Somebody kills Sam and Dean takes him away to a house and freezes him in a tub and then Sam's ghost comes to him and grows stronger?
30 April 2017 @ 11:54 pm
I'm looking for a fic where Sam and his friends do a halloween challenger thing. I can't remember much but I remember them not being able to sleep and sam not being affected much, some how it actually turns into a case and dean comes ans helps sam out
Had this book marked and can't find it now. Preseries story involving a haunted house. When they are checking it out there is an earthquake. When the house collapses, John can only save one. He decides to save Dean. Sam escaped on his own with the help of a child ghost who shows him secret tunnels under the house. Sam is dating the sheriff's daughter . He is around or I believe. Thanks so much.

Status: FOUND
Looking for a specific series about Sam as a child antichrist. General search for rare creature Sam
For the specific fic, I remember that it was on livejournal and it was Sam as the child antichrist. He had a tail, horns, and his eyes were solid black. Sam would always come onto Dean, and Dean would resist. John was totally cool (I guess) with having the Antichrist as a son. I had bookmarked it before, but I lost all my previous bookmarks earlier this year.

Also, as a side request, does anybody know any fics where Sam is a rarer creature? For example: ghoul, djinn, kitsune (like in the show, not the Japanese mythology kind), etc.

Heck, maybe even a ghost? Not exactly rare, but it is interesting.

Anyway, that's all, my thanks in advance! :)
This story is probably at least 5 years old and was on I believe it was around 10k in length, give or take. It was a gen casefic with Sam and Dean, probably set before season 4 (since there were no angels or demons).

All I remember is they were in a house with at least two spirits, one male and one female. The male spirit attacked Sam and slashed him in the back of his legs with an axe. The female spirit I think helped keep Sam alive with her energy, which was like a glowing ball, while Dean took care of the male spirit's body/whatever was tying him there somewhere outside of the house before returning to check on Sam.

Any help would be appreciated!

Found it for myself...And the Wicked by A-blackwinged-bird on
12 July 2015 @ 10:02 pm
Hey, I'm just looking for any fics in which Dean is a ghost. No specifics needed. AU or canon-compliant, pre-series or not. An example is in which Dean is in a coma, but his ghost haunts the high school. As you can see, Dean doesn't necessarily have to be dead in this fic, as long as at some point he is a spirit.

Preferably gen or Destiel. I love angst and hurt/comfort. Otherwise, I'm totally open.
Hi, the story I'm searching for is pre series. John and both boys are on a case where it's a haunted house I believe. There is a cave in and both boys fall. John can only save one of them and saves Dean. Sam is led out of the cave in by a ghost through some secret tunnels, maybe from Prohibition? Sam is also supposed to meet uo with either the Sheriff's daughter or an officer's daughter, but the dad has to tell her they think Sam is dead. Not a deathfic.
15 February 2015 @ 06:27 pm
I am looking for help finding a specific fanfiction that I read years ago and used to have bookmarked but have since lost. I cannot for the life of me remember the name or the author but I can remember general plot points and that it was quite long (10 chapters I think - or around that).

Okay from what I remember here are some key points of the story - one is s major spoiler for the story but, you know, it kinda helps with finding it:

  • It takes place when Sam is at Stanford and he gets a call from the cops that the Impala has been found and Dean is in hospital. I think Dean was found on the side of the road and was unpresonsive and remains that way

  • Sam goes to the hospital and Dean is pretty much catatonic - John is no where to be found and because Dean isn’t talking Sam has no way of finding out what happened.

  • I think Bobby is in the story - I think Sam contact's him to help with Dean when he realises that there is a case here.

  • They go to a house and Dean like flashes back and they find out Dean killed John and that’s why he is catatonic - he was possessed by a ghost?

  • If it helps the story would technically be AU since the story takes place before the Pilot episode when Sam is at Stanford.

11 February 2015 @ 06:18 pm
I'm looking for a specific story where Jensen is part of a group of paranormal investigators.  Jared ends up joining the group (or at the very least, following them),and he ends up finding out that Jensen's team stages every thing.  Jared gets really upset and in the end, they all experience an actual haunting/ghost.

Mods: I'm not too sure which tags to use. Sorry if I missed any.
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11 December 2014 @ 06:54 am
Hey guys! I'm looking for a fic that has Sam and Dean settling in at the bunker when a ghost (I think it was a form of a ghost at least) starts knocking things around. Sam was sick with a cold and thought he was hallucinating at first. Finally they appease the ghost with some of Sam's expensive bread? Something like that. At the very end they have to go on a hunt and the ghost packs their bags for them.
Anyone remember this?
06 November 2014 @ 03:50 pm
Okay - I'm going to literally tell you almost everything about this story and apparently the only thing I don't know is the author and title.

•Jared is a medium who does a favor for his buddy Chad and reads Chris, Steve, Aldis (I'm 99% sure it's Misha as well) and Jensen's fortune. Jared has a comic shop and Chad owns the shop he reads the above mentioned group.

•Jensen is a vet that just recovered from an accident involving his abusive boyfriend (Matt Bomer. Yum, side note why not a regular thing Matt/Jensen??).

•At first Jared is the only one who can see Matt, delves into backstory, etc.

Someone? Anyone? [ profile] saltandburnboys ftw. Link found in comments.
Edit: FOUND! This fic is by [ profile] trolllogicfics and can be found here. Thank you so much!

The fic is called "One Shot" and was posted on LJ quite a few years ago. I cannot recall the author's name and Googling such a common phrase has left me stranded. It's very short, probably around 1k, definitely not more than 2-3k.

The fic is an AU of the end of S1 where the boys died in the car wreck, and were somehow sent back in time. It's from Mary's point of view, from before the fire. She gets a car from Bobby Singer, whom she notes looks oddly old, and eventually discovers this car is haunted by two older boys who died in a car wreck. (At one point the trunk opens to reveal an arsenal of hunting supplies Mary didn't put there. The older ghost mouths, "My car.") The ghosts won't appear around John or talk to him, but they aren't malicious, so Mary is happy enough to have them along. Then young Sam and Dean start saying and doing strange things, like asking for salt in the grocery store, and one night Mary wakes (I think, this part's fuzzy) to find Dean at her bedside, telling her someone is in Sam's nursery. She realizes that the ghosts are her sons in the future, takes the Colt, and shoots the yellow-eyed demon.

It's been awhile for me so some of these details might be fuzzy, but it was one of my favorite fics of all time and I am heartbroken I can't find it. I know I commented on it, but I don't know if there's a way to look up your comment history on LJ, and, of course, my delicious account was deleted quite some time ago. Any help would be very much appreciated!

(I hope it's okay to post here even though I'm no longer active on LJ. This is the only place I could think of to go!)
I read this story awhile ago. What I remember is that while on a hunt, Dean is separated from Sam. Injured and lost in the woods, he is taken in by a medicine man who turns out to be a ghost living in a ghost village. The medicine man begins to change Dean into a thunderbird and Sam comes to the rescue and saves him.

It's not Storm Chasers, though they both are good and have thunderbirds in them. I'd love to read it again! Appreciate any help in finding this great story! Thanks!

I've tried to remember who wrote this story, but for the life of me, I cannot come up with it. Dean is kidnapped and held in a cell in a basement. There are a woman and a small girl being held next to him. The man who is holding them prisoner is killing special people in order to become a necromancer. He killed the woman and Dean is next. Somehow, Dean and the small girl manage to escape. They manage to get to a service station and call Sam to come get them. One of the funny scenes is that Dean sends Sam to Walmart to buy the little girl clothing and he is at a loss. Dean discovers that he can see dead people and has become a necromancer.

If anyone can tell me the author or the name of the story, I would be greatly appreciate it.
Looking for Three Hail Lucifer and One Misplaced Halo and other fics where Jensen and/or Jared are angels/demons.

I've also read a few where they are gods (Greek, pagan) and a few creature fics as well.

I'm curious as to what there is out there beyond what I've read so far.

I've read one called Imbolic (sp?) so something like that would be great as well. Jared's a pagan god that is participating in a festival/orgy and it was really well done.

Other characters involved are welcome but I'd like it to be J2 at the end.

Also I'm not that big on werewolf fic but if it's well written I'll read it.
Okay, so a while ago I was randomly reading some Sam death fics on when I stumbled across two specific ones that I really loved. I had them saved and bookmarked on my laptop but due to technical issues I had to have it wiped and could not retrieved my saved data :(. I remember little bits and pieces about them but not a ton so forgive me if my memory is crappy and gets something wrong.

1) The first one was kind of a long fic. I think it started off just after Sam had risen Lucifer and was freaking out at him by drinking heavily. Dean and him had gotten into a fight earlier -that Dean was having flash backs of- and ignoring Sam because he was still pissed. Dean goes to bed and Sam ends up stabbing himself to death in the stomach when a voice in his head -Dean's I think- tells him he wishes he was dead and then Sam ends up in hell. That's just the first chapter I think but I'm wondering if this is ringing any bells? Thanks!

2) The second one was really beautifully written and melodramatic in a way that is actually pretty believable for Supernatural, lol. I think it was set after their dad had died and Sam was upset that Dean wouldn't talk about his death. Sam keeps pushing about the subject until Dean flips out and punches Sam and bitches about how much pressure he had put on him and how he was the better son. Sam freaks out and runs away to clear his head but gets hit by a car and left on the side of the road to die. Dean shows up later looking for him I think and finds him. Sam comes back as a ghost if I remember right. I don't remember for sure if this was a one shot or a two part fic but I think it was two parts. Any ideas? :) Both fics were general and completed I believe.


Thanks a ton to everyone who helps!
The two fics I'm looking for are hurt!Sam(obviously) and I hope someone can help me ifnd them quickly.  I've been looking for them for a long time and if you help me I will love you forever.

1) I don't remember what season it was in but I think it was season 2.  Anyway Sam was kidnapped by a monster(don't remember what) and he was tied up in a basement that had a bad leek and it was storming.  When Dean and Bobby find him the water is high eough that he almost drowns and that is pretty much all I remember.  Oh and it also contained awesome!Dean and Bobby with hurt!and-possibly-sick!Sam

2) Set in either season 1 or 2.  Sam fell down a mine shaft on a hunt(I'm thinking it was for a wendigo) and ended up with a concussion.  It took Dean a long time to find him and Sam was out of it and possibly sick.  I honestly don't remember much more so I hope someone can help.

3) Sam got hit by a car and was left on the side of the road.  Dean found him and he knew Sam was dying so he stayed with him and cuddled right there on the side of the road.  After Sam dies he comes back (temporarily) as a ghost to talk to Dean before he moves on.

Sorry if any of these are really vague but I haven't read any of them for a while.

Oh and please recommend any hurt/sick!Sam from either season 1 or 2!
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07 May 2013 @ 01:59 am
Hey guys! I am trying to find a fic and my google foo has failed me. It was a cannon fic, with focusing on either Dean or Sam, but I think it was Dean. I cannot remember exactly what it was about, but I think it was a case fic where this graveyard keeper thing had gone rouge? I think I remember some town boys had gone out at night and broken some headstones and kept some pieces as mementos and angered the keeper, and the keeper was going after them.  And Dean or Sam knew what it was because they had delt with one when they where younger and never told Daddy Winchester what happened. The story was that back when old graveyards where first built, people believed that whoever was buried thier first where bound to the graveyard and had to keep watch over it. Alot of times, the first one buried was a young child or teenager. The keepers were not evil per say, they were just very protective of what they saw as thier duty. Whichever boy it was, Dean or Sam who had delt with one before, had to convince the other one that they could get through to the keeper without killing it, I do not remember what they ended up doing. It was a very haunting fic that really moved me, so of course I didn't save it or anything smart like that.  Please help!!
31 March 2013 @ 10:26 pm
I don't know if something like this exist but I'm looking for stories that have ghosts but that are not about simple 'salt and burn jobs'.
Maybe Dean and Sam feel pity with the ghosts because they are kids or other innocents. Or a ghost helps them with a task or on a hunt.
Wincest is okay. No WIPs please.
01 March 2013 @ 01:15 pm
I searched through the episode related tags but was not able to find anything matching.
I'm basically looking for stories where Dean doesn't wake up from his coma in In my time of dying and ends up as a ghost just like the reaper predicted.
Slash and wincest is fine, no het please.
18 January 2013 @ 10:11 am
I read this one a looonnng time ago - maybe 4-5 years. Here's what I recall: Dean (not sure about Sam) is living with a woman in the suburbs and helping her renovate her house. There is an abandoned house across the street that had something bad happen in the past (child murder?).

Dean is drawn to the house - I think he has visions/dreams of the incident that made the house be haunted. Dean can't fight the pull and goes inside, it's like the house is "alive". I seem to recall a scene with Dean trying to get upstairs and he has to fight/struggle with an unseen force.

This is not the story by roque clasique, where Dean and Sam stay with a female. Thanks for any help locating this.

FOUND, thanks to lemmypie: "No Fortress is So Strong" by kimonkey7, is a great multi-chapter GEN story where Sam and Dean flush spirits out of a house. Has a great OFC (has het scenes w/Dean):
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26 December 2012 @ 11:31 am
Hi there! 

This is something of a strange request, but I was wondering whether there were any J2 stories floating around where either Jared or Jensen is dead? I'm not particularly partial to death!fic, but the idea of them finding each other in death is, for whatever reason, appealing to me. :P

I've gone through the 'one of them is dead' tag over a [ profile] j2_recs, which actually prompted this search. :)  I've also listened to 'Till the End of Eternity by [ profile] estrella30, read by the wonderful [ profile] fishpatroll, and it's the sort of fic that I'm looking for. I'd prefer happy endings, but really, anything goes. :D

Happy holidays, everyone!
I actually remember a lot from the story except the title/author.

It's a case fic. While Sam and Dean are investigating a haunted house, a spirit pushes Dean off the stairs and he falls through the rotting floor, landing in the basement. He's seriously hurt and Sam has no choice but to take him to the hospital. Dean has either a broken leg or a knee injury. Sam befriends a nurse and he accidentally uses all her change for his soda.

The boys have a motel at first but, because of Dean's injury, they eventually stay on the nurse's Aunt's property. While in the motel Dean is in such pain that Sam double doses Dean with his medicine.

Someone is snooping around the Aunt's property (turns out he was a land surveyor or something), Dean freaks out and wants to pack up and leave. Sam "accidentally" trips him up making him fall onto the sofa.

It took place around the time where Sam had abilities because a beer bottle was flung towards Dean, who was sitting on the porch. Dean thought the bottle had been thrown by Sam in a fit of anger, but it wasn't.

Sam falls for the nurse and she somehow is involved with their original case. She sees Sam handle the ghost while she was riding her bike home from the hospital and she freaks out.

At first I was thinking this was part of the Drive 'verse or the Fusion 'verse, but I don't think so anymore...maybe.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks. :)

ETA: Found in comments... The Lee by pdragon76. :)
24 August 2012 @ 11:41 pm
Hey guys, I know there are a few out there and I've read some before, but I'm looking for some stories where Jared is a ghost. I know I'm going to get all the stories I've already read (which is fine because I know I'll re-read them, plus others might look here) but I'm hoping to get some new ones, new for me at least.

Also, I've read <a> href>Maybe It's All We've Got But It's All I Need</a> by <lj user=fatebegins>  again (it's part two in a verse if anyone runs off to read it, WHICH YOU SHOULD!) and it really makes me want to read something else where Jared or Sam (preferably Jared) is captured/kidnapped, whatever, and experimented on. Maybe he has powers, is a were-something, doesn't matter.

That's all, please and thanks.

P.S. MODS I know I leave a note for you every time I post - I hate the tagging system, not yours just the system in general I'm always afraid I'm putting the wrong ones down or missing some - but I'm going to try my best to not screw this up :)
1. Hi, I am looking for a specific fic. I don't rember the author or the title of the fic. I do remember that it's set right after BUABS, it's gen and in 2 parts.
Sam and Dean leave Bobby's house and find somewhere to stay for a little while to recuperate. Wherever they are staying (I think it was a hunter's place) has a river that is being possesed by a ghost. The ghost tries to drown Sam (by making him sleepwalk I think) and Dean has to pull him out and preform CPR. I think Dean is having some health issues too because he was shot. Also the ghost was different than other ghosts because it was part demon and it might have been the daughter of the hunter. I think the daughter was killed while being possessed.

I never finished the fic so I don't know how it ends. :(

2. Also I'm hoping you guys can hook me up with some Dean/Cas fic recs. I haven't read much fic with that pairing and I would love it if you could share your absolute favorite fic. I'm good with any length, rating or genre. Scmoopy, crack!fic, sad, I will take pretty much anything you've got.

I would prefer no noncon or dubcon, mpreg, or fics where Cas acts like a bird. Plus no Sam bashing, please.

Thank you!
11 August 2012 @ 06:51 pm
Hello, I just watched In My Time of Dying again, and I have a couple requests.
Looking for ghost/spirit!dean stories, gen or wincest. Also will take ghost!jensen stories. Prefer happy endings with Dean/Jensen getting back to to his body at the end.
Also looking for stories where Tessa has a big role in the fic. She helps out team free will or something.
Longer fics for both requests.
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