03 August 2017 @ 06:26 pm
Hi all,

I've been a little short on fics lately so I'd love some recs from you lovely finders. I have a few parameters I'd like met, but anything similar should make me pleased as punch. Thank you in advance for any links y'all provide.

Things that are key:
Wincest or pre-slash gen (so it feels pretty gay)
Bottom!Sam only, please!
Not only PWP--some plot required

Things that I'd prefer:
Early seasons (1-3) or Kripke-Gamble era (6&7)
Hurt!Sam, either physically, mentally, or both (I'm a big fan of post Cage!Sam, kidnapped!Sam, depressed/suicidal/self harming!Sam, insecure!Sam)
Case fics are great, or at least something non-AU (so it has to deal with hunting or life on the road or the season plot arc)
Sexual tension is SOOO GOOOOD. I especially love fucked up!Chesters? Like their love isn't all floofy and cheesy? They'd kill for each other in a heartbeat, or they suck at communicating and fuck away their problems lol (it feels realistic to me when they know they share something but can't really touch on it at first, like in West Verse)
At least a hint of dark topics or spooky things
I like when Sam's powerbottomy or a lil slutty

So I know this is a really disjointed list haha but I've definitely read fics that fit the bill! I mentioned West Verse, there's also Play It Again, Sam, and Dictionary for a Dead Language... just to name a few I've read and loved.

Thank you again! Have a lovely week!


Hello everyone!

I'm looking for a specific fic I don't remember much about.

I think it might have been Sam/Dean but I'm not sure. What I remember is that sam is very powerful, and he won't speak because he risks influencing people by his voice. I think he might have been kidnapped at some point and that the kidnappers had sewed his mouth shut.

Thanks so much for the help :)

Hi to all you great people!

I'm looking for:

1) A fic where Sam was abducted and taken to a lab or place where they experimented with psychic kids. I remember there was another kid who they let wander more freely because he was harmless, but Sam tgey kept restrained.
It was kid or teen Sam, with Dean and John looking for him.

2) A fic (short, I believe) wehere Sam has amnesia, somehow he's taken by a female vampire but eventualy she takes him to an old lady's place. Because they don't know his name, the lady gives him a new one each day (or week, perhaps?). At some point he's in a church and prays so Cas is able to find him and ehen Sam sees Dean everything comes back (I think it all made him throwup)

Also, any similar stories are very welcome!!!
Thanks! :)
08 May 2017 @ 10:41 pm
Hey guys,

1. I was wondering if there any stories that involve the yellow-eyed(I know his name but I can't spell it) kids that lets them beat the prophetic match or at least they pull one over the yellow eyed one.

2. Or stories that involve the boys becoming more of part of the hunter community, and they don't become hunted

3. BAMF Sam is also apperciated without dean being a dick would be awesome

4. Does anyone have any stories where the boys are dark but still hunters and not insane or demotic.

5. The boys use hoodoo and magic but are not evil

Basically I just want the grey!boys who don't see the world as black and white.
Any length, any paring, and I would prefer complete
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Looking for two fics; both are gen.

1. Dean sees Sam on a hunt when he's supposed to be at Stanford. Sam runs away and Dean chases him. One time Dean catches up with him, but Sam uses mind-control powers to make Dean go away. It turns out that Sam left school to kill the demon (he had visions, future-knowledge, or something similar that made him leave), and he stayed away from Dean and John because he was using his powers abd he thought they might think he was a monster and try to kill him, so he only allows Dean to catch up with him once he's killed the YED (I think). I remember the summary had a phrase similar to "Sam's supposed to be at school, so why is he on a hunt in [place]?" I'm also pretty sure it was on ao3, and that it was ~10k words, but I might be wrong about that.

Iirc, it was a bit similar to Look Back in Anger by vailkagami, but that's not the one I'm looking for.

2. Pre-series: Sam wants to do a school or sports thing, but John comes in and tells him they have a hunt/they're moving and he can't go. Sam argues trying to get John to let him go, but John refuses.Sam threatens to call cps if he can't go. John yells/they argue some more and John storms out (I don't remember if Sam "wins" or not). After John leaves, Dean gets really angry and yells at Sam, and then Dean punches Sam. Sam starts crying and then Dean immediately starts comforting him. The juxtaposition of Dean punching Sam, then comforting him really stood out in my mind (and also came across as creepy in the fic).

This one was a one-shot on lj or somewhere similar. There also might have been an author's note about the complexity of the family dynamics in their childhood?

Any help is much appreciated!
26 January 2017 @ 06:07 pm
I'm looking for a fic where the brothers find out that they are not biologically related. Instead Dean's younger brother is a guy named Matt. The demon switched Sam and Matt so Sam and Dean grew up together while Matt grew up in another family. Sam and Matt both had demon blood in them.
I'm pretty sure this took place in Lawrence and Matt worked at the motel the boys were staying at.
I read this fic a long time ago and just can't find the name again.
Thank You.
25 January 2017 @ 09:13 pm
Hi there,

I am looking for some stories that centre around sams visions.
I have read quite a lot of those out there so I'm really looking for something a bit different I haven't read before.

Other things I like-
-the longer the better
-dean and others caring for Sam during and after visions
-symptoms of visions (such as headaches, dizziness, fainting) worsening and effecting Sam.

Thanks for your help!
20 December 2016 @ 12:00 am
Hello everyone,
I'm looking for an old fic. It's not complete and the story is about azazel taking a liking to both sam and dean. Dean has some sort of powers in the fic and it's alittle bit more centered around dean. Missouri is also in it, trying to help Sam, Dean and John figure out what's happening to dean. Torwds the end I'm pretty sure Sam and Dean get taken by the YED but that's where the story goes unfinished. It's also on fanfiction.net if that helps.

Thank you!
15 November 2016 @ 08:10 pm
I am looking for a story that I thought I saved but can't find anymore. I am afraid it was deleted or removed.

The story is about Sam making a deal with an Angel to get Dean into heaven. As a payment he must help other incarnations of Dean and John at critical moments. Always moving on to the next crisis in another universe to help save the world.

Then suddenly he stops at the Roadhouse in this post apocalyptic universe where most humans died and the borders with heaven and hell are very thin. Sam finds a Dean there who lost his brother at a very young age and has named his dog Sammy. They travel to Bobby to find out what is going on.

Does anyone know this story? Is there still a link available or was it deleted? Does anyone have a PDF for me?

Thanks in advance

mrs F

Found the story! Its Tabaqui's 'The Song of the Threadmill'
I recently read The Georgia Incident by MarquessaS, and got me in the mood for stories that were like that, where Sam used his demonic powers on Dean causing him great injury, whither it be permanent, fixable or a deathfic.
My second search is a story where Dean is the real antichrist, not sure if Sam is playing the role to take the heat off of Dean, or not, that's about all I know if it, Hope someone out in the spn universe recognises it. An upfront thanks to all how reply.
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So, I read this awesome fic - namely, Sam Lucifer Winchester by kirallie (https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6233300/1/Sam-Lucifer-Winchester) - and now the idea behind the fic is stuck in my head. Are there any other fics out there that revolve around the idea that Sam is not just Lucifer's vessel, but Lucifer incarnated/manifested/born/whatever as a human that eventually gets his powers and memory back? It seems like no matter how I phrase this in trying to search with other methods, I always get fics where Sam is Lucifer's vessel, nothing more.

If they exist, I would love to read them. If there are ships involved, I'm not all that picky. Dean is a okay paired with anybody, although my all time favorite is wincest.

Thank you in advance. :)
Hi! I'm looking for 2 separate specific fics, both involving Sam & Dean, probably Gen although maybe Sam/Dean.

1) A casefic set in Season 1-3, I believe, when Sam's psychic powers were still active but before Cas/Ruby become involved. Sam has some sort of vision or premonition about a woman who's in danger (in a vision, he sees her involuntarily commit suicide due to some supernatural influence) in a town somewhere in the Midwest or East Coast (I think). I don't remember why, but Sam hesitates to tell Dean this. Instead, he convinces Dean to come with him to this town on a thin lead regarding a water monster in a lake or river nearby. Dean doesn't believe him from the jump and knows Sam's hiding something, but trusts Sam enough to play along, although he's not happy about it. Sam finds the woman (who I think is a divorce attorney or something), through the help of a local diner waitress, and visits her on his own while he sends Dean off to do more research on the fictional water monster. Turns out, the water monster is real and the boys eventually take it out. Sam then sneaks off on his own again to help the woman; he stays at her place overnight and somehow prevents the supernatural influence from causing the woman to commit suicide. Dean keeps calling Sam's phone as he doesn't know where Sam is, but Sam again being sneaky doesn't call back until he saves the woman. At the end of the fic, in a token of gratitude, the woman invites Sam and Dean to have dinner at her house. This fic is probably moderate length (at least a few thousand words) and had, I think, 3-4 sections/chapters, and I think I read it on LJ or Dreamwidth.

2) Fic set in a post-apocalyptic world where human civilization is rebuilding itself, and the Winchester boys have become myth/legend for saving the world. Dean and Sam have become separated and Dean lost his memories somehow. It's written from Dean's POV but his name isn't mentioned because he doesn't remember who he is, and we only know based on description of his physical appearance and other hints. He seems like a storyteller/seer-type figure to the people around him. At the end, Sam comes and finds him, and I think I remember that Sam touches Dean's face, which is when Dean remembers who they both are. This fic is shorter (maybe 1-2 sections/chapters on LJ or Dreamwidth).

I've gone through all my bookmarks, sifted through my history for the last several months trying to find these stories but somehow I can't find them. Any help would be appreciated; these fics were beautifully written and I'd love to read them again. Thanks so much!!
05 August 2016 @ 05:41 pm
Sam has to complete tasks to become the king of hell; Sam had a bunch of demon followers.

I remember specifically a part where Sam and Ruby go into a bar and then into a room where the devil shows up and makes him pick a consort - where he picks Dean, not knowing that means they will have to have sex. There was also a part where Sam leveled a city to get rid of some monster.

Hey guys, I'm back and hoping you can help me find any of the following:

1)[FOUND] psychic!sam - a specific sam/jess fic where they and the other psychic kids share a house in california; also any psychic!sam recs where he uses his powers without any angst

2) sick!sam - any stories where sam hide some kind of condition from dean, whether it's hunt injuries/illness/pregnancy/etc.

3)[FOUND] explicit wincest - this is actually a specific story i read a looong time ago and haven't seen since. details under the cut

here )

I'd prefer any recs be gen or wincest.

Thanks for any help, especially on the last one!

I'm looking for fics that focus on how thw boys' relationship changes when they have to deal with what Sam is and what impact this havs on the brothers. I'd like to read stories about how Sam's abilities affect his relationship with his brother. It could be about how Dean is feeling after learning about what Sam is, thinking what John told him about possibly having to kill Sam, his brother's relationship with Ruby or Sam's role in the apocalypse. Or it about Sam's thoughts after learning about the demon blood, Azazel's plans for him and what Dean might be thinking about this situation. Generally, I am looking for stories Sam's powers and the fact that he's not completely human play a major role in the plot.

They don't have to be in the canon universe. AUs, time-travel and other kind of fics are also welcome, as long as the main plot line remains the same.

A great example of what I'm looking for is the AU story Faceless by Fireglass on Fanfiction.net . I know it isn't exactly what I described above. Although, from what I can remember, Sam doesn't have any powers in this one, it focuses on the boys' relationship and Sam's past plays a huge part in this story. I'd love to read something similar to this.

I'd rather read Gen, but I wouldn't mind if there was some Destiel or Sabriel. No Wincest.

The length could vary from 1K word to 100.000K word fics. From one-shots to multichapter. I don't really care about the word count.

Thanks. Any help would be appreciated.

In the story I'm looking for, Sam is able to read Dean's mind and knows that Dean has feelings for him. These are not feelings that are returned but Sam can't help but push the envelope and test things, escalating until I think first-time wincest happens. He never tells Dean he is able to read his thoughts and the whole fic is a little angsty and dark because of Sam's lack of real feelings and Dean's lack of knowledge. I think there's even a part where Sam feels wrong for not feeling what Dean feels, so overwhelming is it.

This is driving me crazy so any help would be much appreciated!!
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11 May 2016 @ 09:28 pm

so the story I'm looking for is older than 5 years.
most likely Sam/Dean
somehow they end up with a mental link/bond but don't quite know what it is because one of them thinks in words the other in images and as a result it is confusing and not quite clear but they eventually realize what is happening.
I think John was in it.

i really hope someone remembers this, as its quite old. so,
thanks in advance!

Edit: thanks for finding it so quickly! Link's in the comments.
20 April 2016 @ 04:12 pm
Does anybody have any stories about Sam and his special child status season 1/2?
Anything about his powers (and I would love some asshole Dean).
No wincest since that kinda freaks me out, unless you have a story that fits the descriptor perfectly.
30 March 2016 @ 11:40 pm
I don't have a lot of details for this one but I hope it rings a bell with someone.

In the fic I'm looking for, Sam dies (I'm pretty sure it's before the apocalypse ends). While in heaven he decides to keep fighting, so he finds and gathers all of the hunters in heaven to fight with him. There's a big battle at the end where Sam defeats Lucifer by becoming more powerful himself.

Does this sound like something anyone is familiar with?
27 March 2016 @ 02:43 pm

1.) So I was wondering if there is any fics where Dean is evil temporarily in the story and he's not truly evil. Like Demon Dean, mind controlled, powers anything really.
2.) Where Sams evil and corrupts Dean and turns him to his side.

Thank you :D
I'm lookin for a specific fic where Sam was taken by Azazel when he was young. I am almost certain I read this on FF.net.
In the story John and Dean believe Sam is dead, or gone, since he was taken as a child. They find a demon and take him to Bobby's in the Impala. Coinsidentally the demon is not a demon but is just Sam. Sam has powers but he can't be held by a devil's trap and John, Dean and Bobby are confused when he gets out.
I think Sam was a teenager in the story but he doesn't have much memory of his family and he doesn't recognise them, while John and Dean don't recognise Sam.
Sam and the other special children work for Azazel, though they are afraid of him, and he keeps them in Cold Oak. I think Sam and Dean develope a friendship over time, before they realise they are brothers, and Sam sneaks around behind Azazel's back to see him. The story is not wincest.
In the end, John and Dean find out the truth and try to stop Azazel, Sam nearly dies trying to save them. I'm fuzzy on the rest of the details. I read it about a year ago but I can't remember the title or the author and I've been looking for it for so long. I'd be grateful if anyone could help me out :)
16 March 2016 @ 08:49 pm
I recently read a couple role swap fics with Angel!Winchesters and Hunter!Castiel and Gabriel (Sabriel Reverse!Verse by Aria_Lerendeair and Lives in Reverse by Miss_Lv) and I'd love some more, if you guys know any. Destiel and Sabriel is loved, but not required. Thanks in advance =).
06 March 2016 @ 01:32 pm
Alright, so I've just updated my movie remake comm [livejournal.com profile] spnremakes and it made me want to start another project.  So, i'm putting together a master list of all the amazing science fiction stories that our fandom has created. Apocalypse, Alternatre Histories, Zombies, Superheros/Powered up boys, time travel, Aliens... whatever fits in the sci-fi realm.   I've gone through every list, comm, and author that I know writes sci-fi but I don't want to miss anything!  So, please rec me any and all sci fi!!  Any pairing, SPN or RPF, any rating!  If you have a great rec list, or know an author who writes a lot of sci-fi, lead me their way!!   There can be crossovers, but the story needs to have one of the SPN/RP characters as a main character.

And yes, I have checked the tags here already :P

Thank you !!
26 February 2016 @ 12:19 am
Looking for fic that has Sam start drinking Demon blood again behind Dean's back. If he has powers cool if he's doing this to some how protect Dean, even better! Wincest would be great, but gen is fine too! :)
22 February 2016 @ 01:19 am
I read a fic a while back, and I cannot for the life of me find it again.  Sam and Dean were seperated when they were young, and Sam was taken by demons.  Later, when Dean's like 20 years old, John sends him to look for a really old book.  He ends up on some island and meets this old woman who calls Sam into the room.  Sam doesn't remember him, but Dean does.  Dean then figures out that Sam had magical powers that I think the demons gave to him or something, and the old lady makes Sam take Dean to his house on the island.  I think I remember there beging a woman involved in the last chapter who originally brought Dean over to the island on a boat in the first chapter.  I think it's only like 5 chapters long.  Thank you guys so much.

Edit:  Thank you guys so much; I found it!!
20 February 2016 @ 06:01 pm
Hey! So I've been looking for a specific fic that I read a while ago. I think I found it on spnstoryfinders but i haven't been able to find it since.
I'm quite certain that it was on LJ. Sam had basically gone batshit insane, he's been killing people all across the country and hunters are after him. Dean meets up with Bobby and some other hunters who have tracked Sam down to a roadhouse and Dean begs them to let him see Sam before they try to kill him. He goes in and Sam is waiting for him. Sam has powers and I think he moves things around with his mind and Dean's a bit freaked out but wants to save his brother.
It turns out that Sam thinks he's talking to an angel who is telling him to kill people but I think it was actually a demon. In the end, Dean stabs Sam before the other hunters can kill him and Sam dies in his arms.
I don't remember what season it was set in but I think it might have been that Sam went missing to go on his killing spree from Stanford, though I might be wrong.
I'm quite certain it wasn't wincest either.
I think that's all I can remember but if you have any insane or mentally ill!Sam fics to reccommend I'll be grateful :)
29 January 2016 @ 01:02 am
All general searches, and all gen-oriented. Self-recs are totally cool as always. Thanks!

1. I'd like to read about the nature of souls.

There was a fic I read some time ago by silver ruffian where Death gave Sam's soul to Dean, and he had to carry it around with him on the way to Sam's body. (And
I think we've all seen smaller asides, usually by Cas, in fics about the effects of Hell and et cetera on human souls, too...) I thought it was interesting to see how it looked and acted, in a way that was different than ghosts and spirits. In that particular fic, is was of course Soulless Sam's antithesis; all emotion and feeling without conscious barriers in the way. I'd like to see more of that, whether that's the direction it goes in or not. Though as always I prefer the subject to be Dean :p... Sam's okay if it's adorable enough, however. Maybe Sam saves Dean from Hell and cannot yet return him to his body. Maybe it's Cas healing the demony bits post-hell. Maybe the monster of the week literally bares his soul... Anything!

2. Something involving Demon Dean and human blood, not counting the cure. We saw Crowley go through a human blood addiction. What about Dean?

And sans addiction... What if the cure would only work for so long, and Dean needed more shots of human blood every so often, or in certain cases, to keep him from lapsing back into demonhood?

3. Outsider POV on Dean and Alastair's screwed up relationship. By "outsider" I mean someone that knows Dean. Sam, Bobby, etc... There was a really good one I read called
These Bones of Mine by amaresu, and another called Sometimes It Is Barren by rockpaperscissor. Alastair does not have to be there in the flesh, or even alive. Maybe Dean's just talking to someone about it, and we get to see their reactions.

4. I literally cannot find one single fic involving Sam having visions of Demon!Dean. Not one!

5. I can't imagine it would go very well if a shapeshifter or something attempted to download Dean's memories post-Hell... I would be 100% okay for crack on this.
16 December 2015 @ 01:21 pm
So, I know I'm not the only one who binged watched Jessica Jones when it when it came out. I read a story like this on AO3 recently, and I was wondering if there were any other stories where either Dean/Sam or Jensen/Jared are Jessica and Trish? I would definitely appreciate it! Thanks guys!
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07 December 2015 @ 09:06 am
Hi. I was wondering if there are any stories out there where Sam or Jared is a superhero, and Dean or Jensen is a cop/firefighter/doctor/soldier or some kind of hero in his own right, and the two of them have the same kind of guardian angel relationship that you usually see between Superman and Lois Lane.

I really like Sam/Dean, but there are some great RP and gen stories out there, too, so I'll take whatever you've got.

Hey guys, I'm looking for a specific fic about Sam and Dean becoming pagan gods of springtime. If I remember correctly it's an AU from 3x08 "A Very Supernatural Christmas" where being sacrificed by the gods of winter turns them into the gods of spring, or something. That or when they're turning into gods and confused, they track down the gods of winter for advice. At some point they have to have sex so that spring will come, and when they stay at Bobby's they start discovering embarrassing powers (Disney-style communing with small animals, I think Dean teaches them AC/DC or Metallica or something, and making a watermelon patch grow from the seeds Bobby's neighbor spits off his porch).

Basically most of the story is them traveling across country saving people, hunting things, and performing miracles, for Winchester values of 'performing miracles' (blessing a pub so their beer never runs out, healing a woman of uterine cancer/scarring by having marathon threesome sex with her, etc). Later on in the series it becomes a crossover with Dark Angel - their DNA was used to create the X series, Normal is their son, etc.

I'm pretty sure it was on livejournal, at some point there are illustration elements (a drawing one of the kids they saved did of the two of them, a picture of dean's famous blueberry pie, etc)
12 November 2015 @ 11:10 pm
I'm looking for stories where Sam and Dean are part of a circus.  I've read 'Wrestle Not Between Flesh and Blood' and enjoyed it.  Are there more out there, especially that include Sam's powers?  Gen, wincest, or other pairings are fine.
This is quite an old one, but hopefully someone will remember it.

Sam becomes King of Hell, not sure how. He isn't evil but he is very dark. Naturally, Dean is with him, and Castiel too - I think because he wouldn't leave Dean with Sam (or possibly to avoid being taken by Heaven, or both). But now he's reliant on Dean for protection from Sam. (Possible Dean gets powers in this due to being Sam's brother and consort).

I do remember Castiel being scared of Sam and having to play it very carefully.

There are three scenes that have stuck in my mind:

1) Sam follows Castiel into a room and Cas wants to leave but thinks Sam won't let him pass - he does though.

2) Sam is in a relationship with Dean, but wants Cas too - a combination of actually wanting Cas for his own sake, and because he's an angel, and because he's a little jealous of how Dean still cares for Cas. I remember Cas drawing a promise from Sam not to hurt him, and having to remind him of it a few times because while Sam isn't rough he isn't gentle either. Dean's there to support Cas through it and make sure Sam reigns it in.

3)The Host show up to negotiate / deal with Sam, and it ends up with Sam, Dean and Cas on one side of the table and I think Michael and Zachariah on the other. They want to take Castiel back, and claim that Sam is holding him against his will. Sam disputes this, and says Cas is free to go anytime, but I think he gets a few barbs in about how he's treated Castiel better than they ever did. Michael and Zachariah tell Cas his place is in Heaven with them, not in Hell with the Winchesters, but Cas says he'd prefer to stay. (I think he says something like he'd rather serve in Hell than in Heaven). Which pisses them off and I think they threaten to take Cas, but Sam tells them Cas has made his choice and if they try to grab him Sam will just turn them and their armies back at the gates. I remember Cas being quite stunned at Sam being so protective of him.

Thanks in advance!
08 October 2015 @ 08:47 am

I'm looking for a specific story where John believes that Sammy is possessed or has some type of connection to Mary's death. He brings the boys to Bobby's and he gets in contact with a psychic who would be able to read Sam. I believe that Bobby had reservations about the whole thing.

If I remember correctly, the YED makes an appearance through Sam and Sam's powers are shown. Afterwards, Sam falls into a catatonic state.

14 September 2015 @ 10:51 pm
All I remember about this story is Sam pushing slivers of the colt into his hands? Possibly had him exorcising a demon from a little Mexican/Spanish girl. Possibly mixing 2 stories. Sound familiar?

Found: One King and a Colt http://spnflashfic.livejournal.com/11603.html

Thank you morgana_st!
12 September 2015 @ 03:32 pm
Anything with the boys as vamps, werewolves, nephilim or dragons. Or both say Yes, both have psychic powers (telepathy or empathy not included), both have wings, ANYTHING THAT THEY CAN USE TO BEAT BAD GUYS UP, while being something more than human. Get, het, shlash, give them all, as long as the romance and sex is in the background. Just want the action. 
I had bookmarked this one and was going to read it and found it had been taken off dreamwidth. It was about Sam and Dean being somewhat different. It was a WIP and rather long. By chance, did anyone save it? I would be most appreciative. I know this isn't much to go on, but I hadn't read it, so I can't tell you much.
19 August 2015 @ 11:47 pm
Heyyo, I just read Been Away Too Long , and I wan't more!

Anything with Sam having yellow eyes, I would prefer if it wasn't wincest, anything else is fine.
I am in need of some completed fics. I go through books and fics too fast and I cant seem to find any by myself today. So help, please. Here are some things which I would like to read more of but not limited to:

1. Sam get Dean out of hell or saves him because:
  a. a pre-existing contract that Sam owns
  b. a bond of some sorts
  c. a loophole in the contract
  d. time travel
  e. dimension travel
  f. SPACE travel

2. Sam and/or Dean actually dealing with their problems

3. Season Eight AUs or Fix-its

4. Dean and/or Sam being abused by John pre-series
  a. the other one doesn't know until the series
  b. the other finds out pre-series and AU

5. A race against time fic for any reason (ex. ran away, stalked, kidnapped, cancer, deal)

6. Crossovers
  a. Harry Potter
  b. Friends
  c. Criminal Minds
  d. Marvel, x-men, or Avengers

7. Powers, Ablities, and gifts, - either the boys using them
  a. Sam actually using his gifts with out the feather instead of locking it down
  b. Dean uses what he learned in Hell and Purgetory

8. They grew up hunting and hunted almost all their adult life like six years each for Dean that's like 30 years and Sam it's around 20, been to Heaven, Hell and Purgetory, Sam housed an archangel's grace, drank demon blood, and was breifly an actual demon
and Dean actually hunted in Purgetory and been a incomplete VAMPIRE, Death. Are there some fics that we can see some fics with actual consquences of this, please, like they become something unearthly or unhuman not evil but not human.

9. Badass fix it fics, of any kind, whether fixing stanford to fixing a entire seaon *cough*season four/five/eight*cought*

Any pairings, throw them at me.
Delicious accounts and my ipad are friemenies, and my ipad closes the site and restarts my safari if I stay the site longer then ten minutes.
Also self-recs are welcome.
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16 July 2015 @ 11:42 pm
I am looking for fics that are about hunters like Gordon who come after Sam. Looking for some major hurt Sam.
11 July 2015 @ 02:47 am
i am looking for a fic i read a while bac on fanfiction.net its about 15-20 chapters
in the first chapter dean gets shot and sam gets kidnapped
dean survives and goes back to town where he meets a sheriff
sam gets questioned about demon blood and such
then dean gets posessed by a demon and sam is forced to drink his blood (dean gets traumatised)
its not very dean positive
it ends with dean getting thrown off a cliff i think
its gen
thank you
09 July 2015 @ 01:57 pm
I am looking for a fic that I think is by cherry916. It is a series AU in which instead of being hunters John and the boys are taken in by the YED and it ends in Sam yes yes right after killing Lilith.

Hey! I'm desperate to read this fic that I read a very long time ago. I hope I'm not too vague or making things up!

  • the demons are desperate for sam to claim his righteous place in hell

  • one demon in particular is persistent and kind of manages to befriend sam

  • the demon then helps sam break dean's deal and convinces sam to take the throne (i'm not too sure about this part)

  • i think the demon also told sam that ruby was actually meg, trying to get revenge

  • again, not sure if it was gen, wincest or sam/omc but none of these things are an issue either way

thank you in advance!

found: I Am The Very Model..." (http://vorpalblades.livejournal.com/63183.html)
Hi! I'm looking for a specific fic. i read it a very long time ago so bear with me if I'm a bit vague with details.

  • Sam is ruling hell and has a trusted army of demons and the other Special Children

  • Dean gets kidnapped, possibly by the angels and the person/people kidnapping him are just trying to get to sam

  • Sam, the demons and the Special Children go and rescue Dean

  • I dont remember if it was wincest or gen and neither of those things are a bother for me anyway.

  • I do remember Sam wasn't "evil" he was trying to make hell the best he could

Thank you so much in advance!
01 July 2015 @ 07:17 am
I don't remember much about the fic I'm looking for except for this scene. John is in the truck and the boys are in the car and they pull over or meet at the side of the road for some reason and John shoots Sam or at Sam but misses him or dosnt hurt him badly. I think John had just found out about the demon blood. He shoots at Sam more than once and at some point dean makes him leave with him, in the truck, leaving Sam behind with the impala just to get him to stop. Sam and dean aren't separated long in the story and dean is worried the whole time texting with him and talking John down.

I thought it was the Brothers Blood series but I just re read that and either it wasn't there or I missed it.

Does anyone remember a story with a scene like this?

I'll also take any John hurts Sam fics anyone has to offer as now I'm in a mood for them, as long as neither dean or Sam die in it.
15 June 2015 @ 02:20 am
Do you have any good, gen, mind-reading fics?
Gen telepathy please!! Preferably powers!sam
I've already read Synapses tho,
https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10192537/1/Synapses (it is amazing)
09 June 2015 @ 10:38 pm
Does anyone know any fics where instead of having death visions, Sam is a banshee? He could have trances and scream and everything and Dean would be freaked but also trying to help Sam etc. It'd also be really cool if this was season 1, or early season 2 when the boys didn't know what was up with Sam's powers. Gen please.

Thanks :)
In this story, right after the demon leaves and they head to the hospital, Sam has a vision and sees the wreck. He goes an alternate route, maybe to Bobby's? No one dies in this. Please help!

I'm looking for a few different genres today. Primarily, I am looking for long fics, at least 20k or higher. The more words the better and finished too, please.

Now, I feel like I have exhausted AO3 and ff.net if they have been summarized accurately. So if you have any recs from lj, self-rec or otherwise, or stories with vague summaries that don't normally attract attention, that would be fantastic. Also:

--Fics that deal with Sam's visions/demon powers
--s5 angst where Dean realizes he's been hurting Sam (or any other season, I love hurt!Sam and guilty!Dean)
--Any Sam/Cas or Sam/Gabe, but only bottom!Sam
--Fics that deal with Sam being possessed by demon or angel and the after-angst that it causes
--Any well-written heavily AU fics where Sam and Dean are still in character, but the world is changed (I'm thinking like Faceless, which is one of my all time fave fanfics)

I am cool with gen, Wincest, slash, whatever. Just no Destiel, unless it is in the background and only het if it isn't the main relationship.

Thanks everybody!
I actually found this is recommended on here a while ago & forgot to bookmark it but I'm looking to read it again & can't seem to find the post it was on.

In the fic Dean & Sam grew up apart, Mary survived the fire and took Sam to live with her dad but Dean thought they were dead... Dean gets news (a letter I think) saying that his grandfather died and he's inherited the house/estate. He goes to see it and Bobby is the house/grounds keeper who tells him that he has a brother. Sam is traumatised from being kidnapped by the Yellow Eyed Demon years ago and shut himself away in his head not communicating with anyone. As the story goes on we discover that Sam stopped communicating with people to protect them from himself and/or the demon... Dean gradually brings Sam out of his shell as the fic progresses...

If anyone can recommend this or something similar to it that would be awesome! Thanks in advance :)

p.s. I've tagged powers!sam but I'm not sure if he actually has powers in this fic so feel free to remove it mods if it's not correct
05 May 2015 @ 12:40 pm
I am looking for a specific fic where Sam is the King of Hell. I remember that he chooses to become King of Hell, and Dean condemns him for it. Bobby does not abandon him though. The only other thing I remember is that Sam goes back to Stanford and graduates, and that Dean comes to Sam's graduation along with Bobby.

Anybody recognize the story? (Also, why is there no 'king of hell' tag?)