian head to a cabin in the woods for some R&R, however, during their time there they are taken hostage by some guys on the run. One or two of them take particular interest in Jensen and molest him in front of the other guys. Ring any bells anyone?

Found by [livejournal.com profile] somersault_j it's Untitled by [livejournal.com profile] vsocke
I don't remember a lot about this story, but it seems like Jensen owned some type of shop, maybe a book store? For some reason, Jared (cop, FBI, something) comes to protect Jensen and they even replace one of Jensen's workers with another cop/agent. I can't remember if Jensen knows that she is? Anyway, I remember some ex boyfriend or someone Jensen is afraid of comes into the shop and scares Jensen so bad it makes him vomit, but he hides it, saying he's just sick/not feeling well. Later, the guy comes back and I think the female worker protects Jensen from this person. That's really about all I remember. Hope this rings some bells for someone. Thanks in advance!

Found: Win and Protect by the_green_bird


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